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Customer Reviews

Ampeg B-15N Bass Amplifier

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B. Munyon

June 24, 2017

OMG, so good

Yes. Nice job on this one, UA. Especially like all the microphone positions with and without EQ and great microphones. Inspirational bass sounds going in with UNISON and/or in a mix.

P. Smith

June 23, 2017

Pre-amp for drums?

I love the sound of great music from the 60s and 70s so when I got the chance to get some of that tone, I took it. UA delivered again as expected, but what wasn't expected is what this amp does for your vocal chain when you have a vocalist with no lower register. Warm. Clean. Nice. How about on drums? Yep. Use it on kick with your D112 and see how excited you get.

m. ramos

June 15, 2017

Holy Sh*t!!

This is one of those plug-ins that immediately grabs you and says, "You need this". I was working on a project and using bass guitar samples. I just wasn't feeling it. I decided to demo the Ampeg and was blown away. I use it on real bass now!!

H. Andersen

June 5, 2017

So perfekt

Just Sound like til Real one. :-)

D. van Haarlem

June 1, 2017

Best Bass Amp in the Box!

I'm into that groovy 60s/70s bass sound. And this one has all the warmth, punch and balls of that era. Thank you UA; it's my to go to bass amp sim!

UAD User

May 29, 2017

Nice drive. Another great Ampeg Sim

Full disclosure: I've never used the real amp. I have, however, used the Ampeg SVT Pro quite often and I was impressed by the plug-in's accuracy. I wanted more drive for dirtier tones, so demo'ed this. I was impressed. I use it often. It's simple, but I've realized it can achieve so many tones. Experiment with the input jacks, bias, and especially the FX rack section with the cabinet and mic simulators and then you'll get a sense of its range. In the mix, it's got that depth I like in the SVT plugin that gives the bass a real amp feel.

N. palombo

May 21, 2017


Love it. For that portaflex kind of sound its the best I have found. Adds some air & space to my DI track.

B. Daniel

May 15, 2017

automatically sits in the mix

If you are going for that classic B-15 sound or just looking to nail in where the bass sits in the mix, this is the plug in for you. I also have used it as a pre-amp for live rehearsal settings and it sounds fantastic and super fat. The wide range of cap options and bias control make this plug in very flexible.

C. Perez Iserte

April 12, 2017


In electronic music I always use it in a duplicate track of the bass. it's fantastic

O. Lamas

March 13, 2017

Just what I neded

So, I just needed something to plug my bass and record without much finagling.
Bammmm! this is it. Choose from some great presets, adjust a bit of EQ and DONE. Boutique bass sound. Simple.

y. eidi

March 6, 2017

great bass amp

It has a brilliant sounds and interface.
Most useful bass amp simulator in the world.

D. Webb

February 16, 2017

Ampeg B-15N

The Ampeg B-15N was my first choice of the bass plugins. The modeling is Phenomenal! The only negative: The mic choices Will keep you busy for hours, ha! Change nothing! It's perfect! The fat sounds are truly fat, yet very clear and punchy. It's my "go to" bass plugin. The Apollo 8 interface and plugin libraries have elevated all my work to levels higher than I thought imaginable! UAD folks- Thank You for providing these wonderful products!

s. monette

February 14, 2017

No regrets

I have the vintage B15N and use it on all my bass recordings...this is the first amp simulator that i find great and will be used in my recording for sure! The plugin is punchy and warm. I have to admit that i acutally like it on guitar too. Very good plugin! No regrets with this one.

UAD User

February 14, 2017

Really Punchy !!!

I Love This Plug. Great Sound very Warmy and Punchy !..
Thanks to UAD

j. fox

February 13, 2017

Great Amp

Love it! It's great on any bass, but REALLY great when used in conjunction with the apollo unison DI.

UAD User

February 12, 2017

Best amp emulation

I really love this one. From vintage motown sounds to crazu distortion. Fantastic !

D. Field

February 11, 2017

Very good emulation

Very useful if bass was recorded poorly

J. Eklund

February 9, 2017

Simply great!

What a fantastic plugin! And not just clean tones, the saturation is where this baby shines...

UAD User

February 9, 2017

Ampeg B-15N

Great warmth bass amp!

N. Bazeley-White

February 7, 2017

Ampeg B15N

As a bass player and computer user I have tried many amp simulators over the years but have never really been happy with any of them. I've always felt that we bass players have been a little forgotten. There are quite a few reasonable guitar amp plug ins out there but the bass ones have tended to lack weight, presence and are just not that convincing. Not the UAD Ampeg B15 though! This really does have a solidity to it. Whether working with a DIed instrument or a sampled bass this plugin can give the bottom end of your mixes some growling depth. The only difficulty is keeping the sound clean as the amp starts to distort very easily. If you can resist the temptation of winding it up till it sounds like it's going to self-destruct you can get some truly wonderful results!

181-200 of 274 Results