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Apollo x4

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B. Noss

November 16, 2021


I tried to reach out several times and nothing, long waiting call, if you add the option to call you back, you might receive the call then after answer less than a second they hang out the call :(

M. Medrano Brindis

November 13, 2021

X4 the best solution for home studios!.

it's easy to lay down ideas trough any interface but from there to professionals engineers loving the quality of my audio tracks. WOW. The X4 is killer!

J. Bexelius

November 12, 2021

Beautiful sound

I’ve been recording through the unison preamps for a couple of weeks now and I have to say that it sounds amazing. I still have my outboard preamps but I don’t feel the need for them most of the time now. The only downside is that when mixing in the box with many channels, I run out of processing power a bit too quickly, so I already feel that I will need to add a satellite or one of the rack mounted interfaces to the setup.

M. Bilderbach

November 8, 2021

Exactly what I was looking for!

Being able to have keys, acoustic, and vocal in all at the same time has been a definite game changer. Loving being able to run unison with 4 Inputs!

J. Lindberg

November 5, 2021

Powerful and practic

The X4 is perfect to have on the home micing table. Easy to setup and disconnect for transportation in my guitar kit box.
The easy selection between channels and between headpones for adjusting levels and settings is very appreached.

A. Ivlev

October 14, 2021

Apollo x4

I needed 4 preamps with UNISON features, ADAT expansion and dual headphone out for my tasks.
Apollo x4 gives me everything I need. I am very happy with the purchase.
But I have registered Apollo X4 during Desktop Platinum Vocal Promo and I am already the owner of all plugins from heritage list and alternative lists. Can I get different plug-in titles instead?

R. Farkas

October 11, 2021

Absolutely love my X4!

No interface is perfect IMO, but thanks amazing Unison preamps, UAD plugin accessibility, ADAT expandability, and really functional TB and monitor control, this little unit punches way above its price tag. Great centrepiece to any studio.

I. Lopez Blanco

September 29, 2021

Well Builded, Nice preamps and converters, easy to use

I love the Apollo 4X, with the quad core I can use enough plugins for my recording needs (With Apollo 8 duo was not enough). I have to say that sometimes my computer doesn't recognize the Apollo and I have to restart it several times (strange). And I would love a bit more flexibility choosing the heritage plugins, I owned quite some f the package and didn't get good options from the other plugins

M. Pearce

September 23, 2021

Everything you will ever need

Upgraded from an Apollo x duo. The quad core processing, 4 preamps, ADAT expansion and dual headphone out gives me everything I need. I'm only limited now by my own creativity :-)

B. Howard

August 30, 2021

Insanely Awesome!

I'm very happy with my purchase. You do get quite a bit of DSP which is nice, maybe more could be just a bit better but honestly this was well worth it.

R. Krapels

August 24, 2021


Where to begin,.......
I recently purchase a Universal Audio Apollo x4 QUAD Thunderbolt 3 Audio Interface (Refurbished/New) on Reverb.com directly from Universal Audio.

I received the unit a few weeks ago (I am based in Bangkok, Thailand) and I immediately noticed the box and "picture frame" inside the box as well as the box containing the adapter looked very used, pretty beat up is more accurate, I would say. And then along the away I also discovered a tiny chip on the jogwheel and some scuffing,on the right side of the unit. Then after hooking it up and downloading the software I noticed my unit was paired with an Apollo Twin MK II according to the hardware configuration in Luna/Console, I can delete the Twin, but it comes back every time I restart the software (I don't own an Apollo Twin). In any case it became pretty clear to me that this was in fact a year old (if not older) 2nd hand unit that was repaired or something then dumped back into its old beat up box and passed of as Refurbished/NEW/B-Stock on the Reverb website. All the images of the item in the listing were stock photos of a new Apollo X4, unit even though Reverb requires sellers to post photos of the actual unit and highlight any damage that the item may have, so that potential buyers are aware of the condition the item is in. I basically paid $ 1,599.00 for a device that could in fact be almost 2 years old, it's just too much money for something that old.

So then I complained on Reverb and opened a ticket directly on the Reverb website and theres was a bit of back and forth for about a week and then all communication stopped UAD stopped, possibly because they didn't like what I had to say. Also Reverb decided they couldn't support my claim either because I had bought the item in the US and then forwarded it to Bangkok, Thailand.

