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Customer Reviews

Apollo x6

Overall Rating

181-200 of 359 Results

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d. herzog

May 14, 2020

Apollo x6

Superb clarity and depth. Highly recommended

O. Garcia

May 12, 2020


Anything that requires 10 minutes of troubleshooting when you plug in a mic is problematic. Really kills the vibe when you have an idea and the UA engine decides to crap out. Lots of features but with software this buggy its difficult to recommend.


May 10, 2020

Mach 5 in x6?

A new advance in sound technology that takes us to Mach 5 or 6 the level is high enough with Apollo x6.
I questioned everything in my design and perception of Thunderbolt sound.
The design is very refined with a solid quality manufacture.
A personal suggestion that I will add to conclude.
"There is a lack of a program dedicated to teaching music teachers and students because plugins are really expensive".
Congratulations to all the Universal Audio teams who participated in the design, the realization up to its manufacture.
You've all done a good job.

C. Park

May 8, 2020

Not long ago, I came from RME to Apollo.

I was satisfied with RME, but I wanted to use the uad plug-in, so I came to Apollo. My impression from Apollo DA was American sound! I didn't get used to it at first, but after a day or two, the sound sounded really nice. It doesn't sound as honest and neat as RME. The UAD plug-in was so great that I think I bought it well. But... it's too expensive.

L. Pidre

May 7, 2020


The difference starts on iTunes just playing a song. From there, everything in the sound is incredible.

m. irfan

April 27, 2020

X6 beast !!

A whole new level

R. Jussiaume

April 24, 2020

Uad apollo x6 !!!

Le son est hyper défini. La console virtuelle facile à comprendre. Le choix des plugins énorme même si pas donné... mais c’est de la qualité !

g. luzius

April 24, 2020

Really great tool for massive recording sessions

I really like the X6 already after only a few weeks of using it and getting used to it. It is intuitive enough to start right away and do the first few recordings with it. I am looking forward to every new recording session because it is so much fun and you can do such versatile recordings with it. Of course, there's always a lot more to learn. Moreover, it is fun to use it in order to enhance streamed music or CD. Only drawback in my opinion: there could be more plug-ins included, such as the Manley included for a period of time when buying an X4.

A. Nguyen

April 19, 2020

Upgrade from Apollo 8

Cleaner, faster and more sharc cores. Wonderful to work with, clean and powerful. Be sure to buy some satellites, plugins still take up lots of DSP.

M. Kaloshyn

April 16, 2020

My best choice!

Apollo X6 it was a win-win choice for me!

J. Andrade

April 13, 2020

best investment I've made

used to own a twin but the apollo 6 is something else!!!!!! best interface in the industry

a. moreno

April 4, 2020


My new Apollo X6 is AWSOME! I Always wanted an Apollo because I want the best quality of recording for my Vocals. so I decided to play with the big boys and got it. if your thinking about getting one Just do it! you will not regret it. I'm so happy. :)

G. Amodei

March 12, 2020

Finally Found my Interface

I’ve been Recording/ Mixing for 8 years now and have gone through lots of many other Audio Interfaces but never tried UNIVERSAL AUDIO’s Apollo’s... well I found that sound that I’ve been looking for finally. I mainly use my Apollo X6 & the Twin MK2 as a (Slave). There is a slight difference in tone with both, the X series are just that much more transparent and very clean AD/ DA. THEN I TRY OUT THE “ Unison” UAD Mic Pre’s... OMG! Wow! Just amazing! The only they I would say is that it was I little bit of a learning curve but once understood it’s worth every penny☺️

S. Rawlins

March 9, 2020

Awesome Product

Upgraded from an Apogee Duet to the X6 and am loving it. Can't wait for LUNA!

G. Chase

March 5, 2020

Good 5.1 box

Was a little tricky setting up for surround but tech support helped. Convertors are ok but nothing like the Grace 901.

J. McDermott

March 3, 2020

Big upgrade from my Silverface Quad

Been listening to my Silverface Apollo Quad all morning waiting for the Fedex truck. Plugged in the X6 and listened to the same tracks - wow! Converters are MUCH improved. Clarity significantly improved, more bass slam, soundstage improved, better separation, just way more open sounding. Was resisting because the Silverface is still no slouch in the sound quality department, but this is way nicer sounding. Great job Universal Audio!

c. Park

February 23, 2020

a beautiful scene of sound

I pay tribute to UAD company. Thank you for honing the new world with the best existing sound and machine.

f. germanidis

February 18, 2020

King Apollo

Super quality

B. Kyu

February 16, 2020

Apollo x6 Product review

The Apollo x6 is easy to use.
Of course, the Windows system before connecting is a bit inconvenient, but once connected, it's a really good audio interface.
One of the best things is that you can use various reproduction products.

B. Kyu

February 16, 2020

Apollo x6 is good

The "Apollo x6" product is extremely spectacular.
Sound and response are also precise.
One thing that is unfortunate is that it is somewhat difficult to recognize on Windows.
But it's okay
thank you !!

181-200 of 359 Results