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Customer Reviews

Volt 276

Overall Rating

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J. Nordstrom

April 29, 2022

Great sound, no plugins

Love the sound and build of the Volt.
I wish I could access all of my UA plugins.

J. Anderson

April 29, 2022


I am so impressed with this little thing!!! Amazing quality for my @andersonoverland offroad podcasts and my music recordings for @afterplanet!! This thing far exceeded my already high expectations knowing UA quality and product design, but my God this was a knock out of the park!! Great job dev team at UA!!! Thank you all!!

J. Justad

April 29, 2022

Volt 276 is great

I couldn't be more happy than with this fantastic unit. Classic UAD sound, crisp and clear and simple as Lego in use.
Estetical the Volt 276 is great with its wooden sides, and the controllers are smooth and soft in use. The bundled software is also top notch, so all in all I can't imagine any other interface in this price range will compete. It fits my ears and i really like the results I get...A+++

F. Carroll Santacruz

April 29, 2022


The volt is awesome, especially being able to use it with my iPad for production and podcasts love it!!!!


April 29, 2022

Love this thing for what it is

Can’t go wrong with two pristine channels of UA and on board 610 and compression sound

N. Barton

April 29, 2022

Best Interface for the Price

This is by far the best interface for the price. The built in 1176 makes the mixing process that much easier and gives you balanced audio for each take. Highly recommend.

M. Gellrich

April 29, 2022

Klare Kaufempfehlung !

Ich habe mir das Universal Audio Volt 276 vor kurzem gekauft, schon beim ersten in die Hand nehmen dieses Interfaces fällt einem die wirklich brillante Verarbeitungsqualität auf.
Die Regler laufen geschmeidig, nichts wackelt, alles fühlt sich wertig an.

Angeschlossen wird das Interface über USB-C, im Lieferumfang ist ebenfalls ein 5VDC auf USB-A Kabel enthalten, sollte via USB nicht genug Strom geliefert werden. Sehr Lobenswert. Auf Windows müssen dann noch Treiber installiert werden, und es kann losgehen.

Der eingebaute Kompressor mit seinen drei Modi ist wirklich nützlich, ebenso empfinde ich den Vintage Mode als äußert angenehm, auch wenn dieser nur marginale Auswirkung hat.

Ebenfalls positiv möchte ich noch die Input-LED Anzeige erwähnen, statt einer einfachen Peak-LED sieht man hier sehr schön die verschiedenen Lautstärke-Stufen.

Für aktuell knapp 300€ bietet dieses Interface eine brillante Qualität, klaren Sound, super Features und kostenlose DAWs.

Daher von mir eine klare Kaufempfehlung!

A. Brandao

April 29, 2022

Great but with more to improve!

My overall evaluation about my Volt 276 is that is great, practical, portable, affordable and with a great sound improved by the possibility of using the onboard simulations of the 1176 comp and the 610 pres!
That said I wish that it had the ability to be used/controlled trough console, that way I could also have some other UAD plugins running in my Satellite, and even more than that I think it is inconceivable that an audio interface that was released by the end of 2021 is so limited regarding it’s connectivity and use either to do lives or to connect trough Skype/Zoom etc for class purposes. Really something I think UAD could look hard into it and come up with some way for us to be using it like that!

C. Penna

April 29, 2022

Beats the Competition

I primarily used Focusrite audio interfaces from the scarlet up to the 18i20. And those have all had some minor compatibility issues from PC to hardware, hardware to software. But the Volt 276 had/has no issues. well built and its visual elements are extremely pleasing and the top down interface is excellent on the desk!

l. graham

March 6, 2022

go UAD or go home

all i can say is step up game up to Universal audio volt 276

P. Radivojevic

December 21, 2021

Classic UA sound in a budget interface. We have a winner.

I must admit, having Apollo X units for years I was expecting *pretty good* from VOLT 276 but boy I was wrong. This unit gives so much for it's price and then some.
The build quality is top notch. All metal case with wooden panels on the side makes the unit feel sturdy and durable. And I like the retro look.
The knobs/buttons are firm and can be dialed smoothly. And the sound is... Just great!
I still don't know how UA packed 610 pre's circuits AND 1176 compressor into such small footprint. I've tested it with Neumann U87Ai, TLM 102 and Rode NT1. On each mic VOLT gave pure clean sound. Very quiet on it's own. When "Vintage" mode is engaged you get that warm, rounded sound known for 610 pre + pleasant mids saturation. Compressor is fixed at 6:1 (I think) but it works very well with provided modes for vocals, guitar and "fast". Installation is pretty simple and straightforward. You are up and running in 5 mins.
I've bought it as an additional interface for quick Voiceover recordings, but now I see it can do much more.
Congrats to UA for developing VOLT series - we have a winner here!

101-111 of 111 Results

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