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Customer Reviews

Teletronix® LA-2A Leveler Collection

Overall Rating

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X. Marques

January 13, 2014

Analog goodness!

I'm really happy with my new LA-2's! The warmth in the sound is second to none!
Even if you just use it for its gain, it adds something to the sound that glues it in the mix.

L. Howard

January 13, 2014

La 2A collection is the best!

I own two quad cards and lots of UAD plugs. I have had the LA 2A since the beginning with the original Mackie branded card.
The new collection is one of the best upgrades I've made to date. All three models are stellar.
I'm currently mixing a project and replaced the original with various combinations of the new collection and I was not only pleased but smiling from ear to ear.
The new collection is the best LA 2A I've ever tried from any company.
Life is good when you can smile. This new collection will make your face hurt!
Thanks again UAD!
Larry Howard
Omega Arts, Inc

R. Harchol

January 12, 2014

Teletronix® LA-2A Classic Leveler Collection

Amazing! I'll use these LA-2A plug-ins all the time - these are a big part of why I bought Apollo in the first place.

G. Leo

January 12, 2014

LA2A collection flexibility and nice sound

Teletronix LA-2A collection faithfully reproduces the classic analog compressor.
The sound is really nice and works very well in the mix.
Performs well on transients, gives character to the tracks.
His algoritimo seems to me the best so far. The curve of comprehension is very well reproduced.
The three different models provide a lot of flexibility.
Each one has their own tone and different attack and release times.
LA-2A Silver Is the newest and fastest incarnation.
LA-2A Grey has medium attack and release times and is the best compromise on many sources with a more meaty tone.
LA-2 oldest is very special.
Point against him: consumes a lot of CPU compared to the version legasy a
parallel compression and sidechain is missing.

S. Hope

January 11, 2014

Amazing compression for a plugin

A big step up in quality compared to the legacy version. Do if you liked that then you should try this collection. Dsp usage is higher too but in my opinion the difference makes justifies this additional load. Essential stuff!

C. Weingarten

January 10, 2014


best plug-in compressors I have. They are truly lifelike. They respond without sacrificing any of the audio's original power in any frequency range. Some similar plugs will mask over the true low freq energy or boost mids when just placed on the track.

J. Grönvall

January 7, 2014

LA2 vs Legacy

Must say I didn't expect the difference to be this big. The end result sound is difficult to describe but "organic" with more presence and fuller details.
Worth the upgrade. No doubt my go to tool for anything full and fat, especially vocals.
Would recommended the upgrade.

R. Hartline

January 6, 2014

Teletronix Leveler Collection

Great stuff. I use it all the time. Amazed how close these plugins sound to the real thing. If you own the legacy model I as did and purchase the grey and silver, I was amazed out how different they sounded. I would recommend these to any studio owner.

D. Nelson-ashley

January 4, 2014


This is a great plug in that is jam packed with flavour to make drums sound punchy.

S. Rancourt

January 3, 2014

la2a musicality

holly shit !

this thing is sooooooooooooooo damn musical !

was using the old version as a favorite already ...

now its just ammaaaaaazing !


J. Ezekiel

January 3, 2014

Le Son est Magnifique !!

Déjà la première émule était plutôt efficace, mais là c'est carrément incroyable, le son est de toute beauté, grand merci à toute l'équipe UAD !

R. Andersen

January 2, 2014

Possibly the best analog sound?

Been a pleasure experiencing the remodelling of the collection. It has provided great warmth to my mixes and been used in every mix application. It's a little taxing on the UAD, but just need more power!

V. Juvvaanapudi

January 2, 2014


TeletronixLa-2a is the one I am using right now & I feel this is the best for voice recording

H. Delen

December 31, 2013

Great plugin

Great plugin. ;)
I would recommend.Very hot, Very nice :)

M. De

December 30, 2013

Teletronix® LA-2A Classic Leveler Collection

do not try this plug !! i have tried the La-2A for one day and i have buy it immediately!
the better choice for my vocals, guitars bass ecc..
He make the difference .

I. Vidovic

December 29, 2013


By far the best compressor on the planet! I use this on every track! Its crystal clear transparent and is smooth. Its Extremely easy to use and very effective. I use it over all my other compressor plugs I have (Including WAVES Bundle). Read all the other reviews this is a MUST HAVE! Don't even try it, just buy it!

The only think I don't like about UAD plug ins is that your Apollo has to be powered on to be able to use them! I would like to see future updates where my DAW can use all UAD plug ins by itself if need be.

R. Edwards

December 28, 2013

Classic analog sound.

I love these compressors I put them on everything, it's like hot sauce and just goes well with everything. With little work my vocals stand out clean and clear while preserving the low end and warmth. No digital sound even when cranked. I would recommend these to anyone that records and engineers. Need these in your arsenal seriously.

B. Callaway

December 27, 2013

Must Have

Simply put, indispensable. While a go-to for vocals, there are just so many places you can use this LA-2A now thanks to the multiple "flavors" as long as you're open to it. No it won't work on everything, but it works with so much it is again, indispensable.

Despite the fact that it's just a plugin, this is one of my favorite pieces of "gear" even if it's just virtual. A++++++++++++++++

J. Heath

December 27, 2013

Perfectly transparent

These compressors work so well, it's unreal. They really do sound analog. The silver is my favorite for most applications, but the other two can add just the right amount of crunch when that's what I need. Thanks UA.

J. Sayadian

December 26, 2013


All UA gear is awesome. They simply produce the best plug-ins around.

1061-1080 of 1307 Results