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Volt 276

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Volt 276

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S. Shaikh

June 25, 2022

Annoying software, crackling audio, poor latency

I am super disappointed/annoyed with this product. All the included software requires registration after registration. Additionally even as low CPU utilization (5-10%) I'm getting random crackles/pops in the audio. Furthermore I seem to have less room before hitting buffering issues (using test tone in Ableton I'm hitting the wall at 35-40% cpu utilization at 128 ms buffer) working on returning

r. jackson

June 17, 2022

Loving it

Great value! Outstanding sound quality. Highly recommend.

E. Cody

June 8, 2022

Very Nice for the Price!

The 276 is an affordable, great sounding, and fairly straight forward 2 channel audio interface. Solid build with a feature for to toggle some 670 Mic Pre saturation and some limited but usable 1176 compression. There’s some raised noise from the compressor but that’s not unusual for analog gear. The unit’s no latency monitoring works but it’s implementation is rather limited. I’ve a fast CPU, so I don’t even bother to use it and opt to monitor through my DAW, at a low buffer for a much better monitoring and tracking, experience. I’d prefer the phantom power weren’t dual channel but there’s also an instrument switch that does turn simultaneously. So, maybe you could track vocals and guitar at the same time. MIDI I/O rounds out this unit for a great overall value.

E. Piesczek-Ali

June 7, 2022

No mindjob about that device!

That is just what I needed for my outdoor recordings. With an iPad Pro, just Plug n’play. It sounds like the rest of my gear, awesome!

J. Choi

June 3, 2022

very good

very good

N. Headon

June 1, 2022

Really happy!

Sounds great and amazing build quality - really glad I got this!

O. Cvekic

May 31, 2022

Great interface

It's a really good sounding interface with lot free plugins, very usable compressor and vintage mode.
Only thing I don't like is lack of mute button per channel. This interface has no soft mixer and when you use a second channel for talkback, there is no way to switch off quick. Only to turn gain down.

j. moon

May 22, 2022

너무 만족합니다

첫 오디오인터페이스인데 빈티지와 컴프기능, 디자인, 연결성 그 어떤것도 부족함이 없습니다. 최고예요!

苏. 123123

May 17, 2022



c. saporito

May 4, 2022

Very good

I purchased this as opposed to the gen3 Scarlett. Already using a gen 1 2i4, I decided it was time to upgrade. The noise floor difference is unreal. No problems setting it up, the latency is very low, controls easy to operate. Midi out works excellent with pedals. Compression and pres are great as well. The design is superb, merely because it's very visible, and reachable, as well as intuitive.
I've been recording at home since 4 tracks, and have had several interfaces over the years. For home and small studio recording, the 276 is going to live up to any needs you may have


P. Clementi

May 4, 2022

Not fully satisfied

Good preamps and good overall sound for vocals and acoustic intruments, but the built in compressor is too noisy. Amost unusable with plugins. In the "vintage " mode many plugins (I play guitar) sound not clear and a bit harsh. I got a better distort sound from runnning my plugins into my old Scarlett 2i4. This UA interface needs some updates.

e. kumar

May 3, 2022


am very much satisfied with the outstanding recording quality. Perfect device in the budget

H. Sinclair

May 3, 2022

Superb clean sounds!

I purchased the Volt after my faithful steinberg 212 gave up the ghost after several years of faultless service. To say it's an upgrade is an understatement. The compressor is fabulous, particularly for guitar giving a smooth response and clarity. The look and feel of all the controls is brilliant and the results it's given in the short time I've had it are inspiring. It's given me a home studio that I want to record in.

r. ebinger

May 2, 2022



R. Osorio

May 1, 2022

faltó muy poco para lograr una interfaz perfecta

El diseño y sonido de voltio es excelente, el sonido antiguo es genial, pero al usar el compresor es bastante ruidoso, creo que es un detalle importante de mejorar a futuro, la idea de incorporar un compresor en una interfaz es grandiosa, pero falta mucho para hacerlo bien. Espero a ver con que nos sorprende Universal Audio en un tiempo mas.

J. Leyva

April 30, 2022


For the price alone, this thing is a must. Sound quality is magnificent, and clear. You get crisp sounds as well as outstanding recoding quality. Build is too notch. Very sturdy, and a clean retro look to it.

C. Lucas

April 30, 2022

Volt 276 Works With iPad - No Major Issues!

My shiny new Volt 276 transparently converts notes to bits and back again without pissing me off with crashes, dropouts, excess latencies, or other undesirable phenomena.

Allows me to run my preferred iPadOS apps @ 96K for maximum fidelity.

It sounds great...

Compressor & Vintage button are a nice touch.

Only real negative is that sometimes/rarely the Volt wont connect to the iPad when starting. However, this started occurring after a couple of iOS updates so it's probably an Apple induced problem and when it happens I can force connect by unplugging & plugging the data cable from the powered hub I'm using. So far, that's always worked.

An iOS app or two in the software bundle might have been nice, but I didn't buy the Volt for the bundle.

I'm very pleased with it overall.

P. Thomas

April 30, 2022

First time user / User for life

Having played guitar for a number of years and finally gotten over my insecurity of singing along to myself, I finally decided it was time to do a little recording. I had no prior experience with Universal Audio or the Volt but after a lot of internet searching and reading, the reviews and the design sold me. I ended up buying the studio pack. The headphones are good, the microphone is surprisingly good and the volt itself is magical. It's easy to use, sounds great and it's a beautiful piece of technology to look at.


April 30, 2022

Mi experiencia

Magnífica. Sonido profesional, robusta, gran calidad de sonido, diseño espectacular,...

E. Dagci

April 30, 2022

Universal Audio Never Disappoints

The Volt 276 Audio Interface is just amazing. The price of the product is affordable, it's a game-changer for artists who like to record in their own studio. When you buy products at a lower price you usually expect that the quality is going to fall but the Volt 276 sound quality is pretty good. Trust me, even a listener can tell the difference. It's definitely a booster for my setup. Finally, the audio interface design is pretty good as well as also Vintage Pre-Amp and Compressor options for recording sessions are so dope and make vocals sound much better, bigger, and clearer. It's definitely a game-changer for artists like me.

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