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elysia• alpha compressor

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C. Mastering Casa Rara

November 16, 2018

Best compressor for mastering purposes

In order to leveling and compress Mid Side, is a usefull tool, clean if you want, also can be very very bad ass! Love side chain, saturation and paralell compression features!

T. Atkins

October 9, 2018

OK Master Compressor

Very useful for the subtle frequencies. Works hand in hand with the Manley Massive Passive on my mastering chain. Recommended

T. Atkins

October 9, 2018

OK Master Compressor

Very useful for the subtle frequencies. Works hand in hand with the Manley Massive Passive on my mastering chain. Recommended

A. Müller

July 25, 2018

Excellent compressor

Clean and transparent, i am using this compressor for different electronic styles of music. I demoed this one while looking for a mastering compressor und the clarity was great. Catch this comp on a sale and you'll be happy!

s. Pfeiffer

July 15, 2018


Beautiful, subtle and least until you engage the soft clip, then things can get unruly! The MS process and Niveau filtering are life-changing sweetening tools.

D. Blumenfeld

July 14, 2018

Love the function, not the GUI

This is a wonderful plugin with a horrible GUI. I need binoculars to read the words under the knobs. If it were sizable and I could fill the screen with it I'd be happy, ot if the letters were 4 times the size. Or perhaps expand on rollover. I will continue to use it of course because it's a beautiful sounding plugin with a musically useful design. It would probably be highly popular if it were easy to see the lettering. Seems like a trivial thing, but we humans are like that. Hoping for a future update that addresses this issue.

T. Varga

July 14, 2018


Great mastering comp

A. Müller

July 8, 2018

Underestimated mastering compressor

I was looking for a clean mastering compressor, demoed this one out on different kind of audio projects und was really surprised. 70% sale and a coupon made my decision easy ;-). Clear recommendation!

P. Krupa

July 1, 2018

Great compressor

A very useful mixing and mastering compressor. A great tool for shaping the stereo image too.

P. Haas

June 24, 2018

Great transparent compressor

I have long, long time hesitated to buy this beast ... When I decided, I certainly don´t regret it. It is a very efficient, transparent compressor with a lot of setup options. It is usable as a tracking compressor as well as superb subgroup or mix bus. Also excellent mastering comp. Great M/S usage. Good job.

P. Del Pozo

June 23, 2018

Great compressor!!!

It's very transparent and it make everything sound huge and wide, the mix alpha that comes with the alpha compressor, it's also great for catching those peaks in vocal performance and also bass with very agressive trasients.

D. Alexandre

June 11, 2018

Big Freeze

I use since 4years this compressor on every mix but since one year this plugin crash my session. My sessions freeze and i can't do anything . just force to quit protools or ableton .

When i put other buss compressor i don't have this problem .
This freeze is more important with alpha mix i can't use it !! :-(
Problem is the same with plugin alliance version

My use last uad version with uad quad, i have protools 10, and i don't use all my cpu !!

UAD User

June 9, 2018

Awesome for mastering and also for mixing

It’s a great plugin, very transparent compression or you can make it very aggressive and mixed with the mix knob, In mid/side it works great it has all the features you need for a great compression results.

M. Cole

March 12, 2018

Great Compressor, but Instance Count is Disappointing

After demoing every available compressor, I selected this one. Audio quality is five-star. Unfortunately, when run at 48kHz (instead of 44.1k), the instance count drops by one third (16 instead of 24 on a single Octo or 32 instead of 48 on two Octos). No other plugin I tried (and I tried MANY) suffered this problem at 48k as opposed to 44.1k. In fact, every other plugin I tried can run the same number of instances at 48k as it can at 44.1k.

Also, at 48k using the reduced max number of Alpha plugins, the DSP meter tops out at 68% (per chip) before no other plugins (of any type or size) can be loaded. Every other plugin I tried allows up to 100% DSP (with the same instance count as 44.1k). With the Alpha, your available instance count AND your available DSP drop by 33% at 48k.

I can understand a drop in instance count going from 41.1k to 48k; but a 33% drop is excessive and atypical (and perhaps unique) for a UA plugin. Demo it yourself. The audio performance can't be beat. But, before you purchase, know that the number of instances will dramatically drop if you use 48k or higher.

W. Slaughter

March 3, 2018

Don't let it fool you !

I tried almost EVERY compressor out and this..... adds the power and loudness but doesn't peg my needles,.but when I add volume with the others it pegs my needles and I don't get the power as I do with this one!! Love it!

R. Marant

January 22, 2018


Es un compresor de una claridad excepcional,con agradable brillo, pegando toda la mezcla con una calidad que tus oídos reconocerán y agradecerán.

T. Heath

January 20, 2018

Blown Away!!!

I use plug-ins but I am definitely a hardware loyalist. With that said, I bought this plug-in to see why this compressor has a $10k list price. I never thought I would say this, but I LOVE THIS COMPRESSOR as much as I LOVE THE LA2A.
For mastering, there is no task that this plug-in isn't GREAT for. It can even work as a great EQ! Couple that with mid-side processing & before you realize it, it becomes your go-to comp. With the right settings, this "sexy beast" will give you a leg up on the "loudness war" without compromising the program material & still gives that mastering "sheen" that every project desires. Definitely 1 of my top 10 favorite plug-ins of ALL TIME. UA, yall did it again.

R. Gun

January 15, 2018


it´s so subtile, sometimes it becomes obsolete.
But it can give you the 2dB more RMS that otherwise are hard to acieve.
299 is way to much, i got mine during a special offer so i can´t complain.
Some interesting features but at the moment im not that impressed.
Test it, if it fits, use it. Sounds delicate and that is not my favorite because delicate compression is no art, any compressor can do that.

D. Nelson-Ashley

January 14, 2018

nice top end

its nice, has a great sound but its not essential

M. Narain

January 11, 2018


Got this $299 plug for $69 w/coupon during the holidays. This replaced The precision bus compressor on my my sub master bus in protools. I'm still gettin to know it but so far I like the sonics, spatial image & m/s mode way better than what I had in its place. It compliments the V3 Eq nicely.

41-60 of 128 Results