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Unison Enabled

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Customer Reviews

V76 Preamplifier

Overall Rating

41-60 of 207 Results

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S. Tydeman

November 9, 2021


Really beautiful, lush, warm, clean, versatile....basically gets you a sexy defined sound with as much grit as you want. Highly recommend!

M. Pereira

October 4, 2021

BIG and clear sound

Very high dynamic range, super loud and super clean. Been enjoying this pre in the unison slot with my archtop guitar. Really translates the characteristics of your passive pickups. I also enjoy it’s straightforward interface.

K. Midnight

September 19, 2021

Lush and warm

Great plugin for smooth vocals. Adds a certain richness to the tone of the vocal. My go to preamp in luna.

V. Basyul

September 7, 2021

True sound


L. Rocha

August 3, 2021

Bastante bom

Comparando como original temos diferenças mas faz muito bem o serviço

A. Mtz

July 16, 2021

Colorful and Gorgeous Preamp ,

I love it !
i need almost anything after recording with this machine
Neve 1084 and this one V76 are my guns to go when recording Acoustic guitars , sweet , smooth ,

L. Turner

July 5, 2021

Excellent Pre

I Love this Pre!!! Definitely great for recording Bass!!!

c. An

July 3, 2021



D. Murphy

July 1, 2021

Lovely sound

Really like this preamp, wonderful sound.


June 27, 2021

Creamy and grainy vintage tone

Works great on everything to add character and drive to your tracks. No eq, no comp, just instant texture with the gain knob. It just can’t sound bad. One of my favorite preamps. Congratulations UAD !

h. kim

June 16, 2021



L. Tian Siung

May 29, 2021

Classic Pre

Great Tube sound!

o. martinez lopez

May 15, 2021

Classic preamp!!

Awesome preamp!!!

C. von Stanislawski

May 15, 2021

Very good preamp!

I use it for classical guitar. Brings out the strings very clearly, with good definition of the bass.

J. Geary

May 7, 2021

Tube Time!

When it comes to pre-amps UA did an incredible job bringing this classic to the digital world. The limited frequency range is pretty straightforward and on par with all the other V76 plugins but when driven this guy really takes on a life of its own. Great for contrast in a mix! It's filters are perfect for cleaning up either side of the frequency spectrum on doubles / backing parts whilst adding some drive. Also incredible for some crunch on FX sends!

The preamp is 5/5 but Ive rated 4 stars as UA seemed to overlook adding the u73b module to complete the strip. My hopes arnt high but id love to see it added in a future update as it really is quite a beautiful vari-mu compressor. Would also be a huge time saver to have a unity gain option for the pre-amp. The level increase when cranking this thing will certainly result in some time spent fiddling with the output volume to match levels.

M. Jørgensen

April 17, 2021

It’s good


J. Dzambas

April 15, 2021


Fantastic sound!

S. Shaw

April 1, 2021

Rich tube sound

Gotta be careful to say this on a piece of software, but UA nailed it! The signature top end sizzle brings many things back to life.

S. El Hammami

March 30, 2021

Great sound

Great ! Color is different than neve and good to change

D. Long

March 22, 2021

True to Form

Classic sound. Lovely warm sensation on Vocals. I'm always looking for plugins that could bring out the true character of my vocals. I'm extremely pleased with the quality of vocals when using the default preset. Hardly any EQ-ing to be done after recording.

41-60 of 207 Results