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Precision Multiband


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Precision Multiband

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J. Kline

October 12, 2012


This is by far the most important plugin that I have for drums and mastering. Really useful, and the fact that it takes this load off of the CPU is very handy as well. This is the best multiband compressor that I have ever used. Truly exceptional, and worth every penny.

M. Zimolag

August 24, 2012

Great Precision Multiband Plug-In

it is a tool that enriches everyone my song,
Precision Multiband Plugin - now I use it in every my mastering session

D. Cacciarru

July 12, 2012

Good are beautiful me mastering are very great and absolutely precision

A. Alzayer

July 11, 2012

I think it is the best MULTI Band Compressor
only delay is problem it is Nearly 8000 samples

R. Mockridge

May 25, 2012

This is a real beauty in the master chain plug ins for acheiving that finished mix.
You can get a bit Ahh Umm ! what plug-in should I use in the final chain to acheive a good mix sound, well beleive me everytme I have used the Multiband plug-in It is so cool just to dial it in and listen to it work and get the job done, enough said!!

A. Michie

May 21, 2012

Excellent plugin, i use this in all my mix downs to obtain a very nice warm punchy well rounded sound... Can not live without this...

M. Kempter

January 5, 2012

Goodbye LinMB !
I mostly use it in every extern Mix i receive to design the sound i prefer. But what i love the PMB for, is on a poorly recorded Bassguitar, played wild on 2-3 octaves. So nice tu pull and push the tones just by ear, compressing/expanding the signal on 5 Bands.. just jummy! My prefered Dynamic EQ almost :)
Allways great results AND plain fun working with it!

M. Lameiro

June 23, 2011

Simple to Work visible and very good results for anything (deessing, eq, compress, anything and transparent)

A. Pozzi

June 21, 2011

My choice multiband for digital mastering. Precision EQ, Cambridge EQ, Multiband, Prec. Comp and Limiter. That's my chain.

J. Avalos

June 20, 2011

at first you have to get used to its sound, it is no dificult but you have to be very careful in order to selct the frecuencies, it is ideal for balancing the frequencies for instruments , voices, and with careful(once again) soem nice touch for mixes

S. Reichert

June 18, 2011

The ultimate choice if you work on a mix that does not need to go to the volume max, but sound balanced and warm; insert this on the master sum. The preset "two-bass squish" is your start on trying this one.

B. De

June 16, 2011

Easy to use and it sounds great, instantly hear the difference.

S. Rauch

May 4, 2008

Unfortunately I have to master my own mixes, cause I don´t work on Pro-Level. When I tried the Demo it was actually the first time that my "limited to death to achieve pro-level-loudness"-Master even so sounded better than the Mix - compared at the same subjective Hearing Level! I immediately started to re-master all mixes I had on my computer at that time with a better result on every song amazingly quick. So far I used Ozone for Multiband Compression Jobs but didn´t get it to sound as smooth as with this, so my experience is different from the guy´s that could work better with Ozone. It´s a matter of taste, I guess...
My advice: Do not try any UAD Demo if you don´t got the money on hand to buy it straight away ;-)

Best Regards!
Cologne, Germany

R. Masters

March 27, 2008

The precision multiband is the best way to control dynamics and even things out…hands down. If you don’t know how to use one now would be a good time to learn. It will keep original mix natural. If you use an IOZEN compressor it will sound punchy but artificial. Not all ways a bad thing. But if you want to hold on to as much natural acoustics as possible go with this one.

D. Danzi

November 1, 2007

One of the best and most used multi-comps I own. Easy to use and loaded with options. When you need to hone in on certain frequencies and fully control them, this is the tool to use.

A. Vax

October 26, 2007

i change Mackie Final Mix to Precision Multiband.
And now i have clear sound.

D. Craighead

July 15, 2007

This Multibandcompressor is just amazing. Always using it on any track and it ALWAYS sounds way better than without. The good thing is that it doesn't color the sound at all, it just underlines the groove and expands the frequency spectrum so you can use it in your mix OR for the mastering process, in both worlds it does it job really damn good!

G. Arend

April 4, 2006

A good sounding, reliable and (compared to other multiband-comps) easy to use plugin, IMHO far better than Waves' range of multiband-comps, but also *far* inferior to the sound-quality and flexibility of Izotope's Ozone 3. Not a must-have, but nice ...

K. Matar

March 30, 2006

hay guys !.. i ordered the Precision Multiband Plug-In for UAD-1 befor 30min. all what i want to say its Simply KILLER KILLER KILLER smooth Sound Smart multiband Compressor and dont feel when u hear the Tracks there is a Multiband prossesing the sound like another plugins like MD3 for tc electronics. The Precision Multiband is Great sound - love your ears & great smart details . really i love it and love Universal audio Uad-1 plugins . anothing important somthing UAD-1 is the lonely company give 14 day trial to try his plugins for free. sure !! bcz thay know that each 1 will buy any new plugin . thanks for u Universalaudio . ;)

S. Chury

March 18, 2006

Very good plug-ins! I won't enter in to the debate UAD against Poco, just I tested both and i think i'll purchase both 'cuz the latest MD3 of Tc and this little jewel are just so different! For my ears, i found tc more punchy and fat, yet UAD multiband is definitely more subtle and respective to your material making all sound warmer and balanced. The incredibly good point of Poco is to be able to process your mix in m/s mode and this gives such a great "glue" to your mix (that's why i put 4 of 5). That's the only implimentation i wished to see in PM. But hey, we are talking of different money also (Poco MD3 is several times more expensives et veeeeeeeery hungry on your ressources). So, it's a real must buy for the owners of UAD! Highly highly recommended!

121-140 of 147 Results