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Customer Reviews

OX Amp Top Box

Overall Rating

61-80 of 190 Results

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W. Marshall

November 1, 2022

The OX Box surpassed my expectations!

As a working guitarist I was well aware of the OX's capabilities in handling high-powered overdriven tube amps like vintage Marshalls and boutique amps like Soldanos and Dumbles and making them more manageable at loud levels in the studio. However, I wasn't sure of how they would respond to a clean full jazz tone with an archtop hollow body. Well, I was pleasantly surpised when I hooked the OX up to my blackface Fender Twin Reverb with a 1963 Gibson L5CES. Fantastic! Warm and fat with plenty of response...I rely on the sound and feel of my stage level at about 5-6 but that is not normally possible when I do my online videos and prefer to have the amp nearby. The OX more than solved my problem and mated beautifully with my Apollo Twin interface straight into OBS for video recording and Logic Pro for audio tracks. Bravo, Universal Audio! Another triumph.

P. Zoltan

October 29, 2022

It's amazing when it's connected

4 hours into a recording session. Still trying to connect the OX to the PC. Even uninstalled the antivirus... so after 23 restarts, two factory resets, and 2 flash drive firmware updates, I am still trying to find my ox while researching the fastest ways to commit suicide :-)

P. Giacalone

October 28, 2022

Great tool!

I recently had to relocate my studio from a very large space to a very small one, and as such I now rely on the OX for recording. The design is fantastic. and the bottom line is it does what it supposed to do. I'm able to use all of my amplifiers and get my work done.

that's said, The cabinet emulations don't have the dimension of recording real cabinets, but neither does any other solution i've seen for cabinet simulation. I think we're in the infancy of this technology. I hope UA will strive to improve the quality and continue updating. I love the fact that when I get back to a larger space it will still be useful as a power soak, or even direct recording when it's convenient.

Would love to see some Leslie sims added.

Overall great product!

E. Bressler

October 26, 2022


Sounds amazing with so many choices, why didn’t I do sooner!

P. Freudenberg

October 22, 2022

Loving My Ox

For the benefit of consistent recording (and to promote domestic harmony), I evaluated many electric guitar recording options and all paths lead to Ox. Great tones are easily achieved with this system. There is a wide and diverse palette of sonic options. I found the interface intuitive and easy to operate.
The packaging is also top-notch. This beast can really hold up.

Would love to see the following enhancements:

* Bass Rigs
* Moveable mic positions
* 1176 for individual mic processing - perhaps alternate comp/limiters as well
* Alternate reverbs to plate (chamber, room, hall)
* Envelope modulation option on delay (think PCM41)
* Direct Outputs of individual "mics"

A. Duffield

October 13, 2022

Very convenient but......

I have been using some form of attenuator on my vintage Marshalls since 1980.....inspired by Tom Scholz, I had my local guitar shop build a big pot in a metal enclusure that I stuck between the amp and cab. Over time that gave way to Marshall Powerbrakes, Kock Load Box 120 and, most recently Aracom's (of the units I have tried, these were the best at maintaining tone but giving flexibility in impedance and level - both line and through the cab). For recording I have alwatys used mics but found them frustrating nad my results inconsistent - recenlty I bought a Tul G12 that massively improved the challenge and made life coparatively simple....apart from the fact that you still need to crank the amp to levels that are not always neighbour friendly when recording at home. I tried a few cab sims and really liked the ADA unit hooked up to the line level output of the Aracom but wanted something that had more choice for different amps and was introduced to the OX .

Impressiosn to date are, on th ewhole, positive. I like the ability to plug into a single box and send separate feeds to the cab, to line level (mixer) and headphones.

My only compliant is that the level control to the cab is stepped and at full level still seems attenuated. At lower levels there is definitely a loss of high end and clarity. In this respect the Aracom is superior IMO

The strength of the OX (at least IMO) lies in the cab emulations whcih has huge choice, not just in enclosure/driver combinations but in the tools to manipulate the sound (mics, speaker break up, mic position, Eq, compression, delay, reverb).I have found it very simple to customise cabs and tailor solutions for different amps/guitars/tones and mixes.)

My only complaint on the mic position is the choice limit to on or off axis. The ADA cab sim has a rotary control that allows a wider freedom of choice and I found this abilito to fine tune position a real advantage.

I do not work in a DAW ( I have an old Soundcraft analogue desk and Otari Radar) so have little experience of other interfaces, IR or other similar products but saw a number of early OX reviews that were critical becuase it did not appear to offer compatibility with the reviewers preferred or chosen IR/sim package. Whilst I can understand that frustration, I have found no lack of choice in the OX and the available tools certainly enable the user to craft solutions to their own tastes/needs.

I would like to see some additional bass cab options - I currently use a Darkglass B7K to record bass - but ot woul be great to see what OX could do with some more bass oriented emulations.

Overall, happy to recommend the OX - has made life very simple and the "next level" suggestions I have do not prevent OX providing a very convenient and easy to use solution.

H. Cho

September 21, 2022

It's good but

please 48
please room out separately
please keep connect with app.

