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Customer Reviews

elysia• alpha compressor

Overall Rating

61-80 of 131 Results

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R. Gun

January 15, 2018


it´s so subtile, sometimes it becomes obsolete.
But it can give you the 2dB more RMS that otherwise are hard to acieve.
299 is way to much, i got mine during a special offer so i can´t complain.
Some interesting features but at the moment im not that impressed.
Test it, if it fits, use it. Sounds delicate and that is not my favorite because delicate compression is no art, any compressor can do that.

D. Nelson-Ashley

January 14, 2018

nice top end

its nice, has a great sound but its not essential

M. Narain

January 11, 2018


Got this $299 plug for $69 w/coupon during the holidays. This replaced The precision bus compressor on my my sub master bus in protools. I'm still gettin to know it but so far I like the sonics, spatial image & m/s mode way better than what I had in its place. It compliments the V3 Eq nicely.

D. Cornelius

January 11, 2018

Netter Kompressor mit schönen Presets.

Der Kompressor ist ganz nett für Spielereien und birgt ein großes Suchtpotenzial zum Spielen mit sich. Eben in der Master oder Mix Version. Gut gemacht, Danke dafür :)

D. Cornelius

January 11, 2018

Netter Kompressor mit schönen Presets.

Der Kompressor ist ganz nett für Spielereien und birgt ein großes Suchtpotenzial zum Spielen mit sich. Eben in der Master oder Mix Version. Gut gemacht, Danke dafür :)

m. sonne lecuyer

December 21, 2017



А. Постников

December 10, 2017


One of the best compressors on the mix bus, delicately puts tools into place. Also use on the master bus "Shadow hills" and "Еlisia*alpha" together - complement each other.

J. Remillard

December 5, 2017

Amazing plugin but buggy

I'm completely in love with the sound of this plugin but every now and then, there will be issues with bouncing. I reported the problem to UA and was told that Brainworx are working on it... Still not resolved, weeks after and I hope it will be fixed soon!

M. O'Flynn

November 30, 2017

Elysia Alpha compressor

This is a very versatile and great sounding Mastering compressor.

S. Lefebvre

November 26, 2017

Modern Compressor

Super clean!

D. Mariasy

August 31, 2017

love it

We really find the elysia alpha to be a hands-down tracking or master DSP. Are using it on several album projects.

R. Steenkamer

June 27, 2017

Sheen machine

Such a refreshing piece of kit in a market overflowing with "color" compressors and EQs. You can get wild with it on drums but on the mix buss it brings a clarity and air that I can only describe as "expensive" sounding. Usable right out of the gate but there's lots of room to grow with it as you learn nuances of all the controls and how they interact. You won't get bored of this one anytime soon.

H. Gray

June 10, 2017

Try this, no seriously try this out!!!

But watch the demo videos first, other wise you may be left scratching your head. This thing is bizarre and amazing all at the same time. I do not know how it is doing what it does, I am just very happy it works. It really shines in what is basically the side chain mode. It allows you to cut out everything in the middle of the mix with the press of a button, leaving only the left and right fringe that you can sparkle up with the variable freq EQ, the effect on the stereo image from being able to do this is extraordinary. I am still learning how to use all of this devices capabilities, but I am beyond impressed so far. I tried it out recently on cleaning up old recordings from cassette tapes which I had previously worked on using other mastering EQ's and the results were far better and took half as much effort, the result was vastly improved sound quality without sounding like any EQ or compression had been used. Highly recommended !!

S. Tanner

January 31, 2017

Very helpfull Tool

The elysia• alpha compressor ist a very helpfull Tool.

It's Like a Swiss army knife. You can find the right Solutions for everything in the leveldomain. I very like the Masterversion.

D. Alexandre

January 26, 2017

Best mastering compressor but ...

I use since 4years this compressor on every mix but since one year this plugin crash my session. My sessions freeze and i can't do anything . just force to quit protools or ableton .

When i put other buss compressor i don't have this problem .
This freeze is more important with alpha mix i can't use it !! :-(
Problem is the same with plugin alliance version

My use last uad version with uad quad, i have protools 10, and i don't use all my cpu !!

C. Santarpia

January 15, 2017

Love the mix knob

This compressor can squash like an 1176 or transparently tame transients equally well.

V. Oliynyk

January 13, 2017

High level Plug-in

I'm very satisfied with this compressor and it's used in my work 90% together with other pro level UA plug-ins.

J. Cummins

January 9, 2017

Sweet !

Just use it and know the joy !

K. Babic

December 22, 2016

Made color by compression

Not just a compressor, it also give you the nice tweak of color in your sound...

L. Rollins

December 15, 2016

Useful tool

Happy to have this in my rig now. Seems simpler than some of the others on offering and I really value its uncluttered transparency.

61-80 of 131 Results