dbx® 160 Compressor / Limiter

dbx® 160 Compressor / Limiter

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Customer Reviews

dbx® 160 Compressor / Limiter

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T. Anton

July 15, 2013

Love it!

Never worked with the hardware but this thing sounds amazing...u just have to try it for urself. Like all the UAD emulations, this compressor adds flavours and reacts amazing.

A. Ryabchenkov

July 13, 2013


Great compressor! Luv it on various sources from srums to vocals

M. De

June 27, 2013


Don't know the original that well. However the unit works extremely welll on bassguitar and double bass to keep the low end steady in the mix, without sounding to artificial or loose credibility.

P. Giacalone

June 26, 2013

My go to Vocal comp

My old college studio (20 years ago) had one of these so I had a lot of time with one. I love this comp. The UAD plug is my go to vocal comp. Wonderful warmth with great midrange clarity.

D. D

June 24, 2013

bdx 160

nice drum sound!
i used snare,kick,top

and guitar compression!

S. Jachelli

June 20, 2013

Great Sound

I have used on all my mix, sound exelente.
I love it...

L. Schlegel

June 19, 2013


Sounds just like my hardware units! Couldn't ask for any better!

T. Barthels

June 18, 2013

Well punchy

Excellent for drum tracks, groups or as an effective tool!

N. Kressmann

June 18, 2013


Snappier on drums, some times too much, but I liked it enough on some pieces.
Some times too jumpy though, got too to be wise.

P. Favati

June 18, 2013

dbx® 160 Compressor / Limiter Plug-In

surprising as the original, great, designe excellent, stable, precise, the best product on the market, as always Uad Top!

T. Spielmacher

June 15, 2013

My new (yet old) Fav!!!!

The demo lasted 30 seconds and it was an immediate purchase. I love this... Warm, Punchy, Vintage. Thank you UA for making life so fun!

R. O'brien

June 9, 2013

DBX 160 Rocks

I always loved the sound of these on electric instruments, especially bass amps or guitars and once gin the UA plugin captured the original to a T.


T. Cerniglia

April 21, 2013

dbx 160 - that's what I was missing

First day I downloaded the compressor I put it on the kick and bass guitar. I found a preset for each as a starting point and dialed them in to taste. That was it, that was what I was missing from my mixes. Things never seemed quite right before. I'd get close but something was always missing. It put the biggest smile on my face! What more can I say, great job UA.

M. Lord

April 2, 2013

dbx 160VU review

Great Plug-in, really close to the actual unit. FAR too expensive tho, as are almost all the UAD plug-ins.

A. Krylkov

March 5, 2013

Best compressor for snare

This is the best software compressor what i have used for snare and kick.

S. Hlavsa

March 4, 2013

dbx 160 Compressor

Amazing plug-in, smooth and transparent sound.
Thanks UA.

H. Khoury

February 14, 2013

A must!

The dbx® 160 became my comp. to go for drums....it is present in all my mixes since I've got it.
It also sounds amazing for parallel compression!
If you haven`t tryed yet, you should!

C. Soezen

December 28, 2012

dbx 160

for me it's just doin' one trick! but very well!
still a bit harsh though...

J. Mendoza

December 22, 2012

Nice, simple, effective

I used the original hardware version. This compressor is a good go to sculpt bass an kicks. Must say, can't tell the difference from hardware....

A. Fragkos

December 20, 2012

dbx 160 Compressor

this is from the best plugins ive used.excellent plugin.period!

181-200 of 234 Results