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Customer Reviews

Apollo x4

Overall Rating

61-80 of 261 Results

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A. deleris

May 23, 2022

la mejor interfaz de escritorio....!!!

La maravillosa interfaz Apollo x4 con su cuatro preamplificadores de micrófono habilitados para Unison me brinda amplias posibilidades a mis producciones . Es como tener un estudio analógico en mi escritorio ...!!!

m. bertin

April 28, 2022

small but hi quality still

I work like a duo in a cruise ship company and this is the best solution of all my problems Exellent Quality Lite (i always fly) simply the best and the support? Amazing they resolve all your problems very quick i am very happy

J. Berdkan

April 6, 2022

A powerhouse recording interface in a 6"x9" package!

An easy to use and understand interface, with every feature you could want or need, coupled with world-class sound quality - all in something the size of a typical paperback! I couldn't be happier with recording gear purchase!

A. Sherstnev

March 3, 2022

The perfect solution for a compact studio

I recently bought an Apollo x4 and am completely satisfied with it, the supplied plugins like LN1176 and La2A are much better than their wave counterparts. This card is the best solution that fits most studios with a margin. My m40x headphones with this card sound much louder than in budget cards and even louder than in special hi-fi amplifiers. The volume margin is very good.
I recommend!

D. Spoiala

March 1, 2022

Quality preamps, quality hardware, but not including a thunderbolt cable in the box is stupid!

Quality preamps, quality hardware and ecosystem, BUT, there are a few things that break the experience completely. How can it be that a 2000€ audio interface does not have a thunderbolt cable included. Come on guys! At least write on the website or the images of your dealers that it does not come with a thunderbolt cable. I just cannot give a better rating, this little detail is really inconvenient and stupid!

D. Wieland

February 19, 2022

High Quality, Intuitive and Portable

I purchased the Apollo to enable me to have a portable, recording and editing rig. As a ProTools HDX user in my studio, I am extremely impressed with the advancements to achieve near zero latency via the UA console, and the overall sound quality, functionality and usability of the Apollo.

M. Tremblay

February 18, 2022

Awesome soundcard!

You can’t go wrong with this baby!
Sound is awesome! It fits in your backpack.
Nicely made. Really happy with my purchase. Good job UA!

S. Barrie

January 24, 2022


I could not be happier with the purchase of my 4x...everything I was looking for!

J. Rowland

January 8, 2022

Apollo x4

Excellent sound and reliability. A major step up from my previous interface. I'm a UA fan now.

S. Verstraete

January 7, 2022

Love at SECOND sight.

After using Twin's and X8's from friends I was really exited to get my own Apollo. I did not hear a single bad word from other users, nor did I encounter problems when using units from others. But... day one with my own Apollo and things turned. After days of trying stuff and contacting support we concluded my unit had to go back for service... Big bummer! UA support was great though and a week later I received a new replacement unit from my dealer. I guess I was the unlucky one to receive a faulty unit out of the box?? With the new unit it's smooth sailing!!


January 6, 2022

tottal noice

I buy a Apollo X4 heritage edition....but after 2 months.......still working in full of noice......i want to replace my product.....

J. Moin

December 18, 2021

Fantastic Interface!

I absolutely love the X4 just a few minor things which UA should consider. X4 is in a funny place, it's much more capable than a twin but not quite a rack. So despite having several I/Os you dont get the same routing functionality as on the racks. 4 DSPs is much better than 2 but you can quickly tax them, esp with reverb and channel strip plugins. Last one which bugs me the most. You are not able to independently (unison slot from inserts) to monitor or record. In other words, I want to record the preamp (in unison) but I only want to monitor through the insert FXs. The option is for the whole insert including the unison slot. This is not the case with the racks. Maybe this can be resolved with future updates. Overall, very happy with my X4 and purchase.

M. Whitwell

December 13, 2021

Still no support for macOS 12 Monterey

The Apollo X4 is amazing when it works. Universal Audio needs to hurry up and qualify Monterey. M1 Pros have been out for nearly 2 months now.

B. Kane

December 6, 2021

Great Upgrade from Apollo Twin Solo

I got the x4 as an upgrade for a Twin MkII Solo. The problem with the Twin was too little DSP power and I wanted a couple of additional inputs for convenient reamping. I also have a satellite but those processors are not available for use with the Console app so I could barely load two Unison preamp plugins before exceeding DSP capability. The x4 has four processors so I can now load an adequate number of plugins.

I didn’t use the Console app much with the Twin Solo because of the limited DSP. It took me some time to get up to speed with the it but, fortunately, there are a lot of instructions on the Internet as to how to use it.

One of the things I like about the Apollo is that it can be used as a hybrid system. That is, in the DAW, it allows UA plugins to be used simultaneously with native plugins. Another is the quality of the ADC/DAC’s (very clean). UA plugins are very good, although a bit pricey; however, they don’t have an annual update fee (at least for now). Also, in Console you have the option to monitor or print plugin effects. If you decide not to print them to the track, you have the option to copy the plugin settings to the same plugin inserted in the DAW-very flexible.

D. Deurell

November 24, 2021

Analog studio that fits in your backpack!

I love my x4, its versatility and the UAD plugins! I have a whole studio with cues, "analog outboard" to colour my sound on the way "to tape", excellent converters and endless possibilities, in a very small machine. To have 4 pre amps with the unison technology makes it wery handy, and with 8 more inputs via ADAT you kan record drums no problem. I can write good stuff about it all day, the onley con is that the buttons could feel a bit more rigid im my oppinion, but its a minor thing, just go buy it if you think about it!

R. Haas

November 18, 2021

UA Apollo in a class of it’s own

Recent Apollo X4 purchase provides 4 killer pres, 2 headphones, 2 direct ins, 4 processors and acts as a desktop controller for my UA system. A perfect and portable unit for when you record with others. UA has always provided top notch support for all my hardware and software purchases.

B. Noss

November 16, 2021


I tried to reach out several times and nothing, long waiting call, if you add the option to call you back, you might receive the call then after answer less than a second they hang out the call :(

M. Medrano Brindis

November 13, 2021

X4 the best solution for home studios!.

it's easy to lay down ideas trough any interface but from there to professionals engineers loving the quality of my audio tracks. WOW. The X4 is killer!

J. Bexelius

November 12, 2021

Beautiful sound

I’ve been recording through the unison preamps for a couple of weeks now and I have to say that it sounds amazing. I still have my outboard preamps but I don’t feel the need for them most of the time now. The only downside is that when mixing in the box with many channels, I run out of processing power a bit too quickly, so I already feel that I will need to add a satellite or one of the rack mounted interfaces to the setup.

M. Bilderbach

November 8, 2021

Exactly what I was looking for!

Being able to have keys, acoustic, and vocal in all at the same time has been a definite game changer. Loving being able to run unison with 4 Inputs!

61-80 of 261 Results