R. Jamison

August 28, 2022

OX is a beast!!

Using the OX with Marshall, Splawn, Mesa Boogie and Bad Cat amps. The OX does a decent job at attenuation but where it shows it’s true worth is direct or even better, thru headphones. With the available cabinets, mics and the ability to mix those at various levels gives you the ability to get practically any tone you are after. Updating with more cabinet models or the ability to download available IR’s would make this the ultimate amp/recording tool.

H. Ohl

August 10, 2022

Great product - software needs updates

After recording and releasing our new song (Friends by Frances & Johnny) which was recorded digital, I was searching for a more "living tone". I tried the OX with some old tube amps, Fender Blues Junior, Marshall JCM 800 and a Mesa Boogie and was totally blown away. I love the sound of the OX. Only the software has to be updated. I use a iPad and it would be great, if the app would be also in landscape mode. Also an iPhone App would be great and firmware updates... :-)

P. Abed

July 15, 2022

Attenuator needs fix - and updates. Needed

Just a checking, about to buy my second unit. The attenuator is impacting my tone, would be great to find a way to bypass the attenuator - just to have the option. Also, when can we expect the next update? I keep hearing this product has been shelved, and we shouldn’t be hopeful for updates.

J. Skrivanek

June 11, 2022

Satisfied customer

The opportunity to record with UA OX completely turned my current musical life upside down. I started with Captor and after three months I switched to OX - I still can't get enough of the sounds of my tube amplifiers at home with OX. You can listen to how it plays here: Good job at Universal Audio! Greetings from the Czech Republic.

S. Saied

May 6, 2022

Wonderful Ox

I can final let my amp breathe without going deaf or to jail! Love this thing. Quality is unmatched and the emulated cabinets, mics and effects are astounding.

K. Haavik

April 26, 2022

Sounds Epic-

Z. Drummond

April 11, 2022

An amazing unit

I've been using mine for about a year. Love the versatility, and consistency. The sound I'm able to get from the ox with my amp is better that 90% of the mic'ed tones I can get live. The AC30 cabinet is exquisitely modeled. The only things holding the ox back in my eyes are the lack of midi, and a Hiwatt cab with Fane speakers.

P. Baker

March 29, 2022

Sounds great if you use it right…

Noticed a bad reviews complaining about harsh distortion. It’s true if you put the input on the box up to high it will sound harsh. I rarely put the input above 5 or 6 to prevent it from clipping. It’s a balancing act depending on the output of the pickups and which amp I’m using. Generally I love it and use it for all my recording.
Definitely could use an update with more sounds. Leslie effect and a few more cabs and mics would be on my list. I’d also love a few different room sounds too.

g. laufman

February 8, 2022

Pretty damn satisfied !

The OX is a joy.
Quiet as a mouse - no white noise at all through headphones.

C. Dengler

January 22, 2022


There are some reviews here that give only 1 star - after reading several of "those", I realized that those users were probably either (A) doing something wrong, or (B) misunderstanding what this really is. No, it's NOT to be used on MODELER guitar signals. I mean, you COULD, but that's not what the intention is - this device is to be used as an attenuator to your existing amp. HOWEVER, if your existing amp SUCKS, then this will likely return a "sucky" tone. Crap in, crap out.

As for me, the tone is INCREDIBLE coming from 2 different 5150 50 watt heads (Stealth AND EL34). I'm not ripping on people who misunderstood this process because it is a bit confusing. The only complaint that I have is that each time I turn it back on, I have to go through the complete "re-connect" song and dance to my LAN. Other than that, AMAZING TONE. If you're a "TONE FIDDLER", this will keep you occupied.

B. Gilmore

December 11, 2021

The Box gets 5+ stars but -2 for no release cycle!

I totally understand that the OX was a miss from a recurring revenue perspective (good for us customers though!). But it would be nice to see some semblance of an update cadence - new cabs, effects, USB capability, etc. Sounds amazing, does everything I wanted, but man it would be nice to have a new toy to play with every year. Oh, and Leslie Cab Sim please!!

F. Roos

November 13, 2021

Unnatural harshness

It's nice for cleans, but as soon as there are crunch or overdriven sounds involved, you will hear a complete unnatural harshness, that you just can't get rid of, no matter what you try to do.
This thing makes even a 90s Matchless DC-30 sound bad.

M. Music

November 12, 2021

Two years ago was the last firmware update!

Congrats UAD on abandon the OX box after a two years period of complete silence!

OX software is compatible and supported with:
• (iPad) iOS 12 or iPadOS 13
• (Mac) macOS 10.14 Mojave or 10.15 Catalina
• (Win) Windows 10 64-Bit Edition Computer*
*Tablets and 2-in-1 devices are not supported

So when buying a new iPad or Mac or Windows Computer OX app will NOT be compatible or supported by UAD. Prices for the OX has gone up lately but support or updates are lacking. One star is already one to many for poor support, non working USB ports, failing Wifi connection with the OX app, NO functionality for saving or loading your own presets and the list goes on...

61-80 of 190 Results