Pultec Passive EQ Collection

Pultec Passive EQ Collection

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Pultec Passive EQ Collection

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A. Lee

July 29, 2015

The Best Pultec Emulation you can buy.

I've used several Pultec plugins from different brands and UA is the BEST out of all.
It's based on my personal preference and UA version had most Punchy low end.
For the price, it is definitely one of the must have plugins.

S. Peschl

July 29, 2015

OMG! It's DAWsome

I will never ever have the money, to buy a REAL one, and so i don't know, if it sounds REAL...

But how cares about that. The Pultec Plugins are Great! And that's the only thing that matters for me!
I use it on every guitar, bass, and sometimes on vocals and busses and it works just so fine!

It sounds GREAT and REAL!

S. Sullivan

July 24, 2015

Pultec Love

After I read an article where Tchad Blake said he ALWAYS had a Pultec (hardware) in his vocal chain, I knew I needed to give this thing another shot. I always liked the sound but couldn't figure out what it was doing. I read the online manual for Manley's hardware Pultec and it started to make sense. Now I know what I'm listening for. If you spend some time really listening to what's going on in the whole frequency spectrum, you'll notice changes in the upper harmonics when you fiddle with the low cut/boost and vice versa for the high boost. Not to mention the sound of this unit with it just being on. I can't imagine a hardware unit sounding much better.

R. Gutser

July 22, 2015

Pultec Passive EQ Collection

This plugin is totally worth the price for the upgrade and sound superior to the competitors products. If you want a real "classic" eq then this is your plugin. Besides the nice vintage user interface it comes with a series of really usefull presets giving instantaneous boost to your eq repertoire.

V. Koenig

July 13, 2015


Great sounding Eq Collection. Not useful for all signals( for me ), but when i need a special character i love to use the Pultec`s. The warmth is awesome.

s. kgr

June 30, 2015

Vintage feel Eq

Pultec Passive EQ Plug-In Collection I liked it immediately. I insert myself into Drums and vocal track and use it. Analog charm is full of smooth curve by nature.
I'd like to try it out by more various musical instruments.

N. Nowottny

June 9, 2015

F%&king incredible!!

A twist here, a twist there, no harshness and everything starts sounding expensive in a human way. I was looking for a Pultec Style Hardware on ebay, now I'm looking for more dsp power. ;) Like it better than the Massive Passive. Thank you UA!! x ;)

I. Papagiannidis

June 2, 2015

warm /vintage sound!

great sound ! so warm and vintage! great tool! much better than the previous version!!

A. Dingley

April 16, 2015

Big knobs & bigger sound!

This sounds phenomenal! As an engineer who tries to use as little eq as possible in my projects, it's important to know that the ones I use give me great results without a ton of trial & error. So far, I'm really impressed with this... On bass, guitars, and kick drum.

T. Matuszak

April 15, 2015

Pro Stuff

Pultec Collection is like having analog gear in digital world !

J. Barber

April 5, 2015

Most Buy

This eq is songs so smooth. Its hard to mess up with it!

M. Sudhakar

April 3, 2015

Nice EQ - Pultec

Very smooth easy handling. With authentic Pultec overtones.

S. Cohen

March 14, 2015

So Good

Such an upgrade from the legacy version. Silky. Smooth. Shockingly close to the original in sound.

e. andersen

March 14, 2015


this eq is like butter, between this and millenia I am all set

B. Klukovic

March 12, 2015

Smooth and clear!!!

It´s just WOW when you turn on the highs on the EQ-P1A and THEN roll them off at the same time. This kind of coloration can be only made with this one without harshness and that "plastic" feeling of other kind of derivations of this EQ.
I heard also the hardware and must admit that the UAD version doesn´t lack the deepness of which everyone talks all the time, for me it´s sounds round, full and perfect. GOOD JOB UAD!! :)))

W. Frohwein

March 10, 2015

Can't work without it

This set is amazing. The eq alone is just bliss. I have so many other eq's that just don't compare. My current go to setting on the eq is 10K with 2-4db boost. I regret not buying it sooner and using it on my previous mix-downs.

I. Finlayson

March 9, 2015

Another five-star rating, and deservedly so.

This is a fantastic set of character EQs.
The EQ-P1A is quite simple: a low-shelf, a high-peak, and a low-pass. Its strokes are broad and it does glorious things to highs & lows.
The MEQ-5 is my favorite EQ for doing mid-scoops without being incredibly aggressive. The "Dip" section finds its way on a lot of my mixes, allowing me to arrive at a "modern" sound but with vintage vibe. The boosts are ridiculously smooth as well.
And the HLF-3C, while probably the least exciting of the three, is the one I use the most. The filters do their thing beautifully; nothing sounds "chopped off", but rather just natural and so slightly rounded.
Don't overlook the "old" Pultec Pro either! It's earned its status as a classic, for a fraction of the DSP.

J. Pierre

March 9, 2015

Worth your pennies

heard the Hardware ,used it ,this compares favorablly .while no expert I know what I like and I like this ....Alot!..get it.

C. Alati

March 6, 2015


great beatiful eq, it would be usefull in a single rack !

n. afflitto

March 3, 2015


Much better than the original Pultec collection. I really liked that one, but I would never use it on the mixbuss. This lives on it! The filter is so great for shaving off that digital high end. Love it x's infinity!

181-200 of 443 Results