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Customer Reviews

Teletronix® LA-2A Leveler Collection

Overall Rating

921-940 of 1310 Results

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S. Suarez

November 10, 2014

Very nice comps

Love all! now im using these comps on all of my Techno tunes, thanks Universal Audio.

B. Maile

November 9, 2014

The Vocal Compressor

The easiest and one of the most beautiful way of compressing Vocals. Its natural and smooth sound is unbeatable.

R. Sheridan

November 9, 2014


Ben using the grey model on vocals and bass, sounds amazing! If you only have the legacy model, do yourself a favour and upgrade!

A. Cenerini

November 8, 2014


I bought this after being unsatisfied with the Legacy version. These are the best LA-2/LA-2A plugins on the market; period. I've been using the original "grey" iteration a lot on a very sibilant vocalist and it has done a lot (in combination with a traditional de-esser on a side chain) to tame the tracks and sounds great while doing it.

K. Hegyi

November 8, 2014

Such a musical compressor!!!!

Absolutely love this thing! I can't imagine myself tracking without one of these. I love that you have three (3) separate characters of the LA-2A as they can all sound a bit different. I cannot live without the Silver one I have to say it's just so goddamn GOOD.

If you do a -3d reduction on it while you tracking vocals immediately it'll sound like a a pop record and everything is more in your face... Couple this with an 1176 and you have perfect harmony, no wonder why the pros rave so much about them.

I love using the old LA-2 on Bass as it will give me a subtle distortion that is very musical. It's so much slower than the Silver but then again it is so much more 'creamy'.

Very happy with my purchase!!!! 5/5 UAD VERY WELL DONE AGAIN!!!

J. Hearn

November 6, 2014

Unbelievably good - indispensible!

I have nothing more to say except for these LA2 emulations are the equivalent of sonic crack ... wow ... Make's my Moog Voyager spring to life! Can't do without these. Get involved!

D. Pichler

November 4, 2014

It's Magic!

Wow! I've had this only a week, but I've used it on some mixes that I've been working on , and this really rocks. Really digging the presets and also tweaking the settings manually. The tracks that I've used it on have improved dramatically. I can't wait to use it for tracking!

F. Kindermann

November 4, 2014

A major update in my plugin collection

Great on groups like Drums, Guitars, Vocals. Every model has its own special character. Watch the video here for comparison. Helped me a lot.
These plugins are fare better than the SE plugin bundled (which is good for trying lots of instances before "printing" the sound in my small setup with minimal external DSP power). I never would buy the Hardware which is too expensive. I go with these plugins.

D. Biro

November 2, 2014

Professional sounds!

I love it these plugins! It give some professional sounds to my project, all the time! Thank you UA!

P. Hipp

October 30, 2014

Incredible LA2A

This plugin is mind bogglingly good. So simple. Makes just about anything sound great! We live in pretty incredible times. I know have LA2A's. And lots of them!! Thanks UAD!!

D. Hensel

October 30, 2014

Teletronix LA-2A

I´m a Musician, and write music for films and advertising.
Since i´ve using Teletronix i, my sound has improved.
Teletronix has place my mixes ion another level. Outstanding!
Thanks UA for make this posible.

A. Booty

October 29, 2014

Better then ever!

I bought my first UAD card in 2004 because of the legendary LA-2A & 1176. It was the most plugins I use for my mixing. Still after many years both plugins never fail to give me the sound & color I need. After 10 years, the new LA-2A collection has broaden my music palette. I am speechless how good the new emulation sounded. Better the ever!

R. Österlund

October 29, 2014

Referring to LA-2A Grey

It adds nice treble somewhere along the way so I find it useful on soft voices that needs a bit high end. I believe acoustic guitars could benefit from it as well.

R. Bouma

October 29, 2014

A must have with great colors

Oké there is nothing like analog but if you compare these teletronic pluggins with other 'Brands' The UA platform provides just that extra which makes it almost like the real thing. Nothing else comes this close. Worth it? Well worth it and a standard to have working in the box. Working with the right paint determines the end result. UAD teletronics bundle is one of The primary colors to work with!

N. Devereaux

October 29, 2014

Best LA2A plugins out there!

The LA2A Classic Leveler Collection sounds fantastic. I cant believe I didn't buy this sooner. The Legacy LA2A is great but these three are just a whole other level of quality. Worth every penny!

A. Maxwell

October 28, 2014

You knew it already... a must have compressor

Last week i mastered audio on ten Corporate films and this plug in was used on all the voices, couldn't believe how warm and rounded the sound was. Very pleasing to the ear. Works equally well on male and female voices.I have used Waves versions of the LA-2A in the past and this thing trashed them!

Definitely a go-to compressor.

I utilized the Shadow Hills mastering compressor on the two bus and that plug is impressively transparent when tuned right.

J. Ehrlich

October 28, 2014

Finally... FINALLY!

For its specific uses (bass, vocals, etc...), this is without a doubt the best sounding compressor plugin on the market.

J. Rodriguez

October 28, 2014

Absolutely amazing

Before I had this collection I used the LA2A legacy and love it in the vocals, keys, and strings. Now that I have the collection, my favorite is the silver, it is just an amazing and flexible sound, it just sounds amazing. I like it on guitar and bass.

M. Selby

October 21, 2014

Warm, fat, analog tone made easy

This is absolutely some of the best money you can spend on a plug-in bundle. The LA-2A grey is the first thing I turn to for warm, fat, analog tone on vocals, acoustic guitars and many other instruments. I have used the hardware versions in many fine studios, and am extremely happy to get the same great vibe in my home/travel rig.

I would also add that the simplicity of these machines and the many interesting presets make these very good -- and forgiving -- plugins for fledgling home-recorders just learning to use compressors.

Great, analog-sounding gear, highly recommended.

A. Brown

October 19, 2014

Great Sound

I've demo this plugin. Its sounds very good. I like to use it a lot. I will be buying the collection as soon as possible.

921-940 of 1310 Results