ENGL® Amplifier Bundle

ENGL® Amplifier Bundle

Unison Enabled

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ENGL® Amplifier Bundle

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Y. Senba

January 11, 2018



A. Whitwell

January 10, 2018

Why isn't this plug-in stand alone?

The Brainworx bx_tuner is a real useful tool in the studio to monitor the tuning of vintage analogue synths that you may be tracking; however, this useful little plug-in is no longer available to purchase on its own. In order to obtain the bx_tuner, you're required to purchase a rather pricy guitar plug-in bundle, which is all well and good but for a synthesist just wanting to check the tuning of oscillators, a guitar amp simulator is a bit over-kill. Come on, UAD offer this tuner stand alone or better yet chuck it in as a freebie as it's just a tuner at the end of the day.

F. Biagetti

January 10, 2018

Great versatile amp

Sounds great to my ears, better than the marshalls in my opinion.Great clean & crunch tone.

I use it mainly for demos, but i also use it for final tracking using only the cab IR : I plugin my AC15 with a loadbox in the line input of my apollo twin and print to track. Great sound !

T. Spaniel

January 9, 2018


Really great Tube Guitar Top.

T. Carlsen

January 6, 2018

Incredible Tones and Versatility!

This modern, yet with tubes, pro powerhouse models the entire sound chain from plug-in to the guitar to output on the speaker. The huge selection of presets is versatile, from clean tones to modern metal (it is most famous for).

The few negative reviews are insightful for saying the user could not dial in a "vintage" sound or another desired sound. Notice that nobody complains about this being digital sounding. No, the modeling is phenomenal.

Use this for overdrive, high-gain rock. Or you can run it with clean tones and use other stomp boxes and effects. The number of full-chain modeling effects is impressive. Plus use some stomp boxes for additional tone shaping.

It is a matter of taste. Get the UAD Fender if that is where your heart is.

The selection of plugins at UAD is excellent. You have many great choices. This is a good modern pro amp with lots of presets. Versatile.

V. Zizkuns

December 16, 2017

Great amp plugin

Love it:
* It is Unison enabled.
* It has pre-amp, power amp and IR bypass options, which make this plugin very versatile for many recording and sound processing scenarios.
* And, most importantly, it sounds great.

UAD User

December 8, 2017

On vit mieux avec ;-)

Ca fait toujours plaisir et c'est bien pratique.

UAD User

December 8, 2017

Aiguisé comme une lame

Un son moderne et précis tout en gardant la chaleur du tube. Super modélisation. Top!

UAD User

December 8, 2017

Super simulation, un son d'enfer!

Super son, épais et rugueux, vintage à souhait. Le plus difficile est de choisir entre le E646 et le E765. Moderne ou vintage, les deux sont aussi réussis.
Utilisés avec ma telecaster, je me régale.

J. Preston

November 15, 2017

Amp sims are fun!

I have barely cracked the surface on the amp tones that I can get out of these beasts. It's just amazing to me how close some of things are getting to the real thing. Very impressed.

y. m

November 10, 2017

Beautiful clean tones

Amazing on strat, really awesome clean tones!

M. Dresch

November 3, 2017

Best amp simulation I have used so far.

This is the one I keep coming back to for just about everything. Clean to crunch and beyond. About the only thing I don't get from it is Recto like tones but that isn't the sound of this amp. Heavy midrange based rock/metal tones, this is great. My go to when I don't want to or have time to mic an amp.

F. Habetler

September 27, 2017

Sound absolutely amazing!

It sounds like the real amp I cannot believe it... I love it.

F. Habetler

September 27, 2017

Sound absolutely amazing!

It sounds like the real amp I cannot believe it... I love it.

G. Herrera

August 15, 2017

Smiles and excitement

So many options with this ENGL, I love it for Hard rock , or metal, or sweet cleans, and I don't get tired of it!!
I can't wait to get home from work so I can play this amp wow so cool!!

M. Venneri

August 14, 2017

Why no longer available?

One star because I can't buy it individually. What a dick move on the part of UAD - man these are the MOST greedy company.

S. Sitnitski

August 11, 2017

Would be the best if not for other great emulators.

I play through ENGL Fireball 100 and I wanted to have a plugin version of it, at least similar to it, for convenience. Maybe it's me but I was not able to get a good tone out of this plugin. Way too much bass, fizzy high gain and noise gate that kills everything including long sustain. But this plugin does get some points for its cab emulation. I ended up running my ENGL tube amp through my load box into Apollo with this plugin as a cab only and 421 mic setting bipasing amp section, and it sounds just how I like it. Strangely, this is my favorite cab emulator now.

J. Wharton

July 20, 2017


UAD make great plugins but this isn't one of them. Logic's tuner is far superior.

M. Wojtaszczyk

July 1, 2017

Best choice on the market for rock & metal sound and more!

Great plugin, full of versatility. Nice dynamic, easy to set the sound you need. Good feel of a real amp. More you hit it, more it screams! Sits in the mix. Great IR's. If you want, you may bypass preamp or amp with IR's and go for your own options like real tube preamp in front of this plugin. Main plugin for me. I've abandon Amplitube & BIAS Desktop for this one and I'm really happy with that :)

A. Solovyev

June 29, 2017

Хороший выбор для домашней записи гитар

Этот плагин очень удобен, когда нет возможно дома записывать гитары с микрофона-а покупать голову и имитаторы нагрузки нет финансов- эта эмуляция очень достоверно звучит -хороший мясной перегруз.

61-80 of 442 Results