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Customer Reviews

Volt 276

Overall Rating

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R. Fukui

July 5, 2024

I'm looking forward to the future.

As soon as I started using "Volt," I realized it would bring new joy to my personal music production.
I'm looking forward to what's to come.

C. Germain

May 30, 2024

What a difference

Wow, so blown away. The difference from the Focusrite solo to this is unbelievable. Absolutely love my 276 and really enjoy working with Luna now as well. Great job!

J. Marreiros

May 5, 2024

Best áudio interface

The best áudio interface I’ve ever had. Way ahead of the competition, and I love the compressor.

D. Paulmin

May 3, 2024

Very good audio interface

At first I hesitated several audio interfaces until I came across this one by pure chance, the audio quality is incredible, excellent voice recordings due to the 76 compressor and vintage integration, just a shame that we sometimes hear noises that squeaks but nothing bad once well mixed, in any case I recommend without hesitation its Volt series, thank you UAD

T. Hudson

April 17, 2024


Very clean sound. Instantly recognizable difference from my other interfaces when I use the Volt 276. Vocals are also easy to record. Great tracking with the onboard 1176.

T. Perandres

March 19, 2024

Volt 2


A. Keating

March 11, 2024

Volt 2 76 compressor stage

Product as you would expect very good etc etc

the compressor: I am recording multi-track live strings.
I accidentally left the compressor option engaged.
By my estimation the circuit adds 5-8db of background noise, which is terminal for multitracking - it's exactly the type of noise one could confuse with driving a mic signal too hard on input; the difference between say, -56 to -48.
It took me an entire session- which was spent mucking about with input gains - to find it was the compressor at the last minute. The 'vintage' option seems ok. Noice.

A. Sharma

March 1, 2024

Super happy with my purchase

I have played enough with Volt 276 and It's valuable for beginners who wants quality sounds in their recordings. I like everything about this product and I would recommend it to everybody.

S. Richardson

February 29, 2024

Best around

Best interface under 400 on the market. Easy to travel with, easy to use and reliable studio quality audio. 10/10

J. Rubio

February 21, 2024



h. karam

February 17, 2024

The pre-amp are good

Good over all is just this vintage and compressor when you activated it it's made a big noise it took me 3 days to realize the problem was that

D. Jocham

February 9, 2024

Top Preis

Für diesen Preis erhält man einfach das beste zurzeit auf dem Markt Punkt.


January 22, 2024

i am happy with VOLT 276 so far

I am in South Korea and just started bedroom(?) recording.
I did buy this one for the classical outfit for the first time.
now i have got some more pros while i am using this audio interface.
especially headphone sound is very good through VOLT 276.
I will recommend this to my friends.

if you can make it, please update loopback for VOLT 276 in the future.


C. Coria

January 18, 2024


I love it, I think it's one of the most useful and professional gear for Home Studio music producers, the sound of this piece of gear is amazing everything is crystal clear with it and the comp sounds great! I'm still exploring it but it's very cool until now

J. Kortas

January 5, 2024

Good little interface

The preamps are clean and clear, and can get grindy with vintage mode and the compressor engaged when you push them. I’ve had the ASIO driver fail a few times, but simply reselecting it in my DAW fixed the issue each time. Headphone amp is very decent for the price point. Overall for the $250 I spent on this interface it exceeds expectations. This is a budget interface and runs off the USB C buss power, if you keep that in mind and don’t expect miracles from this box then you will be pleased.

L. Huertas

December 21, 2023

Gran interfaz

Soy músico e ingeniero de sonido, he grabado gran parte de mi álbum con esta interfaz, el cuerpo que le da el compresor es increíble para el precio que tiene, y la conversión A/D es de una calidad considerable, he utilizado procesadores externos y la conversión es fiel al sonido real, es una gran compra.

J. Crane

December 19, 2023

Poor quality all the way around

The audio control knob sounds of static when turning while audio is playing. Multiple reports of this online I've found. Also, the INST boost button for channel 2, on the front of the unit makes a humming sound when it's engaged. You really do get what you pay for.

R. Shepard

December 13, 2023

Superb audio quality match by easy of use

Superb audio quality match by easy of use. I was blown away by the quality of sound as compared to my previous, entry level unit from another company. The installation was amazingly fast and adding all the plugins could not have been easier. The compressor and preamp add such warmth to the recordings.

R. Hewer

December 13, 2023

Best interface I’ve used

This is my third interface, and it’s been the most pleasing to use. The guitar input has enough headroom for my hottest pickups, where another interface did not. It works great with an M1 Mac, samples at 32. No issues. No latency concerns when recording several guitar and vocal tracks. Sound from headphones is very pleasant, and it gets loud and fun with any of mine. I haven’t used the midi inputs. Two missing options that would make this a perfect home device are - separate phantom power per input; loop back function. Otherwise this is serving me well and I’m truly enjoying making music with it.

C. Lhomme

December 3, 2023


There 's always a twist to complicate things . Can't open it on ipad pro.

1-20 of 119 Results

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