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Apollo x4

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w. Prost

October 5, 2020

Love the Apollo x4!

I’m very happy with this audio interface with great useful plugins!
It’s small, powerful and fits beautifully under my iMac Pro screen! With the same color.

P. Leisten

September 30, 2020


Great haptic and quality. If you own ultimate bundle already they give you others to pick from. Definitely worth the money.

J. Kujawka

September 29, 2020

UAD has done it again

What can I say...unit is just awesome. Recently switched from Twin X to get more I/O and all those years a have been using the Apollo line, never been disappointed. Great quality, really good preamps and plugins selection. It's hard not to like it ....cheers

L. Gonzalez

September 27, 2020

Its an amazing interface with nothing to envy to the biggest

It is an excellent interface, capable of anything, with nothing to envy to the biggest. Their preamps are of the highest level, and I love unison. The talback is a great addition. I am very happy with it and I recommend it to anyone

M. Kylliäinen

September 26, 2020


Heart of my homestudio.


September 26, 2020

Top Quality Product

Best portable Apollo choice starting your workflow!!!

J. Wyma

September 19, 2020

Upgrade from Apollo Twin Solo Silverface

I was getting frustrated with my Twin's lack of DSP. I often use the Fender Tweed 55 as a Unison insert and that was all my Twin could handle. I would have to waste time shutting off the Tweed just to tune between takes. I also began trying to record my band at rehearsal and only having two microphone inputs was too limiting for my needs.

The X4 solved a lot of these issues and more. Having 4 inputs - especially having 2 HiZ inputs - makes recording in a number of scenarios much easier. Having 2 headphone cues is also very nice. I have a UAD-2 Satellite so that combined with the X4 exceeds my current needs and gives me room to grow.

B. Coal

September 16, 2020

Its a good product, but the value is half there

This is my first time buying appolo but my second time buying Universal Audio products. My first purchase was the ox top box which I am in love with. I wish the appolo measured up. I know when I get the plugins I will like the product but its a bummer feeling to pay so much for an item and feel like you cant enjoy it till you've spent more money on the plugins that should have co.e with it. And by more money I mean, like another almost $3000 cdn. Sticker shock has set in and i feel i didnt get my moneys worth. When comparing the two products and what I got for my money I was dissipointed with the appolo. Not because it is not good equipment, but because it wasnt a complete package and was quite expensive to only get half the product or an incomplete experience. It should have come with the full package of plugins for the price I paid, or if they really can't justify including the plugins in that price they should have at least raised the price of the unit and included it in the box. I also did not like that the appolo did not have midi support. Also, a monthly subscription or financing options for the plugins would be at least a better idea so that they can be more accessable and budget friendly for the musician that just bought an already expensive item.

S. Sechi

September 12, 2020

love the new X8

Bought one after my old Apollo 8 got toasted by an electrical storm . Using the new X8 with a 5-year old Mac and a Thunderbot 2 cable-adaptor, and it is still way faster than the old A-8 and seems to have a lot more CPU-power too. Plus it sounds great. Highly recommended.

M. Borholm

September 8, 2020

Upping the ante

I’ve been using an Apollo twin duo quad core for a few years now and have not had a problem so it would stand to reason that when the x4 came out it would be the logical choice to upgrade to, I decided to do a full studio upgrade with a new MacBook Pro ,49inch curved screen, softube console and fader and an octo satellite all using thunderbolt 3 through a hub and I could not be more elated awesome sound easy to set up and use along with luna the future looks and sounds great.

G. Morales

September 7, 2020

Good Interface

Apollo X4 is pretty good. The A/D converter is excellent and can be hear in the sound quality. The Hi Z input is also really good. The pre-amps are also top notch with the mics I used. I haven't played with all the plugg-ins given with my purchase, but not fully impressed just yet, so I will keep my comments abt the pluggins for later. I would have given full 5 stars, but there are a couple of things I don't like. One is the heat in the unit. It gets scary hot, so I put a laptop cooler under it to keep it somewhat cooler. The other is the fact that my browser shows all the UA pluggins, when I only have about 20 that came with the purchase, which makes it hard to browse and use them.

D. Vogel

September 5, 2020

Finally there

A beautifully built and fantastically sounding music interface - I finally found my favorite music companion that I was looking for a long time. Especially love two high-z inputs and the two headphone outputs on the front panel are a game changer. Well done, Universal Audio.

m. nasseri

August 31, 2020

A paradigm shift.

