Tube-Tech CL 1B MkII Compressor

Tube-Tech CL 1B MkII Compressor


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Tube-Tech CL 1B MkII Compressor

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V. Waltinger

July 29, 2015

Wow! Beautiful

Wow! What a beautiful compressor on leadvocals! I am not the first nor will be the last one to say that but I only can chime in with all my <3 ;-). This is one outstanding compressor for vocals! Definitely worth the price.

R. Jason

July 22, 2015

You want big smooth vocals?

Look no further than this wonderful, spot on software version of one of the great pieces of gear. I've used the hardware (at OTHER studios) for years. After 7 days recording with the demo, allowing myself a FULL evaluation, I will say it's pretty much spot on to the hardware unit. I seems like it actually has maybe a wewe bit more headroom, or maybe the combination with my new Apollo 8 upgrade from my Apollo is contributing. Regardless, I'm about to pull the trigger. I urge all having a demo yet to be used to do so if you have crucial vocals, bass, even electric guitars to record. My main use is vocally. While I still love my LA2A collection, I find this guy a bit more transparent, and focused overall.

Z. Nieman

May 10, 2015

Finally! Very good, versatile compressor

I was hoping UA would release a version of this unit, and they did! It delivers. I prefer this over the LA-2A plugin. It has the level of control you would expect from a fully featured compressor and it offers a range of sound that can be almost unnoticeable to in your face! Highly recommended. I won't bother trying to explain the sound, demo it or buy it. It packs a punch, and represents the latest (as of this writing) of UA's analog modeling.

F. Pilz

May 9, 2015

Form gentle to hard AND always in your face

I' ve been working with the CL1B for some simply is a workhorse, that always brings a rich patina to the audio.
Great Plugin for the uad!!!

V. Koenig

May 8, 2015

A little Rocker!

This Compressor rocks. The CL 1B sounds fat, punchy, big and can sound very smooth. The CL 1B is a great allrounder, for all signals.
Get this plug about 10 minutes ago :) well done.....

N. Nodurft

May 7, 2015

Buying When Demo Expires

I used to use hear the real thing on vocals all the time in my old internship and loved it. When I saw this had been released I knew I had to check it out since the real one is my all time favorite vocal compressor. I haven't been able to shoot it out, but I was instantly taken back to that smooth intimate sound that I remembered so well. It just sounds, professional. It works amazingly when paired with my Manley Reference mic. The fact that I can track vocals through this on the way in just makes it that much better, and it's surprisingly very light on dsp. It uses a little less than 5% of my apollo duo. Definitely the best plugin vocal compressor I've heard.

T. Liljegren

August 10, 2015

The allmighty champion!

When UA released the updates of the 1176 and LA2-A I thought that "no compressor can possibly sound better than this"!
Then came the Summit from Softtubes and so I was blown away again.

And then I saw this bugger coming into the UA arsenal, and I thought, could there possibly be anything that beats the previous ones?
Noooo, but YES!
Especially on vocals, bass, piano, guitars, horns, strings or what ever. This Tube tech improves everything.
For example vocals: Suddenly your track just sounds naturally warm and fat without any pumping or wobbling at all.
Definately my new "go-to" compressor. Hereafter, all other ones lays silently in the UA-archive to never be used again.

C. Brandner

September 20, 2015

Interesting Plugin, but unacceptable change of pricing

So sorry to say, but the adoption of apple price politics (charging customers according to their origin) to your online shop is unfair and frustrating.

l. laing

June 2, 2015

love this thing

This thing just makes your music sound good, tight, and smooth. Wish it had more presets……i dig the starting point templates to just turn on while I'm creating. other than that its superb.

K. Trakz

August 14, 2019

Way too aggressive and the GUI is too damn colossal

Compared to v1 this comp is WAY too aggressive. I don’t know what went wrong but v1 is way more smooth.

And that GUI isn’t cutting it. Sorry, but not sorry.

P. Chernyshov

August 14, 2019


magical cosmic dust for my ears!

R. Jason

August 14, 2019

CL 1B even better!

The MkII sounds more transparent, reacts quicker to transients, and is a pleasure to use. Get it!!

K. Jardine

August 13, 2019

Huge improvement!!!!!

I have been using the original for years now almost exclusively on bass guitar with amazing results, but this new update provides more detail and clarity to the compressor. Well worth the update.

D. Tetmyer

July 24, 2019

Nice looking gui

Great GUI on retina, and amazing sound!

B. McDade

July 15, 2019

Solid “go to” comp.

I will be changing my default signal chain to include this plugin for my vocal tracks. Warm round and clean. Nice....

O. Lamas

July 13, 2019


I have the previous version and made the error of trying this new version out.
It's butter yawl, it's pure butter. Enjoy!

D. Johnson

July 13, 2019

The best optical compressor...ever?

This is by far my favourite optical compressor model. People go gaga over the classic sounds of LA2As, but for me the flexibility, and nuance of this thing make it the modern classic. The top end is silky, and the low end smooth without losing any punch. Try it on piano if you need convincing. If you can only afford one opto, get this one.

B. Schumacher

July 9, 2019

No side chain

For a software compressor it sounds good but there‘s no sidechain available on the UA platform which generally makes UAD an inferior choice for compressors. I hope that they’ll get this fixed one day

J. Poole

July 9, 2019


This beats the 1176 with variable ratio compression and sonic clarity while beating the LA 2A with variable attack and release times. PERFECT!

F. Peristeris

June 29, 2019


I noticed the great capabilities of this machine when I first used many years ago in the abandoned from thw T.C Powercore. I was curious to see what UAD did for this amazing implementation, and I was pleased to find that it is a real transfer of the hardare machine to plug in. CL1B is the compressor everybody needs if he uses vocals, basses and more of all in my opinion.....keyboards. This compressor is one of the most friendly and easy to use and you really have to try hard to make it sound bad.....

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