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Apollo x4

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Apollo x4

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C. Pavese

December 2, 2020

Amazing as Always !

Just amazing as Always ! Thx Universal Audio !!!

B. Duro

November 30, 2020

My best audio interface ever

The best quality sound, pre’s, construction, design and options on the market.

J. Ott

November 24, 2020

Instantly Better Recordings

The Apollo X4 instantly improved my recordings. Universal Audio is a lot like Apple where it takes using all of their products (in their ecosystem) together to make you never want to go back to anything else. The 4 pres make it possible to track everything including our drummer. Easy to use. And working with Luna and this together is incredible. I saved up for a long time to get this and I am not disappointed.

V. Terrazas

November 16, 2020

2 Units Returned in 6 Months

Although Universal has industry acceptance, I've had to return this unit 2 times. The second time I had to pay for shipping. First unit had level meeter lights that did not turn on, and would get extremely hot. I returned it and got a new unit from the retailer. The second unit worked well for approximately 4 months, when suddenly out of no where noise started coming through the speakers plugged in to the unit, the meter lights turned on without anything plugged into the unit, and it also would get extremely hot. When I contacted my retailer, they referred me to Universal, which then asked me to send the unit. I had to pay for shipping. They sent me a new unit because "no one is available to fix the current unit due to covid". I've seriously lost faith in Universal. I feel like I am stuck with serious buyer's remorse. I hope this new unit lives up to its name. Otherwise that's over fifteen hundred dollars down the drain. We shall see.

M. Agren

November 16, 2020


Got the x16 and X4, LOVE it, the very best!!

J. Miller

November 14, 2020

The perfect home studio solution

Until recently (try not to laugh) I was using a MOTU 1296 firewire interface from 1999. It still worked fine and I thought it sounded ok, but decided to finally upgrade to the Apollo x4. What a HUGE difference in sound quality! I have a good pair of Dynaudio speakers, but with x4 I now feel like a have a new pair of speakers as well. Everything is a joy to listen to. Combine that with all the amazing plugins and wow, I can't believe I waited so long. This is going to take the quality of my music to the next level.

B. Peterson

November 10, 2020

Long time fan of UA (but this is a mixed review and meant for Windows Users mostly)

I Love Universal Audio and every other UA product I own gets 5 stars. As for my Apollo x4: from a hardware perspective, I give it 4 stars. That said, I was warned that Windows users will have trouble. As a Systems Engineer, I am probably more equipped to get things running in Windows 10 than most, and I have for the most part, But from a software perspective, I would give the Apollo x4 2 stars. It's very particular and you must configure everything a certain way and even then, it's inflexible. I really hope that UA hires an ace developer to fix it's software so I can once again say that Universal Audio has never let me down. I realize that most of you out there a Mac users and my little note here should be taken with a grain of salt.

M. Jarzebski

November 10, 2020

Pure Joy!

It's been about 3 weeks since I started using x4. It is a perfect tool for a rhythm/timing freak like me. The very first impression I had was the solid build it was. Next how easy the process of registration was. Later how easily I set the sound of my guitar. Everything was smooth and easy. Latency? Not my problem anymore. Plugins are insanely good. Worth every penny! Thank you, UA guys! You have brought my joy of recording back. Respect!

B. Mckenzie

November 6, 2020


Been waiting for a 4 in/out version of the Twin since the Mark 1 version. Stoked!!

M. Fogarty

November 5, 2020


Best on the market

f. leprettre

November 4, 2020

bonne carte

super matériel content du son de cette carte bonne journée

C. McDermott

November 1, 2020

A really beautiful, functional piece of hardware

I just a few weeks in to using the ApolloX4. The hardware it self is compact, functional and easy to learn. The clarity and fullness of the audio it delivers is a noticeable step up from my prior interface. I'm completely satisfied.

D. Pintado

November 1, 2020

Great piece of equipment!

Awesome piece of equipment. Having 4 xlr inputs with high quality pre-amps makes all the difference for an exceptional recording. On top of high quality recordings the mobility of the unit helps an artist/producer take the studio wherever it is needed. From one artist to another, I highly recommend.

c. soyugazi

October 27, 2020

Top quality interface.

Best interface ı have ever had. Not cheap but it worth the price.

R. Carsten

October 22, 2020

Blown away once again by UA

I felt it was time for an upgrade, Ive had my Twin MKII for close to 4 years and really wanted to move up to an X series box. For various reasons I chose the X4. I sold my Twin to a friend I turned on to UA, he in turn sold his Arrow to my keyboard player.The reregistering of my unit to my friend was flawlessly simple. I really love the X4 already and have hooked up my OX thru the Spidif line and the Ox sounds amazing!
My next plan is to purchase an Apollo 8p as well as one of the accelerators so I don't have worry about DSP.
Thanks again UA for the highest quality recording gear out there!!!

I. Qasemi

October 12, 2020

The Rolls Royce of Audio products and Interfaces

This product is unbelievably efficient and the sound quality which comes from this Apollo X4 is beautiful. You get a nice clean warm sound as is before you even hook up any plugins or preamps of your own for warmth. I will be adding the Apollo X8 to my rack as well and use both the X4 and X8. Overall I love this product.

J. Roesli

October 7, 2020

Awesome addition/upgrade to my studio

Started with the Arrow a few years back and out grew it. Looked for best option to upgrade and the Apollo x4 is perfect. Looks, records, sounds, and performs at a professional level making ITB recording and mixing a reality. On top of that the integration with the ever improving LUNA gives you unlimited flexibility.

w. Prost

October 5, 2020

Love the Apollo x4!

I’m very happy with this audio interface with great useful plugins!
It’s small, powerful and fits beautifully under my iMac Pro screen! With the same color.

P. Leisten

September 30, 2020


Great haptic and quality. If you own ultimate bundle already they give you others to pick from. Definitely worth the money.

J. Kujawka

September 29, 2020

UAD has done it again

What can I say...unit is just awesome. Recently switched from Twin X to get more I/O and all those years a have been using the Apollo line, never been disappointed. Great quality, really good preamps and plugins selection. It's hard not to like it ....cheers

81-100 of 205 Results