Vertigo Sound VSM-3 Mix Satellite

Vertigo Sound VSM-3 Mix Satellite


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Customer Reviews

Vertigo Sound VSM-3 Mix Satellite

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E. Zambrano

December 11, 2015

Distortion control in acid

I jusst love this one , I can control the amount of distortion of a desired frequency range . Super !!!!

L. Claudio

December 11, 2015

Just WOW

Its simply amazing on what it does!! Highly recomended!!!

S. Tanner

December 11, 2015

Very usefull and so

I like the plug-in very on virtual Keyboards and so. It's great that you can regulate the various harmonic distortions.

J. Escalona

November 17, 2015

Hello Harmonics!

Pulls things out and lays it on your face for you to hear what the instrument/vocal/track/mix is all about. Makes things sound more pro... Harmonics is the lock and VSM-3 is the key.

J. Escalona

November 17, 2015

Hello Harmonics!

Pulls things out and lays it on your face for you to hear what the instrument/vocal/track/mix is all about. Makes things sound more pro... Harmonics is the lock and VSM-3 is the key.

D. Duarte

September 12, 2015

Amazing saturation plugin!

Works great on everything from vocals to drums. Not the most DSP efficient but is extremely useful.

c. morrison

September 11, 2015

Incredible plugin.

Best distortion plugin period. It's more than that but the other reviews go into detail. Makes everything sound better. I don't know what else to say. It's superb. Bravo Brainworx and UAD.

F. Brendle

August 6, 2015

Depth, Depth, Depth

This thing is totally amazing! Take the few presets as a starting point and tweak from there. The VSM really adds depth and hair (if desired) in a beautiful way. I don't know of any other plugin with this kind of quality and work. This one is really above them all. Great job from brainworx! I add this plugin along with the Ampex really to every project to extend the digital sound to a f**** awesome sound! (Just don't overdo it...)

P. Helsdon

July 23, 2015

If you like music you'll love this plugin. EOS! (End of Story)

Until recently I was a total 'clean sound' snob where distortion was relegated to electric guitars only. I have spent decades uncovering clipping, masking and unpleasant harmonics until I heard this guy and fell back into the grace of good days (70s) when records just had that phat, warm glorious sound. Speaking of Alan Parsons it is the interplay of harmonious frequency bands that please my ears and makes me listen to favorite recordings over and over again. - real instruments by real musicians..
This plugin does wonders to my mixes (mastering mostly).
The effect is very subtle and like few other plugins by UA I can't finish a track without this baby. It really is magic, like other reviewers have said.

Save up your $$ and GET THIS !

J. Rostrup

June 9, 2015

The plug you didn't know you needed.

Fullness, grit. space and depth.
Nothing else comes close with the same amount of detail and so many possibilities.

D. Harewood

June 9, 2015

The First Plugin I Truly Love!

More presence and more depth just by merely using a preset when I first demo'ed this plugin. It provides a sound and 3D soundscape that is warm and detailed; extremely please to my ear. I'm hearing what I know as a really good mix become amazing!

H. Lundqvist

June 5, 2015

Perhaps it was true..

I seem to remember someone stating that this was the best plugin in UAD-arsenal and i kind of thought "well, well...". I demoed it and didn`t intuitively quite get it. I then read some, demoed it again and as someone else said: "Booom!". There`s a lot of great plugins in the UAD-arsenal but this one is really, really something special. It`s the first digital saturation i`ve actually ended up using over an entire mix. Perhaps someone was right. Great work Brainworx.

C. Huber

May 31, 2015

great distortoion and saturatoin

love this plugin.. did demo it once, didnt do anything for me.. demoed it a 2nd time.. boom!!
try out the preset "2nd Wave Bass" and for some lowend madness

D. Davis

May 19, 2015

You don't know you need it until you hear it...

I cannot stress how much this has done for the sound I hear in my's all in there. I never used a plugin that, strictly by using this one plugin, has me wanting to go back and remix/master previous projects. This plugin is one of the best tools ITB that I have come across in a long while.

D. Hiett

May 18, 2015

sleeper for the skeptics

Don't sleep on this plugin. Its quite magical. For a mastering plugin you can unearth areas of your mix that you didn't know existed. I'm glad I demoed this before I pulled the trigger on other plugs I thought were necessary. Decapitator is now someone that I used to know

d. longo

April 20, 2015

Color for Days!

An amazing tone shaping and/or distortion plugin!

C. Mileski

April 13, 2015

A bit of a secret weapon, i think ;-)

I've used it to master 2 albums for two different clients & I think it is something I'll now reach for every time & see what it offers, removing it, of course if it simply doesn't actually improve the sound. So far, in VERY subtle settings, I think it gives a 2 buss track a little extra spatial width & depth which I tend to miss when I bypass it. It only marginally brings more of its presence to tracks than say an unprocessed 550A...the fingerprint is, of course, different, per my (above) descriptions of width & depth.

I am digging it!

A. Bamshad

April 10, 2015

Truly Fantastic

It literally has sounded amazing on anything i've thrown at it so far. It gives vocals that slight crisp edge you need. It makes synths thicker and fuller. it makes drums fatter and heavy. Worth every penny!

S. McNulty

April 7, 2015

Love it!

I was on the fence about buying this, at first. I am so glad I did, though. I use it all the time. Guitars, strings, horns, drums, subgroups... the list goes on. It is a special plugin.

C. Richard

April 2, 2015

For analog lovers

Get analog punchy groove to your poor digital drums, bass and vocals . HiFi your mix preset is just amazing.

81-100 of 109 Results