ENGL® E765 Retro Tube

ENGL® E765 Retro Tube

Unison Enabled

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ENGL® E765 Retro Tube

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A. Kolek

June 29, 2014

Amazing plug-in

This is the best guitar plug-in I have purchased (and I have purchased many) and is now my go-to plug-in for all recording... One word - AMAZING!

D. Farness

May 15, 2014

Really liking it so far

I was hesitant to buy any of the ENGL Guitar amp plugins after the mixed reviews. I had some coupons that were about to expire. So I decide to pull the trigger on this one. I was immediately surprised by the sound. The clean channel is great and very flexible. It has incredible sustain and very warm, pleasing, even order harmonics. I've had less luck with the high gain channel. It's noisy and notes tend to smear together. It does have a gate and I haven't really had time to, really, tweak settings to my liking. Plus I was using P90's so there's still hope for it.
I have recorded a few tracks with the clean channel and was very pleased with the result. They all sat very well in the mix. Unlike my PSA-1.1 which is hit or miss.

C. Munkgaard

May 14, 2014

Awesome amp

Really cool plugin. Its like having a real amp in your living room, except that you don't have the noise and the complaints from your neighbours.

D. Sirls

May 1, 2014

Will Be Heard On My Next CD

Great emulations, this will definitely be heard on several of my new tracks!!

Y. Picard

May 1, 2014

Its's a real Engl

This amp is incredible. I can dial in tones that sound as good as my tube amps, from clean, to crunchy

J. Perez

April 20, 2014

Engl E765 is the "real deal"

This is the 1st gtr plugin that my circle of "Old School" guitarists would ever use to record!! I can't say enough about "zero latency"!!! Hearing yourself in realtime , whether it's a voice or any other instrument, makes all the difference. The way the guitar reacts to NUANCES through this plugin is REAL!! I tweaked every preset like I would do on a real amp, and couldn't believe the bell like tones, even on the clean stuff... Overdriven sounds were amazing as well. Then after finding your amp settings, you just sift thru the different mic setups whether you prefer a 57, 421 or a ribbon mic, with or without EQ , to exactly fine tune your tone.

G. Avramidis

April 2, 2014

Very far from realistic....unfortunately

I was excited to see that UAD released a guitar amp simulator but it turned out to be a very poor sounding. Unfortunately the plug in is not only far from the ENGL amp, but also very far from any gutar amp. The sound is very dull, can't hear any valve sound in the signal path. I think that the worst thing is that it doesn t "feel" like a guitar amp. The "delay" though is very, very well made. I don't know if it was a bad moment of UAD or it is that the plugin was developed by Brainworx, but I think that the company should consider twice before releasing a plugin with such a poor sound. I love all the others plug ins I own from UAD and I think its the best sounding plugin system, and it's a pitty to hear somithing so mediocre like the ENGL.

C. Bower

March 24, 2014

Awesome with Apollo!

I previously reviewed this plugin when I was running just the UAD2 quad card, and if you read below you will see that I was very pleased with it. My only issue was that tracking with E765 wasn't possible due to latency and required re-amping. I have recently upgraded my interface to an apollo quad and I can now say that I really don't have any serious issues remaining. Now I have two excellent options for tracking with the E765, with plugins and zero latency: 1) DI into the apollo utilizing both the preamp and poweramp sections of the E765 and 2) preamp send from my amplifier into the apollo, bypassing the preamp section in E765. Both are very usable solutions for recording guitar in my home studio. Thanks UA

P. Hegarty

February 28, 2014

ENGL® E765 RT Plug-In

WOW !! amazing and well worth the price!. Playing through this plug in is just great. Thanks UA

D. Sanchez

February 16, 2014


real fan of how this sounds. it's a bit heavy on the processing side, but all in all a great plug

D. Chilton

February 14, 2014


This is hands down the best guitar amp sim I've ever used. UA & Brainworx knocked this one out of the park. Lots of usable tones from clean to crunch to all out metal gain. Very responsive to pick attack and playing style. I'm in love.

C. Bower

February 13, 2014

Highly versitile amp sim excels at reamping with UAD2 PCIe card

I've had this for a couple of weeks and now that I have some experience tracking and mixing with it, I can share my thoughts. This is without a doubt, the best sounding and most versitile amp sim I've used. The fact that it focuses on modeling a single amplifier allows for substantial attention to detail. Sparkly, complex cleans and searing crunch and drive. Power soak, nice. The recording chain models are wonderful sounding and helps this to sit very nice and realistic in a mix. The only downer is that if you're using a UAD2 PCIe card like me, it's not suitable for tracking, so you will need to reamp, but the results are well worth it! Highly recommend this plugin!

L. Parisi

February 13, 2014

! nice preamp, warm and dynamic

! nice preamp, warm and dynamic a good tremolo and spring reverb would have been welcome to achieve this very realistic modelisation ..but no product is perfect

R. King

January 13, 2014

Best Software Guitar Amp I've Used

Hands down, this plugin is the best soft amp I've used. Very dynamic. Responds very much like a real tube amp. LOVE the high and low cut. Highly recommended.

N. Scarola

January 12, 2014

A beast.

This amp is a killer, from Clean to blasting drive.
The best amp emulation on The market.

J. Milner

December 17, 2013

ENGL® E765 RT Plug-In


I did quite a lot of research before buying the ENGL® E765 RT Plug-In, there's a lot things said about it on the net that made me reticent to take the plunge.

The bottom line was that tracking with Apollo, I needed a no-latency amp sim to improve my work flow. I have to say, now I've been using it for a few weeks, it was worth every penny: I tend to record the engl direct and also a clean d.i to another track to re-amp if needed.

I find that the trick with it is to treat it just like a real amplifier, the clean channel is very versatile, the presets are not great, I admit, but you do not need them, you just need to know how to work an amp. It is that straight forward, and it allows to get ideas down very quickly. Good work UAD!

C. Santos

December 13, 2013

True Amp plugin

I have a pleasure to say: I don't need of a true amp for record my guitar tracks because ENGL®E765 UAD plugin is PERFECT TO ME!!

Drive, Punch, Color...everything that I need, I found in ENGL®E765 UAD plugin

Yonsen Maia

B. Thomas

December 5, 2013


The BEST Amp Sim i ever hear...
Perfect in the Mix Integrating, with Effects or not.....
The Sounds Best.....
Best Ear- Catcher i had........
Thanks Engl and UAD.....,,,,

FB Audividumdv / Bährle Thomas

D. Brown

November 29, 2013


absolutly great / wish i could afford the other one

S. Atkinson

November 19, 2013

Excellent Sim

This plug is very, very useful for meaty traks. Other than a little compression to peak up the highs, it sits well in the mix. The fullness is unparalleled to any amp sim I've used, in or out of the box, almost too full, but thats a present issue and easily dialed back. The low-mids are the best I've heard in a plug.

81-100 of 113 Results