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Customer Reviews

OX Amp Top Box

Overall Rating

61-80 of 223 Results

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September 4, 2023

Wifi problems....

The conectivity options are insufficient. Only wifi... and dont work fine

S. Williams

September 4, 2023

Just what I needed to calm down my neighbors...

...but most of all - the right tool to get "that" sound... amazing box... again... well done UAD

G. Ormson

September 2, 2023


DOES MORE than attenuation - great addition to setting up my first recording room. Enjoying all the options for speaker/ amp /effects /simulations.
Also find the software user friendly so far.
Find the build quality supports the price tag which is expensive - but waited for my local music store sale and saved.

T. Szotak

August 16, 2023

Should’ve purchased this sooner.

About a year ago I purchased a Capitor X, it worked ok however the sound always seemed muddy attenuated. I finally stopped using it and sold it.
Purchased the Ox and I’ll never look back, the app can probably use an update but overall it works beautifully, well worth the extra coin imo.

J. Sallo

July 16, 2023

OX Amp Top Box

Like this a lot. It's great for low volume practise in an apartment.

T. Metzler

July 11, 2023

Great machine

Thanks for making this fine sounding and versatile Box.
It's not only very good to use it with an amp, it is also nice for reamping guitars.
Nice one

G. Boudrias

June 19, 2023

Awesome Product

The amp Box is amazing so far. Works great with my Apollo X Twin and also comes with a SPDIF connection that allows me to free those precious 2 XLR inputs.

The Ox Box works great with my Mesa Boogie and allows me to record guitars so much faster with the same results as if I was using my cab and microphone.

Great product

T. Mushen

June 17, 2023

Simply Amazing!

One of the first guitar emulations that really lives up. Feels natural and sounds really good.

S. Burilina

May 16, 2023

OX Amp Top Box

The best box.Thank you!!!

S. Burilina

May 16, 2023

OX Amp Top Box

The best box.Thank you!!!

H. Brett

April 19, 2023

Perfection !!

I’m definitely blown away on how usable this jewel is. Man it’s Smokin when tracking and playing live gigs. I built a 20K guitar rig with Bob Bradshaw back in the day and that was all high end studio gear. Being use to hearing the quality there’s no going back. Now I have a really sweet pedal board instead of the rack effects. I love it! Adding the OX BOX adds to my arsenal with flying colors.

Thanks for building this quality tool & for going above & beyond.

功. 佐藤

April 11, 2023


UAD pluginでFender 55' DeluxeをLineにして、ラックプリアンプ(bognerやfryetteやsynergy)やペダルプリアンプ(KochやOrigin Effects)を投入した時と同じ様に、OXは歪みに食いついてきます
スモールアンプ(Mesa mark V:25やSuhr Pt-15)を所持しているとしたら、ノイズフリーで
かつ 大きな音量、最高の音色とルームリバーブを得る事が出来ます

G. Doran

April 1, 2023


This is probably the most useful tool for guitar recording. I have never felt this strongly

J. Bradley

April 1, 2023

Amazing Piece of Kit

Over the moon with the OX, it sounds absolutely fantastic and so versatile!

C. Hevey

March 21, 2023

Excellent produit

Excellent produit de qualité… besoin d’autres update pour incorporer entre autres des cabinets de basse et plus d’options pour les placements de micros.

G. Teekens

March 16, 2023

Great Product!

Lifesaver & Timesaver. Sounds great and works like a charm. The presets are great too!

C. Dengler

March 12, 2023


GET THIS. I was questioning the value of this in the studio - no longer. THIS IS the unit you need in order to better record your guitars and bass. Unreal. I LOVE this thing. Best purchase of the year.

D. Garrett Jr

March 12, 2023

Very nice, but lacking....

First off, I'd like to say I love Universal Audio stuff..... BUT, this is an item that needs more attention from their R&D department in my HUMBLE opinion.
First problem: To use the software you have to register it. The registration is a complaint I hear from everyone, and one of my complaints. You have to hookup to a 2.4 Ghz network to register.... that's just plain DUMB.
2nd problem: No support..... don't try calling UA for help, they don't answer the phone and their support line for this is not working. GOOD LUCK!

Actually there are some other issues too... but I love the attenuation! I would suggest looking at other attenuators (BOSS WAZA) to compare before purchasing. I have not done this & now I think that may have been a mistake.

L. Beliveau

March 7, 2023

Network set-up issues

Fantastic power amp attenuator. Great sound through the stereo outputs. Software could be enhance (more effects choices) and control with an external device (via USB or Foot switch, wifi not reliable). Network set-up could be more user friendly, good thing it stays set after the first connection. i can appreciate my 100 watt plexi clone without turning deaf.

K. Tomita

March 6, 2023


エレキ ギターの音をオーディオインターフェースから録音するために使用。音質がすばらしい。自宅でこのクオリティで録音はできません。本当に買ってよかった。プラグインみたくたくさんのギターアンプはいらなくて、欲しいトーンは1つか2つ憧れのENGLアンプを夜中でも爆音で(ヘッドホンの中)鳴らせています。OXが理想を叶えてくれました。そして、これまで素通りしていたハードオフのアンプコーナーが宝の山に見えます。

61-80 of 223 Results