EMT® Classic Reverb Bundle

EMT® Classic Reverb Bundle

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EMT® Classic Reverb Bundle

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M. Rdz

January 10, 2013


Got the EMT 250 first cause i liked the video demonstration more, but recently got the EMT 140 and things just got better! Its the perfect combo for me now!

C. Teffner

January 7, 2013


This plate sounds amazing. Vocals, snare, acoustic guitars, it sounds beautiful and sits in the mix nicely. A no brainer purchase.

B. Broyer

January 7, 2013

Waouh !

Que dire... fabuleux.
Un autre esprit, un autre monde et une bonne partie de mes reverbs matérielles sont à vendre.
Un must have.

E. Allen-rogers

January 5, 2013

Couldn't Live Without It

This is an incredible reverb plug-in. I can't comment on how closely it resembles the original but I can happily tell you that it's my go-to reverb plugin.

I normally use this plugin with a short (under 1 second) decay to help everything sit well in a mix.

It also sounds incredible with a longer decay on acoustic instruments and/or vocals.

R. Redd

January 4, 2013

Smooth tails with a big warm sound

I really love the transparent Breverb Cakewalk included in Sonar X2 but the EMT 140 adds depth and an warmth that I really love especially on vocals, great plugin!

K. Markle

January 3, 2013


I've been in search of the sound of this reverb my whole life. Just makes everything "Lush". the other settings are ace as well, but it's really the 'verb that makes this an essential piece of kit.

T. Smith

January 2, 2013

Another great Tool.

The chorus on this is great! I know this is a reverb but the chorus really surprised me. I have all of the UAD reverbs, and use ALL of them on my tracks. Some for short delays some long, but this gets alot of use for chorus.

R. Patel

January 2, 2013

Amazingly Smooth Plate Verb for UAD-2

I really love this plate verb. It has a smooth lush sound and gels really well with the source. The bright plate is just right for dark synth sounds, its a nice bite and cuts right through a mix. The dark plate settings are amazing for taming bright sources, and it really sounds lush. This has to be the best plate reverb emulation I have ever heard in the plug-in world. I own some Lexicon hardware reverb units and must say the EMT 104 plates are much better. I also prefer the thicker EMT 140 over the EMT 250, which is also nice, but slightly modern and thinner for my tastes.

K. Péter

January 1, 2013

Deep & wide

I was using it for snare, main vocal, harp, guitar, and whole drum room, as insert and in fx chanel.

The reverb and the delay also great.

It helps to isolate the instrumets, makes more wide the soundscape and adds some depth to the whole mix.

Very useful and musical.

J. Piccione

December 30, 2012

Oh My!

I had established a familiar plugin chain on a drum mix i'm currently working on but decided to incorporate this beauty to see what i could create for additional dimension and "space". Oh My! after trying many settings and altering presets, I found this is a very natural and open sounding gentle reverb to be easily placeable in my mix. The Drums simply loved this reverb!

On the Master Buss I used just a touch of this this Reverb with a short decay, almost not noticeable but just enough to be additional glue.

I can't wait to use it on more work, the Lexicon 224 is my favorite BUT this will quickly be a very close friend as well. One REGRET, that I didn't buy it sooner.

Happy Mixing!

K. Sheikh

December 30, 2012

Clean Pristine Reverb and More!

Alongside an amazing reverb, this plug also gives some other really useful time-based effects (delay, phaser, chorus, slapback and the ethereal "space). The sounds are great and very tweakable. The "levers" of the real thing are even more gimmicky here than the usual rotary controls found on other plug-ins' GUIs - sliders would have been sufficient in this case. However, even that doesn't diminish the usefulness of the controls themselves. A wide range of sounds and effects are to be had with this unit and it's makes wide, clear mixes easier to achieve than ever. If you view the EMT 140 as a (great) workhorse plate, this unit is more like a stunning clean reverb with added time-based multi-effects. Great plug-in!

P. Nazerian

December 29, 2012


I have used it most on vox and i have a very great result. I have been sick and could not work so much sense i punch it but i am gonna be very satisfied.
Like usual UA plug is the greatest

M. Dunn

December 28, 2012

EMT 140 is the only Plate you'll need at the dinner table

This plug is tremendously warm & silky sounding. If you want to breathe life into your vocal tracks, this is the oxygen tank. Paired with the UAD EMT 250 it's a total eargasm. No other plugin on the market compares..........NONE!!!!

A. Meshulam

December 27, 2012

I use it on 80% of my mixes.

this is really one of those units that you can not understand until you have a chance to play with one. just an amazing reverb and FX box (it has other stuff on it too!)

Y. Kim

December 27, 2012

Go-to reverb for vocal

Perfect for tight vocal reverb and wonderful chorus as a bonus.
It's now sit right as a template session!!!

K. Kolovos

December 23, 2012


I have never used the emt140 hardware but enjoyed it through the years listening to clasic albums.Once I tried the uad version I knew it was not the kind of plugin that could be replaced by another plate software. A classic on its own

F. Marheineke

December 23, 2012

A huge reverb!

I've been happy using the EMT140 plate reverb almost exclusively over the past years and was curious about the qualities of the EMT250 reverb - now i have two plates in the box! The reverb style if very similar but the 250 got a much bigger soundstage, speaking of wide - and also sounds warmer than the 140. I use it mainly on the vocal bus giving them a big, long and wide reverb tail where the 140 still gets mixed in a bit smaller/half mono with a tight plate A sound - the plant plate A preset is a good start. The chorus of the EMT250 also sounds very appealing!
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J. Valentovich

December 22, 2012

It is a classic

If you like plate reverb this ones for you .Whatever I try this on it sounds great another UAD winner

M. Rdz

December 22, 2012

Just Amazing!

Have not had the chance to try to hardware version of this reverb but this plug in it is just incredible. It does what it is supposed to do and more! Great on vocals! Small room reverb on vocals its amazing! Watch the demo to hear what i am talking about! Wont be disappointed!

R. Noriega

December 21, 2012


I have several reverbs from WAVES and DIGI, but was never really impressed by any of 'em. The EMT250 impresses me. Along with my EMT140 and LEXICON224. all from UAD, I have another reverb in my playbook. The reverbs are rich in depth, the chorus eaasy enough to use, and the delay is a finishing touch. I can write all I want, but yhe bottom line is you have to hear. And hearing is believing...

1181-1200 of 1394 Results