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Customer Reviews

Friedman Amplifiers Collection

Overall Rating

121-140 of 196 Results

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J. McWilliams

January 14, 2017

The Friedman Amp

Absolutely loving these new UA plug ins! Anyone who isn't half as thrilled as I am obviously has never spent a day in the studio striving for a good amp tone.
Bravo UA, these amps are champion!

V. Gurin

January 14, 2017


Love it. Great amp.

L. Pereira

January 13, 2017


These are truly great sounding, and the two choices of amps along with the vast choice of Cabinet/Mic Impulse Responses make these plugs really versatile.


January 13, 2017

Not Great

This is the first plug in i have ever bought from Universal audio which i am not happy with.Should have spent more time with demo but stuck for time with December Voucher and bought without full test.Too much bass,not tight.Have Scuffham amps,much better.

S. Saraci

January 10, 2017

Great product

Very sotisfied.Thanx:)


December 31, 2016

Versatile but can be noisy

Before you click to buy, be sure to audition the BE-100 high gain settings without the noise gate. I found it almost intolerable even with (supposedly) noiseless tele pickups - audible nasty buzz/crackle at times even when playing. I would imagine that true single coils would be a total non-starter. Apart from the high-gain noise issues, I found the BE-100 to be very versatile with a polished "big" sound.

The DS-40 didn't have the noise problems and also sounds fantastic in its more boutique/raw way. Also be sure to audition the various cab/mic combinations on both amps.. they really do make the plugins all the more versatile.


December 30, 2016

Another homerun!

Just added the Friedman Amps to my collection. Between the Dirty Shirley, BrownEye and Jmp 2203, it would be difficult not finding a tone you love! Highly recommend any or all of these! I use them with Apollo Twin

A. Rom

December 26, 2016

Wow !

These amps sound great and really started to sing with my Apollo turned up to that sweet spot - highly recommended.

D. McFarlane

December 21, 2016

Hard to believe it's digital!

The quality of the AMP modeling plugins from UAD are truly unbelievable. 2:00 am Full distortion without being thrown out by the wife!


December 14, 2016

Not bad

Better than the gawdawful Softube Marshall collection-the Friedman by brainworx is very useable. A tad on the mushy side but it sounds very very close to my $2500 Fractal on this one except to my ears the Fractal edges out in the lead tones slightly. Nice to have this one in the toolbox.

A. Fuschiotti

December 14, 2016


I straight love this emulation of the Friedman Dirty Shirley. I´m usually not into software Amps, as I have the mini DS and others around. Just bought this as an option and now....can´t stop palying.

Thanks UA

S. Bakas

December 13, 2016

Great Amps!!!

You really can't go wrong with this collection.From clean to crunch sounds Friedman sound amazing!Really a lot of sounds and mics to choose from and get the sound you want.Great job UAD!

E. Prinsen

December 12, 2016

Best one yet.

I've been using amp simulation plug-ins and am always searching for the latest improvements offered by a number of different brands. I bought this one because I'd heard one of my guitarists playing through a Friedman amplifier before, and it had such an incredible tone. After a bit of tweaking I realized that that particular tone I'd heard before and many, many others can be achieved with this plug-in. The vast assortment of mic and cab variations give you such different sounds that it is nearly impossible not to find one that's suitable. I was using this to "feel a more natural recording performance", while tracking, and liked the tone so much I ended up using it in conjunction with another UA plug-in and a natural amp, to come up with the tone of my dreams!

许. 笑荣

December 11, 2016

The best guitar plunging

Very nice like it very much.The sound that is i want

许. 笑荣

December 11, 2016

Look forward to more Guitar plugins UA!

I think it is the best guitar plugins UA


December 10, 2016

Wow, very impressive!

So close to the real thing you can almost hear the air being pushed by the speaker!

k. z

December 10, 2016

greate sounds

Amazing!. I've not used guitar amplifier simulator plugin before it, this sound so real, and exiciting.

N. Scarola

December 3, 2016

Great amp.

Just recorded with it, sounds great, very dynamic, now I got the ENGL and this one to enjoy a very flexible guitar recordings.

R. Sandor

December 2, 2016

Friedman Collection - Good Worker

Quickly connect and have a great sound. Responds like a real amp, very good worker. Super sounds. UAD excellent !!!

B. Autry

November 18, 2016

Huge Friedman amps fan ..

And these NAIL the actual amp tones and feel. Both amps are extremely versatile!

121-140 of 196 Results