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Customer Reviews

ENGL® E765 Retro Tube

Overall Rating

81-100 of 123 Results

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J. Reboul

October 29, 2014

really good sound but it takes time to tweak

I have tried several options :
- for distorted sound (heavy sound), it is quite easy to ger a huge sound on my stratocaster USA (with van zandt pickups). I have never got such a sound with other softwares ! I am rally happy for lead sound.
- for clean sound amazingly I could get a fantastic sound but it took me some time to adjust ... I am really happy (I have now my favourite presets). Personnally I have 2 options : direct to ENGL OR (and it sounds really good too) first thru API preamp (UA plugin) and then ENGL amp on a bus (I just send the recorded sound thru the api preamp to the ENGL plugin... easy to tweak and find the best clean sound I want).

In short I am very happy !

E. Taliercio

October 28, 2014

may the shred be with you

i own a real Engl amp , the Ritchie Blackmore one, no plug-in could match the richness and fullness of a class A tube amp untill i tried this one , it s really good , and like my amp , this plug covers a wide range of sounds from vintage blues and rock to modern metal, very simple to use and it has a huge advantage over a real amp , you can choose the amount of distortion after tracking the guitars which can be life saving especially if you're into a wall-of-sound type of music, shred on dude !!!

A. Kosinski

October 27, 2014


I am very pleased with this purchase. Want to play every day. The sound is great!

D. Gil

October 26, 2014

Best amp modeling ever...

I've been playing ENGLs for 10 years and believe me, this sounds like the real thing. The best amp simulator I've ever tried by far. Just awesome.

J. Arielly

October 21, 2014

Engl E765

The Engl seemed like a good choice because I needed an amp plug in and the price was good. The amp sounds nice at first but it's really noisy which maybe is how the amp is in real life but it just didn't sound good while recording it.
When my client was tracking guitars, we both agreed that this is not a good sound enough so we ended up using a Plug & Mix amp. It feels like this is an amp that works for one certain sound.

P. Macino

October 12, 2014

Great reproduction / Tool.

I started out playing guitar and has played Rhythm/Lead in live/recorded ensembles with amps from Bogner, Rivera, Mesa, Budda, & more. What is great about this Engl plug is that if you know your way around an amp, you are going to get a great sound. It covers a lot of ground well.

It behaves like a real amp. Play timid, you get timid, attack the strings with focus and precisions, that's what you get. I'm not saying it's clinical or artificial, just the opposite. If you are the one playing/using, don't think that this a hi-z alternative...just go for it. Rolling off the volume on my guitar also lets this plugin show even more versatility!

Often I develop my melodies on guitar first. Being able to plug in quickly and capture is great!

D. Woodford

September 30, 2014

ENGL Retro Tube

Brilliant! One of the best guitar plugins I've used. Ignore the naysayers claiming its muddy and thin. They're probably more used to FX laden garbage that comes from most modelling soft and hardware. Using various vintage style Strats, Teles and SG's, I've had everything from bright sparkling blackface cleans that break up beautifully, to classic rock ac/dc style, to brown EVH sounds, via more woody ac30 tones. Try it. Read the manual to understand what the preset cab/mic/channel strips do, then if you can't find a good sound.....

R. Longley

September 3, 2014



C. (buck)

August 28, 2014

Ton Of Fun

It took a while for me to find the tones that I like,,,,,BUT they are in there and as far as an amp plug in goes I am a bit picky as I play through a Mark Samson Bad Cat Hot Cat 15....There is is there you have it

J. Cox

August 10, 2014

More BX Amp sims please!!

So ... I didn't realize how awesome these plugins are until just last week.

So Brainworx did awesome in that they modeled the Preamp section and the power amp section separately. So I can plug in my tube head to a cab, go direct out (effects loop send from my marshall head) from the amp head into apollo and the poweramp / cab / mic is what is modeled.

It sounds INCREDIBLE. If you have a tube head, try this out. You wont be sorry.

A. Kolek

June 29, 2014

Amazing plug-in

This is the best guitar plug-in I have purchased (and I have purchased many) and is now my go-to plug-in for all recording... One word - AMAZING!

D. Farness

May 15, 2014

Really liking it so far

I was hesitant to buy any of the ENGL Guitar amp plugins after the mixed reviews. I had some coupons that were about to expire. So I decide to pull the trigger on this one. I was immediately surprised by the sound. The clean channel is great and very flexible. It has incredible sustain and very warm, pleasing, even order harmonics. I've had less luck with the high gain channel. It's noisy and notes tend to smear together. It does have a gate and I haven't really had time to, really, tweak settings to my liking. Plus I was using P90's so there's still hope for it.
I have recorded a few tracks with the clean channel and was very pleased with the result. They all sat very well in the mix. Unlike my PSA-1.1 which is hit or miss.

C. Munkgaard

May 14, 2014

Awesome amp

Really cool plugin. Its like having a real amp in your living room, except that you don't have the noise and the complaints from your neighbours.

D. Sirls

May 1, 2014

Will Be Heard On My Next CD

Great emulations, this will definitely be heard on several of my new tracks!!

Y. Picard

May 1, 2014

Its's a real Engl

This amp is incredible. I can dial in tones that sound as good as my tube amps, from clean, to crunchy

J. Perez

April 20, 2014

Engl E765 is the "real deal"

This is the 1st gtr plugin that my circle of "Old School" guitarists would ever use to record!! I can't say enough about "zero latency"!!! Hearing yourself in realtime , whether it's a voice or any other instrument, makes all the difference. The way the guitar reacts to NUANCES through this plugin is REAL!! I tweaked every preset like I would do on a real amp, and couldn't believe the bell like tones, even on the clean stuff... Overdriven sounds were amazing as well. Then after finding your amp settings, you just sift thru the different mic setups whether you prefer a 57, 421 or a ribbon mic, with or without EQ , to exactly fine tune your tone.

G. Avramidis

April 2, 2014

Very far from realistic....unfortunately

I was excited to see that UAD released a guitar amp simulator but it turned out to be a very poor sounding. Unfortunately the plug in is not only far from the ENGL amp, but also very far from any gutar amp. The sound is very dull, can't hear any valve sound in the signal path. I think that the worst thing is that it doesn t "feel" like a guitar amp. The "delay" though is very, very well made. I don't know if it was a bad moment of UAD or it is that the plugin was developed by Brainworx, but I think that the company should consider twice before releasing a plugin with such a poor sound. I love all the others plug ins I own from UAD and I think its the best sounding plugin system, and it's a pitty to hear somithing so mediocre like the ENGL.

C. Bower

March 24, 2014

Awesome with Apollo!

I previously reviewed this plugin when I was running just the UAD2 quad card, and if you read below you will see that I was very pleased with it. My only issue was that tracking with E765 wasn't possible due to latency and required re-amping. I have recently upgraded my interface to an apollo quad and I can now say that I really don't have any serious issues remaining. Now I have two excellent options for tracking with the E765, with plugins and zero latency: 1) DI into the apollo utilizing both the preamp and poweramp sections of the E765 and 2) preamp send from my amplifier into the apollo, bypassing the preamp section in E765. Both are very usable solutions for recording guitar in my home studio. Thanks UA

P. Hegarty

February 28, 2014

ENGL® E765 RT Plug-In

WOW !! amazing and well worth the price!. Playing through this plug in is just great. Thanks UA

D. Sanchez

February 16, 2014


real fan of how this sounds. it's a bit heavy on the processing side, but all in all a great plug

81-100 of 123 Results