I am not sure what else to do here, I am simply asking for a partial refund, which could be money, credit, plugins or whatever because I am not planning to send the device back to California and incur the additional shipping charges (back and forth) and more duties and taxes etc. just to get another 2nd hand unit that may look slightly better. Quite frankly I am wondering why the world's leader in Thunderbolt audio interfaces, analog recording hardware, and UAD audio plug-ins would want or need to sell used old devices for premium prices in such a misleading way on Reverb, it just doesn't suit a company of this stature, I am appalled and disappointed but the way this has been handled by UAD so far and I sincerely hope they will reach out to me a.s.a.p. and make this right.

J. monlleo

August 21, 2021

A safe bet!

i had the apollo mark 2 and i had to sell it due to financial problems, i recovered a year later and i bought the apollo x4, a great advance, a pristine sound, better conversion and 4 preamps with unison, a safe bet!

F. fournot

July 26, 2021


As I said previously,I'm actually working with fabulous musicians for musics and songs which will appear all along an international music road movie film. Before recording and mastering in Paris and/or London studios, I wanted to have at disposal a perfect machine which enable us to prepare our works and put it at best level. I've found it with apollo x4.
BUT NOW, WHEN ONE OF THE Pink Floyd musicians, after listening, write that this song is "Rich in emotion, well played and have very good sound" , then I'm certain it was definitly a very good choice. (Certified)

J. Aguilar

July 24, 2021

15 día de conocer mi Apollo x4

Me sorprendió muchísimo la tecnología Unison, trabajar a 0 latencia es una sensación super agradable. Los procesos tiene una respuesta clara y cálida en el sonido. Atienden a detalles que mejoran el flujo de trabajo, el fácil acceso a funciones como: cambio de par de monitores, a cambio la señal de audífonos, el micrófono agregado para hablar en cabina, crean el ambiente ideal para producción muy agradable. Me gustó mucho la posibilidad de procesar la señal desde el momento de su captura, esto ahorra muchos recursos de la computadora y tiempo. Lastimosamente que cuando uno queda enamorado de Unison. Ahora tengo la sensación de querer más capacidad para procesar plugiin de UA. Estoy muy satisfecho con mi compra y 100% recomendado. Saludos desde Guatemala.

B. Conrad

July 5, 2021

Kind of underwhelming

I’m upset that Universal Audio hasn’t made its software and hardware completely compatible with apples Big Sur and m 1. I recently upgraded thinking I wouldn’t have any issues coming from my Apollo twin to the Apollo x4. I did the latest update after not being able to hear sound through the interface on my system sounds outside my daw and now can’t get any of the software to recognize the drives.

F. fournot

June 25, 2021

Try a little tenderness...

I'm actually working with fabulous musicians for musics and songs which will appear all along an international music road movie film. Before recording and mastering in Paris or London studios, I wanted to have at disposal a perfect machine which enable us to prepare our works and put it at best level. I've found it with apollo x4. Owner of an old good Raindirk 32, , and listening on Tannoy classic monitor, Arrow is wide enough for us and in accordance with the machines witch are now in all world studios. As I said, I've found it. Thanks UAD

A. Addario

June 9, 2021

X4 - The Perfect Portable Powerhouse!

Purchased for portable recording, specifically for a smaller desktop version of my Apollo 8. After some finagalling with the TB3-2 connector, got it hooked up properly to the existing 8 and 8p.
Very happy with the purchase!

F. Gálvez

June 5, 2021

UA-Apollo x4

The best decision I've made in a long time. Without a doubt the best of its kind!

E. Medynsky

May 21, 2021

UA-Apollo x4

I doubted this purchase for a long time, but still I decided to buy it. And you know what I'll tell you. This is the best interface I've ever seen. Do not hesitate for a second in buying this device.
The world's best sound quality, beauty of design and ease of operation are all apollo x4.
Perhaps I found my best interface!

U. Shree

May 13, 2021

Very Good SoundCard/ LOVE THIS

Very nice controls, good buildup, Amazing plugins , Pre Amps are powerfull & sound transformation ratio is really good.

21-40 of 205 Results