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Customer Reviews

OX Amp Top Box

Overall Rating

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V. Kourkoutas

February 8, 2018


Universal audio nailed it once again! One of the best pieces of gear I have ever purchased. Both sides of the OX are pro level sounding, taking into account the real amp feel that we guitarists always seek. Having owned all similar products of this category, after buying the ox, they all sound plastic and artificial. It is a must have for every guitarist and every studio owner.

J. Williams

February 8, 2018


Absolutely unreal! Love it. Sounds amazing with all my amps. Killer box!

A. User

February 8, 2018

OX Captures The Soul Of My amps & Saves My Ears

I have to say the OX is just incredible. I have yet to record anything to Logic that doesn't sound great.

In the past, I usually get slowed down with dialing in a great sound. For example, while the Kemper has the potential to sound great, it's way more time consuming to find the sounds you want as you basically have to find a profile (out of hundreds/thousands) that fits what you need. The other closest competitor, Two Notes Studio, in may opinion blows chunks compared to the OX.

Lastly, I can crank my amp while keeping volume well under control. This is good for my ears. Lots of guitar players eventually get Tinitus (ringing in ears) due to playing in front of cranked amps for hours at a time.

So with the OX, just plugin into the amp I want and get a perfect sound fast. Then just add some plate reverb and done!

Oh happy day

D. Case

February 8, 2018

Love the OX!

I'm in an environment where I can't get my amps up loud and stick mic on them, so I've tried a number of solutions in the past to mixed results. Software amp emulators are ok for some things, but not all... I've tried reactive load boxes with IRs and that was just a hassle. Previously, I had asked UA to provide an IR loader plugin so I could use a reactive load and get real-time UAD monitoring of the amp tone to no avail. I know there are workarounds with that, but it wasn't a smooth workflow.

Well, I got my OX on the day it was available and I've found my solution - it lets me use my greats amps in their sweet spot (a Suhr Badger 30 and an old Fender Princeton Reverb), attenuate the signal in the room or the club, and utilize speaker modeling which - to my ears - is so much more flexible and better sounding than IRs.

I gave it 4 stars because of the lack of a Windows client (I'm on a Mac, but Windows should have ben there at launch) and the other items (foot switch, USB ports, internal sample rate) which should be addressed later as the product is in market for a while. If UA provided messaging about those features, it would have been 5 stars.

For my needs, OX is absolutely stellar! It's changed the way I record guitars, practice and play live.


February 5, 2018

Le top du top

La meilleure loadbox/attenuateur que j'ai jamais utilisé! Très facile d'utilisation !application Oxfam amp très simple et très intuitive!j'adore!

B. Oaks

February 4, 2018

Tubbs sold me

Saw Shawn's video and that was it. Bought it.....

K. Gleason

January 30, 2018

Way better than software emulation

Every single software amp either overly sags or sounds unnaturally compressed when the amp is pushed. Touch sensitivity feels artificial and the clean break up is way off. This changes all of that. Real tone with very good speaker emulation. Take the room out if you want the best sound out of this box. This is a must buy and having an attenuator too boot makes this a very good deal. Price tag is well worth it.

M. Liebig

January 29, 2018


Thank you so much for the OX Box. Now it´s so easy to record my Git Parts in a professional way´s party in my hands :-))

M. Karnblad

January 27, 2018


Then I first heard that UA was going to make this I thought nice, this must be good as everything is from UA!

The OX was not just good, it is the must sounding in its category! Everyone that is critical about products like this was really impressed by OX.
The only negative aspect is that I now really want to buy a lot of different amps

D. Corwin

January 26, 2018


I just got mine this week after waiting a few months. Worth the wait. For my situation, where I can rarely be noisy at home, it is the perfect electric guitar recording/practice solution.

The realism and variety of the tones that it allows is incredible. I actually have been using it for practice with headphones more than for recording. The first time I turned it on I had my headphones on and thought I had accidentally run through the combo's speaker. Nope. It just sounds that real.

It seems like a hefty price tag until you realize the range of tones you can achieve from even one of your amps. The software is great, too. I wish they'd make the app for Android, also, so I could control it from my tablet. In the meantime, the desktop app suffices just fone.

If in doubt about purchasing or on the fence, just do it. I'll never sell mine. Well done, UA.

181-190 of 190 Results

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