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Tube-Tech CL 1B MkII Compressor

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L. Hughes

April 22, 2016

Pop vocals - forget the rest

This thing is great generally, but works an 'in your face' pop vocal like nothing else I've used.

J. Moreland

April 21, 2016

My new favorite.

Just when I think I’ve got all the awesome compression from UA I could ever need, they release this monster. The CL-1B is one of the most flexible compressors they have and easily the most “colored”. It adds a weight, not just some approximation of low frequencies - but a forwardness and a rich, warm presence that wasn’t there going into it. As for the compressor section - In “fixed” mode, it’s compression is inaudible. It’s as if you just recorded the audio perfectly balanced. In “manual” mode, you can get all the pump, aggression and grit of an 1176 with “All-Buttons” pushed in. If there is anything that doesn’t sound better just going through this box, I haven’t found it yet.

N. O'Brien

March 14, 2016

Just like you have the hardware!!

I cannot believe the sonic emulation that this produces, I don't even want to call this a plugin because it's more than that.

The CL 1B is adept at both subtle and audible compression, and that it has pleasing attack and release characteristics. I've tried the CL 1B on a number of sounds, including acoustic guitar, drums, piano, vocals and bass, and all benefited in one way or another.

Truly amazing, if you can afford it this is a UA must buy!

A. Johnson

January 17, 2016

Don't Hesitate

I have a TubeTech LCA 2B, and I've spent hours and hours printing tracks through the hardware and back into my sessions, to get that incredible magic dust.

The CL 1B plug-in gives me that magic, but without the endless printing and stacking that I've had to do with the hardware unit. And while the LCA 2B is very aggressive, making it tricky to get right, the CL 1B is gentler and therefore, more useable on a wider variety of tracks. I've always loved the TubeTech sound for vocals and bass; now I'm able to use it on guitars, snare, and keys as well, without it becoming overpowering or harsh. A great investment, this plugin.

Just get it. You'll use it everywhere, and you'll get a polish that really levels up your mix.

S. Gough

January 16, 2016

Excellent for Vocals/Tracking

This is an amazing transparent compressor that can be driven rather hard without adding unwanted pulsing/unevenness. The adjustable attack and release give it versatility between all types of program material whether it be low or high. I love tracking through this specifically on vocals. It makes the editing job quite a bit easier as the dynamics are controlled without sacrificing the natural-sounding tone/dynamics of the voice.

S. Burt

January 14, 2016

one of a kind

everyone knows this sounds killer on vocals, but try it on a snare too. gives it a real weight with a touch of snap. I have a bunch of compressors and when researching what to buy I tried them all, but whilst many are great none could get the kind of sound the CL1b does.

D. Bose

December 28, 2015

TubeTech - Great warmth

Just learning this new plugin and it's characteristics... sounds good on vocals and mixes so far as i've tried. Curious what other applications it's good for

T. Camp

December 28, 2015

Love It

I track with this, the Pultec boosting around 8k a bit, and the Lexicon verb. Blown away by the results. Very forward and warm. Beautiful color for my palette!

E. Moore

December 14, 2015

Great on buss recording guitars

If your using the console to record one of the guitar amp emulations, I found the CL !B was really a great buss compressor for recording electric guitars. I usually put the OceanWay Studio plugin and the CL 1B behind that and it just sound really warm and opens up the guitars in an interesting way that is different than the other compressors in the UAD product line. It's not perfect for all types of music, but it's an interesting combination and usage. Haven't had a chance to put this on vocals, but I imagine it works great there too. It's very subtle effect on guitars without being overbearing like the 1176 and without being in your face like the LA2.

u. labus

December 14, 2015

cl1b Tubetech really big

The first impression was that its sounding really big.

Thats what tubetech is known for.
I use it in channel an master as well

D. van Haarlem

December 12, 2015

Outstanding CL1B emulation!!!

Nothing but Love for this CL1B version of UAD. I own the hardware version and this plugin really nails it, especially as I can use more instances in my sessions; and without taxing my cpu of course. Normally it's King for vocal channels but lately I tried it on a mix bus for a session with very slight compression, wow... Instant smoothing sheen. You need two hardware pieces for that experiment ;-)
Great job UAD!

UAD User

December 11, 2015

My favorite vocal compressor, now available in plugin form.

Can’t tell you how much this compressor is vital for me in hardware form. Used on every vocal I do. The UAD plugin version is pretty nice as well. I like it.

M. Döring

December 9, 2015


Great Compressor !!! Good Job!!! Thx

L. Hughes

October 8, 2015

The others are good but...

this is the dogs blookcs! So easy to get what you want.

C. Brandner

September 20, 2015

Interesting Plugin, but unacceptable change of pricing

So sorry to say, but the adoption of apple price politics (charging customers according to their origin) to your online shop is unfair and frustrating.

L. Mathers

September 1, 2015

Sounds awesome

I've only had the pleasure of using a hardware version of this unit once before, but this plugin delivers in spades. I use it on nearly every acoustic instrument I record, and it works well on vocals too.

K. Dietz

August 26, 2015

Favorite new compressor plugin

Another compressor plugin to add to the UAD go-to list: UAD 1176s, LA2As, Summit TLA100... and now the UAD CL1B. This one is hard to beat. It has a great balance between grabby and smooth, warmth and detail, vibe and clarity. On vocals (probably the most obvious choice) there is likely none better (and if there is, it's probably one of the aforementioned UAD compressors!) This one hits it out of the park.

T. Liljegren

August 10, 2015

The allmighty champion!

When UA released the updates of the 1176 and LA2-A I thought that "no compressor can possibly sound better than this"!
Then came the Summit from Softtubes and so I was blown away again.

And then I saw this bugger coming into the UA arsenal, and I thought, could there possibly be anything that beats the previous ones?
Noooo, but YES!
Especially on vocals, bass, piano, guitars, horns, strings or what ever. This Tube tech improves everything.
For example vocals: Suddenly your track just sounds naturally warm and fat without any pumping or wobbling at all.
Definately my new "go-to" compressor. Hereafter, all other ones lays silently in the UA-archive to never be used again.

UAD User

July 31, 2015

Best Vocal Compressor

I was tired of all my compressors for vocals and I finally found one that I actually like! I'm used to the sound of high end outboard compressors and I'm glad to finally find a plug in that actually compares. You may not get the sound of tubes, but the way it reacts with a vocal is perfect. No coloration, but a smoothness and thickness that no other plug in will do. Thanks Softube and Universal Audio!!!

V. Waltinger

July 29, 2015

Wow! Beautiful

Wow! What a beautiful compressor on leadvocals! I am not the first nor will be the last one to say that but I only can chime in with all my <3 ;-). This is one outstanding compressor for vocals! Definitely worth the price.

261-280 of 287 Results