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Apollo Artist Sessions Vol. XIV: Fab Dupont w/ Monsieur Periné

Fab Dupont w/ Monsieur Periné

Conjuring Island Magic

In this Apollo Artist Session, watch producer/engineer Fab Dupont (Jennifer Lopez, David Crosby) deliver stunning results with Apollo X interfaces and Unison™ technology, capturing Latin America’s Monsieur Periné performing their multicultural, Grammy-nominated hit “Encanto Tropical” live and outdoors on the remote Caribbean island of Providencia, Colombia.

Title: “Encanto Tropical”
Produced and Mixed By: Fab Dupont
Audio Engineer: Daniel Sanint
Mastered By: Diego Calvino
Vocals: Catalina García
Quattro: Santiago Prieto
Guitar: Elkin Robinson
Bass: Adinda Meertins
Drums: Darwin Páez
Written By: Catalina García and José Quiñones

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