elysia• alpha compressor Collection

elysia• alpha compressor Collection


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elysia• alpha compressor

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V. Oliynyk

January 13, 2017

High level Plug-in

I'm very satisfied with this compressor and it's used in my work 90% together with other pro level UA plug-ins.

J. Cummins

January 9, 2017

Sweet !

Just use it and know the joy !

K. Babic

December 22, 2016

Made color by compression

Not just a compressor, it also give you the nice tweak of color in your sound...

L. Rollins

December 15, 2016

Useful tool

Happy to have this in my rig now. Seems simpler than some of the others on offering and I really value its uncluttered transparency.

M. Zak

December 12, 2016

Great Compressor

This an amazing addition to my UAD collection

J. Grommen

December 10, 2016

Excellent Compressor

So fast, so clear, so easy. This compressor saves time and trouble

F. Vieira

December 6, 2016

Amazing tool for mastering

Just loved the Elysia Alpha Master Compressor, use it all the time, especially in MS mode!

G. Hout

December 4, 2016

Very good for mastering

My favourite mastering compressor (and a bit underrated I think). You can make really surgical changes to the sound while staying completely transparant. So it doesn't add much 'character' but that's not what I need in the mastering stage.

J. Fashe

November 29, 2016

It's (r)evolution baby!!!

This Compressor will blow your mind!!! Fantastic!!!

M. Davis

November 24, 2016


I've never heard a mastering compressor like this one. Sounds transparent, yet creates really open, unrestricting compression that can really keep your mixes intact without biasing/cherry picking certain frequencies. I highly doubt you can listen to what this compressor does and not be impressed, even if it's not your style. 10/10.

UAD User

August 8, 2016

My Bass Buss Compressor

This is on my bass buss 9 out of 10 times. It's deep, fat and warm. It adds a nice weight and density. Once in a while I'll use it on the master with 1-2 DB reduction and when it works it's fantastic! It's a great comp. Buy it and you'll be happy.

M. Viale

July 20, 2016

Logic Pro X Issue

Not working well with Logic Pro X, causes frequent freezes. It's a shame because it's a fantastic compressor !!

T. Hinterholzinger

July 3, 2016

The real pro universal compressor plugin

I consider this one the very best all-round compressor. It has a nice punch and the mix knob is super handy to soften that punch if needed. The reaction times and curves are simply wonderful! Impossible to get bad sounds with this baby. Just 4 stars as it is available in native, too. I simply don't get why I should use the UAD version. It nulls out with the VST one, if set correctly. But I will buy the UAD version anyway, since I'm working with a mobile UAD Satellite Firewire, wich I carry around a lot. So I have my most loved plugins with me in an easy and comfortable way...

O. Brown

June 23, 2016

Great from mastering to instrument control

Very versatile compressor. Has great character and works for just about everything. Works great on vocals,mouth also has control over mix sides which is great for mastering. Just an awesome tool!

S. Swanson

April 25, 2016

Great master compressor

Great for master bus
Just dabbling with mid side and this plugin makes this very simple

L. Powell

March 31, 2016

Transparent in a GREAT way.

I've always gone for emulations of classic gear for my buss compressors (SSL, Focusrite etc) but I've seen the light with this thing. Super tight, controlled compression and it doesn't cloud your mix, and the low end still comes through really nice and clean. The sort of compressor you can either mix into or just throw it on towards the end. Really cool and so far in just a couple of weeks of owning it it's worked on R&B, rock and reggae tracks nicely.

G. Williamson

March 31, 2016


I demoed this along with a couple other compressors in the price range, this won, hands down. very transparent, but very powerful. at first, its pretty daunting to look at, but, its laid out logically and you'll get used to it. just put it on your 2 buss, or any instrument buss, and go through the presets(on a orchestral string buss, its amazing). the "mix" version is very nice to have to, but it doesn't save THAT much CPU.
I guess it's "supposed" to be just a mastering tool, but heck, use it wherever you want(I'm glad I have a quad for this one!)

M. Roby

March 4, 2016

A Master of Mastering

Wow. This thing is a beast. It is very transparent (the 'Warm' button adds a nice tube touch though), and it is extremely powerful. Let me say that again, EXTREMELY POWERFUL. I often use this on vocals to make them explode out of the speakers without having a multiple stages of compressors. For mastering, man does this thing glue! I can finally attain near-mastering-studio grade tracks, and with the mid/side mode you can really make some impressively large and expansive songs. The eq on it is great for accenting the mid and side, I often set the two at around 1.1k and boost half a db towards the low end for the mid, and the same amount towards the mid/highs for the sides; it really creates a wonderful soundstage. Would recommend.

UAD User

March 2, 2016

Very good

Really sweet sounding compresser for master

J. Philippi

January 29, 2016

This is so nice!

Ultra transparent, rich in harmonics, as you wish! Tons of possibilities, on mix buses it's a real revelation!

61-80 of 115 Results