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Chandler Limited® Zener Limiter®


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Chandler Limited Zener Limiter

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F. Sparagna

January 20, 2021

Not entirely compatible with Console 1

Originally exclusive for UA and compatible with Console 1, but with the filter to comp section unable to work. Buy it if you will use it without Console 1. Plugins needs to be updated.

b. zucchetti

January 9, 2021

Top One ! as the original hardware and everything of UAudio !

Top One and Legendary.... Must to have !
A great big portable studio in my Mac !
By the time and waiting the right promotion i will buy everything of UAudio!

J. Neves

December 2, 2020


This is an amazing plugin....words fail to describe how cool it is.

J. Moore

November 12, 2020


This thing can slam and be subtle, I absolutely love it.

R. Somerville

November 1, 2020

Chandler Limite Zener Limiter

Choice plugin with extra features from the hardware.Absolutely smashing on the drum buss.Highly recommended. Somerville & Wilson

R. Pallone

October 26, 2020

One size does not fit all

I purchased this plug-in after watching the UA video about it. It took me a little while to get comfortable using it but now I love it. It's nice to have a few "GO-TO" limiters and compressors to use on your drum mix. I have discovered that one size does not fit all in that use. Some limiters work better with different drum kits and now I feel I have all these bases covered.

C. Azarcon

October 22, 2020

Great plugin!

Just like having the real thing! Sounds awesome!

N. Pinto

July 17, 2020

You can't go wrong with this...

Love it!

M. Williams

July 7, 2020

Zener Confidence and Purpose

Using the Zener Limiter Plugin allows you to musically command and control a lot of dynamic situations with real artistic purpose with great ease and speed, knowing that the sound instills a sense of confidence and quality as you aim towards the final result. Given the recent honour of mixing an album tracked by the great Jim Scott it was such a pleasure to drive the drum room mics through the Zener to hone in on the ambient vibe of the overall kit during the context of the whole mix.

R. Gérard

June 9, 2020

What I had been looking for:)

I wanted a limiter to glue my mixes and the the Zener does it with character! I love its color. The comp modes are also great on guitar busses.

M. Eriksson

May 26, 2020


True power,wont regret!

G. Prestopino

May 24, 2020

Subtle and transparent

Using this on my master bus now and I love it. The mid-side function really opens up the image, making the mix glisten.

W. Pruksavanich

May 12, 2020

It's great!

Although I only try it a couple of times, I like it very much. I believe it will be staying in many of my buss tracks.

UAD User

April 27, 2020

Fantastic and over the top

Sounds great but not for everything


April 21, 2020

One of a kind

It really has it's sound... It's not the piece you through on anything and everywhere. But wow... it sound so good when you want it!
One of a kind that I think is worth the money.

L. Hester

April 19, 2020

Parallel Beauty

This thing sings!!! Parallel anything with it. Obviously it rocks on drums but it enhances ANYTHING you run through it.. good grief what a sonic beast!!

C. Mays

February 17, 2020

Zenner Limiter

I am a big fan of the hardware. This emulation is excellent. I love it on most all analog sources recorded tracks... vocals the most, acoustic Instruments, Percussion etc. I know alot of people love it on a mixbuss or bkv buss etc. I'm sort of set in my ways there and love the SSL GBuss there. I happen to love UAD SSL emulation as well. Its outstanding.

T. Haahr

January 16, 2020

Unbelievable good on drums!!

I demoed this beast out on a few mixes and what it did to my drum bus was unbelievable - the THD sounds great and will fatten up even the wimpiest sounding drums. Also sounds great on bass tracks, leveling out/controlling the signal/focusing the sound and adding a great tone. Actually I'm really really surprised just HOW great this plugin sounds. It is that kind of plugin that you just can't live without once you've tried it. Seriously!! This is absolutely one of my best buys this year - highly recommended! It's a true five star plugin! ★★★★★

H. Mendez

January 12, 2020

Great sounding limiter

Using the lomiter for almost everything, from drums guitars master you name it, it just works awsome

C. Manchester

January 7, 2020

Beatles Drums. Yes please.

I wanted a compressor to replace my old 32 bit compressor by Abbey Road for that over compressed drum sound. Well step on stage Zener. I produce a lot of retro-sounding music and this is killer for that type of music.

1-20 of 112 Results

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