V76 Preamplifier

V76 Preamplifier

Unison Enabled

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V76 Preamplifier

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S. van Servellen

January 10, 2021

Couldn’t stop myself buying this unique sounding pre amp

I vowed not to buy more plugins for a full year BUT then did the trial pf this v76 and was just blown away by the unique colour and saturation it added to my sound. Someone needs to buy be an octo satellite to use all the sic plugins I got in this last sale.

E. White

December 30, 2020

The best

Love this plug in . You won’t go wrong

A. Orr

December 22, 2020

The Toobiest Of Tube Preamps

Rich, creamy and simple to use. Sounds great with just about everything. Tons of personality and very versatile. This is one of my favorite plugins. It’ll put meat on your bones!


December 17, 2020

Saturation and Character

When is time to vintage flavors this is the tool

Y. Kim

December 12, 2020

Use it !!!!!

You can add the uniqueity and clarity on your track.

A. Sooukian

December 7, 2020

Maybe my favorite UAD preamp

Very simple to use and straightforward. No EQ, no Comp, just an awesome preamp sound which adds gorgeous saturation, character and harmonic content to any source. I keep switching between this one and the 1073 for tracking, but this one is a must for DI guitars and basses. The V76 is probably my favorite UA preamp.

T. Aniano

December 6, 2020

Must Have!

So Clean. So Powerful. So Why not?

T. Lindsey

October 17, 2020

Love this Pre

Incredibly vintage!

P. Ferguson

October 13, 2020

Brown tones

I got this because it's a colour I didn't have. It works great to tame harshness on a vocal in a really beautiful way.

R. Adjei

October 7, 2020


Now I regret purchasing the Avalon...The sound from this thing is just mind blowing wow!

D. Poznaks

October 3, 2020


Analog and Warm!!!

J. López Uribe

September 14, 2020

Great for overdriving

Need for saturation? dial it up with no compromise

E. Grebeznieks

September 10, 2020

Better and better

I really like this plugin! Thanks to these plug ins my sound is getting better and better

E. Koch

August 18, 2020

that preamp is too_, and that preamp is too_, and this one is just right...

not on the NEVE hype, mostly because my Apollo Twin USB wouldn't be a small space heater if it didn't already have Class A Mic Pres, ( which it does, and they have a pretty darn good class A sound if you ask me )....some here have said the V76 isn't "warm", ok well it's not, compared to a 610B....the V76 is just what it was designed to be, a high fidelity tube mic preamp...just right, and just what i was hoping for, the 80HZ HP combines with the natural tube roll-off around 16Khz for the perfect vocal mic front end..

D. Hampton

August 5, 2020

Definitely a Keeper!

I use this with the Soyuz Boomber mic on the Townsend Lab Sphere, the sound is incredible, the warm of this chain on vocals is nice.

N. Glassman

August 4, 2020


Loving this for vocals and guitar. Highly recommend

Y. Kece

August 3, 2020

coupon geht nicht

wollte den coupon einlösen geht aber nicht danke

J. Manness

July 30, 2020

This distorts better than the Neve and Helios preamps!

I'll bet 9/10 of you would prefer the beefy distortion of the V76 over the thin Neve preamp and harsh Helios preamp. This was tested with my 5-string bass into the Hi-Z input on my Apollo x4. (Wanna know my second fav for harmonic distortion? Nothing in the unison, just UA's Hi-Z preamp cranked all the way up!) On the other side of the spectrum, this sounds really nice with classical strings. Easily the most versatile preamp UAD offers.

D. Milella

July 18, 2020

Hard to beat

I’ve been working on building a mixing and mastering studio for the last couple years. I thought I had a pretty decent setup and in all honesty it was far from a bad setup. Then I decided to upgrade to a x6 interface and I’ve purchased the Ultimate 8 collection. The difference in quality is quite frankly mind blowing! Everything from these limiters which I had examples of from a different company but don’t even compare to plugins that I’ve worked with the hardware product they were simulating and doing a damn fine job of it. From top to bottom mixing has become so much easier I can’t believe that I didn’t have any idea as to what I was missing!! I would recommend anyone that can afford to make the change to do so. I know that between the hardware and plugins the price isn’t easy, but you will not be disappointed in any way!


July 18, 2020

V76 Preamplifier

Nice for bass, nice for voices. Very smooth sounding. You can even make it to overdrive a bit the sound with no compromise.

41-60 of 182 Results