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Customer Reviews

Volt 276

Overall Rating

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M. Seow

November 27, 2023


I love the volt sound, I previously had a volt 1 and then proceeded to upgrade later that week too the volt 276, not only did I enjoy and fall in love with the sound quality but the warmth and depth the compressor added to not only vocals but my guitars too was truly remarkable for the price point the volt 276 sits at.

j. sato

September 26, 2023

Direct monitor volume control...?

VOLT276...sound quality, usability, design and appearance...almost perfect in every way (especially the solid wood between the two sides...very nice!)

The only thing I have to say is... yes.

The only thing is that the volume setting for the direct monitor is not adjustable.... When recording a song, a vocalist might say, "Play louder! Turn down the singing monitor!" I want to do that, but I can't adjust the volume of each track on the DAW (even though I've already adjusted it to a good level!). I have to tweak the volume of each track on the DAW (even though it's already adjusted to a good level!). The Roland Octacapture I've used so far had direct monitor volume control, so I could easily respond to the orders of a hard-core (lol) vocalist... But when I'm recording guitar myself, I'm happy enough with the VOLT settings...

I think it would be great if I could adjust the direct monitor volume to my liking within the software, even if it is not possible with the hardware. If there is already some way to do that, I would love to hear about it.

Thanks for making a lovely, lovely product.

Translated with (free version)

G. Lobo

September 15, 2023


Muito boa, frequencias definidas, som limpo, e recursos fantasticos.

D. Okano

August 13, 2023

Awesome Interface

Was downsizing my rig and was looking for a small two channel interface to use on the go. After all my research I had narrowed things down to the SSL 2+ or the UAD Volt 276. In the end the Volt won out due to the hardware features and the included UAD plug ins were better value in my opinion. Was a long time user but first time UAD hardware owner and I am very happy with my purchase!


August 11, 2023

love won't be disappointed!!!

love won't be disappointed!!!

r. toms

July 30, 2023

headphone jack broke in the first 2 months

Interface audio is great, functionality is there but within the first month the headphone jack input became broken and wobbly somehow? I babied this and only had the headphones plugged in not even 10 times into the unit. Very disappointed in the build quality from a prestige company

P. Jensen

July 26, 2023

Great on stage and in the Studio

On stage I use the Volt 276 together with the UA MAX and Reverberator pedal.
It sounds Great. You can also "just" use the 276 with the preamp and the 1176.
Plug your mix in, and connect it to a line in channel on the mixer. Simple and it works just swell.

R. Puga

June 26, 2023

Volt 276

Awsome unit! Well made sturdy! I highly recommend!!! Well worth the buy!

J. Marceau

June 26, 2023


J’apprécie grandement le coté facile d’utilisation et les performances au niveau de la qualité du son.
Je ne suis ps un professionnel de la sono mais je sens bien que j’ai un bon appareil entre les mains et une compagnie dédiée à la qualité et au service de l’autre

P. Stacey

June 14, 2023



A. Klingaman

June 11, 2023

Smooth and easy

Purchased from Sweetwater, lots of help moving from 20+ year old recording gear to a DAW and this. Like doing my own projects but this really helped with friends wanting me to play on their projects as well. I use it for adding sax parts and the added compression presets and vintage let me choose a great dry uncolored track that works well. Lots of gain, nice monitor out, great build and a smooth presence to what I record. Nice!

N. O

June 6, 2023

So far amazing

I have Apogee Duet2, but after using volt2, I’m surprised, how good it is. Amazing performance. Love it

N. O

June 6, 2023

So far amazing

I have Apogee Duet2, but after using volt2, I’m surprised, how good it is. Amazing performance. Love it

S. Davis

June 2, 2023

Beginner friendly

Purchased Volt276 through Sweetwater. This is my first interface unit and I found it quite manageable to get it up and rolling.

Installing the Ableton Live Lite software can be tricky if you aren't computer savvy, as it requires accessibility to the "hidden" C:\ProgramData\Ableton file; however, the answer is a mere internet search away.

And like I said, first time user, and non-tech savvy. But the Volt 76 compresser makes the Martin 000-15M sound just *that* much warmer.

d. pardue

May 7, 2023

Wonderful interface

I can't say enough about the Volt 276. I love the overall layout, and I love the large volume knob with just the right amount of resistance. The sound is super-clean, and the vintage preset adds just a subtle touch of "air" which is nice. The compressor presets are all subtle, which is terrific to me, as that's the way I was hoping to use them. And lastly, the set-up was super-easy. I can't thank your team enough for such a wonderful product, it is already allowing music-making to be so much more enjoyable for me.

R. Pressing

May 3, 2023

Absolut tolles Interface!!!

Ich bin total begeistert! Ich benutze das Volt 276 für Bass-Recordings und bin total beeindruckt , wirklich ein klasse Interface!!!

S. Frazee

April 18, 2023

Great Product

I made the right choice for my first interface. I wish the DAW were as simple and easy to set up as the VOLT276 was. Great product. 100% recommend

F. Calzas

March 31, 2023

much better than i thought

I was using an SSL 2 interface, and i must say i love it, but this one really knocked me out!. The construction, the look, and above all. the sound is much better than i thought . Amazing quality sound. I absolutely LOVE my VOLT 276. Thanks UAD!!!!

C. De Leon

March 30, 2023

Incredible IOS /computer interface!

I use my Volt 276 for recording with my iPad mini gen 6. Into Cubasis 3. With many AUv3 plugins available in the store there’s always something fun to find. The volt is incredible piece of hardware. It’s built like a tank heavy too. I’m really happy with my purchase.

J. Soriano

March 20, 2023

Interface Unit … cables?

Interface Unit is good, supports heavy output guitar pickups and headphones volume is amazing with my Sennheiser 600.
There are not included: cable for Mac, power supply

21-40 of 118 Results