Ampeg® SVT-VR Bass Amplifier

Ampeg® SVT-VR Bass Amplifier

Unison Enabled


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Customer Reviews

Ampeg SVT-VR Bass Amplifier

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S. Sinclair

December 9, 2016

One Stop Shop for Bass Tone!

I've tried a plethora of bass amp emulations out there, and THIS has been the tone that I've been searching for! It sounds great and it responds wonderfully.

J. Banfield

December 6, 2016

Love playing the bass again!

First off, I am not primary a bass player. I own a fretted and a fretless J-basses, mostly for fun and demo purposes. So I am not at all familiar with the world of bass amps. I wanted to pick up some sims to start practicing with. I couldn't afford the bundle and this was the one I'd heard raved about the most so I went for it. It is amazing! I was instantly getting the classic Rush tones that I love so much. This thing can growl or purr like a kitten. It is very flexible and sounds great. I can use it to practice all sorts of music and it works just fine. I am still getting the feel of it with other effects but I don't have a desire to pick up another amp any time soon. The sounds are classic and amazing, a great place to start. It has made me really enjoy playing the bass over the last few weeks and I might even start tracking with it.

G. Hout

December 4, 2016

My go to bass amp

Compared to the other two UAD Ampegs this is definitely my favourite. And far better than Amplitube bass sounds. Depending on musical taste and genre of course (for me this is mostly sixties / britpop stuff). For tracking I put a Fairchild and Pultec behind it. Sounds great! Haven't even tried the new Unison feature. Sounds great already!

J. Banfield

December 3, 2016

Awesome Classic Tones

I don't own a bass amp so this plug-in is a true blessing for me. I have used it on every recording for several months now. It can do everything from clean jazzy to dirty metal. Very classic tones. I play with a fretted and fretless J-bass. Both sound fantastic though this amp. It also doesn't use a ton of DSP so you can really stack up some good effects for jamming. Very pleased with this one... Just wish I could get a real SVT now!

W. Gall

December 2, 2016

Rock Solid

Amazing Bass tones with an awesome workflow. My new Go-To Bass processor. Love the fat punch tones.

M. Jones

December 1, 2016

Sweet bass tone.

Great classic rock sound in a click!

C. Hickin

November 8, 2016

Best bass plugin ever.

Why break your back lugging a massive bass cab into the studio when this sounds as good.

E. Kurttekin

October 30, 2016

Jaw-dropping !

I'm a seasoned bass player and I've always preferred recording DI... Until I demoed the SVT-VR just for fun!
Now I'm hooked. This one is so good... Going to buy this. I am DEFINITELY going to buy this.

UAD User

October 5, 2016

Never thought I could get bass sounds this good...

This plugin is amazing!!! Here is my signal chain:Mexi Jazz Bass, 1073 (unison), raw, svt, la2a, studer 800, and I am commuting everything. I barely have to do anything in the mix stage, and the sound is huge, fat, and smooth. People who have not tried this need to, and don't be afraid to commit! You will love it guaranteed!

M. Daley

September 23, 2016


Sounds so great! Can't believe it lol!

J. Ivarsson Björklund

September 15, 2016

The first..

... bass amp plugin I can play through without thinking of it as a plugin. It feels and sounds superb!

E. Sevmont

August 7, 2016

Gorgeous ampeg tone

This is my go to bass amp, I'm using it on my own album, it completely replaced all my other amp sim emulations. This and the SVT-3 really complement each other depending on your needs, one of the best UAD purchases I've done.

R. Aveillan

July 14, 2016

Great Amp easy to use sounds real!

This plugin does a great job, I tried also the Ampeg SVT-3 PRO Bass, and here is my opinion, if you are looking for a great multi use rock, hard rock amp pick the Ampeg SVT-VR which has a wonderful color and sound, if you are looking for an amp for big metal with a clean and powerful sound without a single breath, pick the SVT-3. It's spirit versus chirurgical :) But both will enhance your mix, I have replaced all my bass lines an reamp them with this plugin. I love it!

Y. Roth

June 22, 2016

Oh Mama !

By far, the best amp emulation I've ever heard, for both bass and guitar.
And also ridiculously easy to use.

First time I felt an urge to write a review.

Definitely a must-have.

P. Moshay

June 19, 2016

Brings DI Bass to life!

This is such an awesome plug in to bring a DI bass track to have life in it.
I like to add a bit of drive to it to give the bass tone some extra dimension. It also works killer on electric guitar too! I was amazed when we tracked a semi clean rhythm guitar part thru it.
It also weighs about 90lbs less than the Ampeg head.

r. roth

June 14, 2016

Great emulation

Love it! Helps to fit the bass right in the mix. Big an wide sound

B. Schimmel

June 8, 2016

cool tool

i just love this amp simulation.
perfect for "silent" bass recording.

J. Newton

May 31, 2016

The might be the most accurate amp sim to date.

I've used the real thing quite a bit and it's astounding how true-to-life this sim is.

There is simply no need to carry around the giant, heavy monster any more. Since I bought this plugin every bass player that's come in, amp in hand, has auditioned and chosen the plugin; even though their own amp was right there in the room ready to record.

It's stunning.

D. Belcher

May 17, 2016

Really Adds to the Bass in the Mix

Always dreaded recording bass players when they dragged in a huge bass cabinet/head into the studio. Maybe live it sounded great but not always in the studio. In addition many bass players tend to not "dig in" on the strings.
I purchased an Ampeg SVT 200 head and 2x10 cabinet for clients that produced a huge sound when recorded. I became a fan of Ampeg.
When I mixed I never found any bass amp models that worked. I demoed the UAD Ampeg software on a recent mix. I though I already had a good bass mix and then I started to add in the UAD plug. I quickly found a setting that lifted the bass in a way I could not with my usual tools. I had to have that sound so I purchased it and I am excited to have this in my toolkit.

B. Chiaravalle

May 15, 2016

Really great!

Honestly, I can't record bass without this plugin! It adds so much character to whatever bass I record with. Well done UAD!

81-100 of 125 Results