Apollo provides an exponential increase in the capabilities I had with previous home studio setups.
Solid, well-engineered hardware with seamless software and firmware integration. Apollo, Unison and Luna provide the optimal digital workflow with analog emulation good enough to fool or appease the purists.

L. Dozier

August 30, 2020

Great audio interface

I love my x4 Apollo. To have for 4 mic/line inputs is great! I have 2 line inputs for my keyboard and 2 for my Sphere L22. Just enough inputs for my project size.

S. Edgell

August 25, 2020

A Sound Investment

Sounds wonderful, as do the plugins provided with it. I can even hear the difference (warmer and clearer) between this and my trusty Apogee interface. The first tracks recorded using Luna or Logic Pro sound great.

E. Williams

August 5, 2020

The portable UA interface I was dreaming of

I got the x6 and not long after UA released the x4 which is the thing I really wanted/needed to replace my Twin: fits in my backpack, has enough cores to support a real mix and 2 headphone outs (the biggest flaw of the Twin IMO). So I sold the x6 and got the x4, loosing a grand. Because the x6 and x4 markets overlap, I think UA should have been honest and announced the whole X series together to avoid loyal customers like me to waste money.

C. Martínez

August 3, 2020

Best Interface I've ever had

This interface has just completely changed the way me and my band now see the experience of recording. Unison preamps are beyond amazing. UAD has really done it: bridging the gap between the analog and digital world. Watch how it will all change from now on. UAD did it.

L. Kim

August 3, 2020

For musicians too, not just for recording techs...

I'm a musician, not a recording engineer, so I like things good and (cheap) and simple. After fiddling with the Apollo, I realized it's MUCH easier and quicker getting to a really good recorded sound, so I can focus on the music. To be fair, it IS more complicated to setup than the battery powered mixer/recorder I was using, but with a little bit of a learning curve, the payoff is studio quality sound from a portable setup.

Also recording an electric guitar direct was never really an option for me before...but the direct options on the Apollo are really indistinguishable from mic'ed amps. I still prefer to perform with a live amp in a room, but judging purely from the recorded sound I can dial in a sound that is EXACTLY like what I'm getting through a mic'ed amp - that's amazing.

C. Grace

July 31, 2020

Huge step up from the Twin MKII

I had been using the Apollo Twin MKII to record at home but it was always a bit of a struggle because of the limited number of inputs on the device. Switching between guitars wasn't necessarily an issue because I had an A/B box but if I wanted to record something from an XLR input, this would an issue as anything in the HiZ inputs override the XLR inputs so those need to be unplugged. Additionally, since there was only one headphone output, I had to use an external HP mixer which just cluttered things up so much more. And don't even get me started on the struggle with limited DSP that I would constantly run into.
Now with the x4 I have all of the ports that I need for a home setup. Gone is the AB box for the guitars on the HiZ inputs. All of my XLRs can go into inputs 3 & 4 and I never have to unplug anything. The two HP outputs are perfect for recording with my wife (and singer). I am also now able to load up all the plugins that I need for recording guitar and bass in one "scene" so I don't have to constantly swap between them while in the middle of writing music.
The x4 has been a dream come true for me at home and it checked off every box that I was struggling with before. Of course the sound quality is just as good as always with any UAD product, but it is the ease of use and simplicity if offers that makes this the perfect interface for home use over Twin series (At least for my needs).
If I were to find one complaint/gripe it would be that the HiZ and headphone inputs of the entire Apollo line is on the front of the unit as opposed to on the back. This does make it a little more of a challenge for me keeping my desk neat and tidy, but it is truly a small price to pay and I personally have found simple "work-arounds" to combat this. I use "L" connectors and the x4 sits above a small "runner" that I have between two monitor stands that the four cables are able to run through. The only "issue" here is I have to use a lower grade cable that is thinner overall and fit well next to one another. This is more of a personal aesthetic issue and should in no way be considered a issue with he performance of the product itself.

UAD User

July 30, 2020

A perfect choice for my needs.

Excellent quality interface with exceptional sound and, unlike many USB interfaces, no appreciable latency. I can use this in conjunction with my Apollo Twin mkii interface which gives me 8 processors to remove plugin loading from my computer's processing. Universal Audio interfaces and related plugins are expensive but are probably the best available. If you're on the fence buy this, or another Universal Audio interface. You won't be disappointed.

101-120 of 208 Results