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LUNA Sessions: Moon Taxi “Mission”

LUNA Sessions: Moon Taxi “Mission”

Learn how Jacquire King uses UAD Plug‑Ins and API® Console Emulation in LUNA.

In this exclusive LUNA session, watch producer Jacquire King (Tom Waits, Cold War Kids) harness UAD plug-ins and API Console Emulation inside LUNA Recording System on the track, “Mission” from Moon Taxi. Get “inside the mix” and learn how King uses the Ampex® ATR‑102 and Studer® A800 Tape Extensions to fatten drum tracks, add weight to vocals, and more. Plus, King offers tips and tricks for quickly getting album‑ready sounds using API Console Emulation.

Watch How the Mix Was Made

13:00 Getting into the Mixing Mindset
18:15 Hear the Final Mix
20:19 How to Download the LUNA Session
24:48 How King Uses Tape Emulation
32:54 Thoughts on Sample Rates
39:39 Tips with API Console Emulation
51:20 How to Listen & Learn Your Gear
54:37 Drums: Tape Emulation On/Off
1:11:11 Vocals: How to Add Stereo Width
1:18:22 Spring Reverb on Bass?!
1:30:30 King’s Mix Bus Plug-In Chain
1:36:00 API 2500 Bus Comp On/Off
1:42:00 Using Pultec EQ for Final Polish
1:45:25 Pultec EQP-1A On/Off
1:50:10 How to Mix from the “Top Down”

Build Your Own Mix in LUNA

Are you an Apollo interface owner? You can download and explore this incredible session and more for free! See Jacquire’s signal chains, routing, and plug‑in choices, then tweak and build your own mix to see how it stacks up.

Simply download and open LUNA, then go to the discover tab to download the file and get started.

Download LUNA


“Mission” was originally written and composed by Michael James, Ryan Busbee, Spencer Thomson, Tom Putnam, Trevor Terndrup, and Wes Bailey. Production, engineering, and mixing by Jacquire King. Mastering by Emily Lazar.

Trevor Terndrup: Lead Vocals, Guitar, Claps
Spencer Thomson: Guitar, Programming, Claps
Wes Bailey: B3, Moog, Claps
Tom Putnam: Bass Guitar, Claps
Tyler Ritter: Drums, Congas, Claps
Amber Woodhouse: Background Vocals, Saxophone, Claps

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