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Customer Reviews

Lexicon 224 Digital Reverb

Overall Rating

101-120 of 861 Results

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N. Salminen

December 21, 2022



A. Litwinowicz

December 14, 2022

Great plugin!

Great plugin, sounds like a real device. I use it especially for the background and for subgroups, sometimes also directly on the track for the instrument or vocals. It is perfect for most situations.

C. Holford

December 14, 2022

A verb like no other

I knew this was a classic reverb that it would be great to have an emulation of in my arsenal but I didn’t realize until I started trying it out how much I would like it. It fills a gap in my assortment of reverbs. It is digital, but it still sounds alive! Maybe the way a beautifully designed robot in an old sci fi movie would seem alive. It’s not going to be your “do it all” reverb for any application but what it does, it does better than any other. Now that I am using 224 I wish I had purchased it years ago.

J. Cuesta Sanchez

December 11, 2022


Lo he comprado para utilizarlo UAD Spark, y utilizar los recursos de mi pc, pero quiero saber si tanto este pluggins como el resto de licencias que tengo los puedo utilizar, sin tener que estar conectado a internet cuando esto utilizandolos en mi DAW.

A. Gorobets

December 11, 2022

The sound is perfect!

This is what I've been looking for!


December 10, 2022

Great for your toolbox!

The subtle addition needed. It has the classic sound expected with the Lexicon name.


December 10, 2022

Excellent produit

Excellent produit, comme la vraie, en complément de la LX480...

M. Croitor

December 9, 2022

This is exactly what I have been looking for for many years!!!

224 is very clean and sounds professional , I think it's a very good buy.

M. Kozlov

December 9, 2022

Great depth

I feel this guy give me a good lush sound. Great depth and life to the sound

T. Laja

December 9, 2022


I used im my best productions...
Lexicon reverb quality... I recommend.


December 8, 2022


I turned around for a long time but what a mistake all this time wasted!
In a few seconds you can get the space you want without thinking.
I can do without a good dozen plugins now.
A must to have and the icing on the cake now in Uadx

V. Ivanov

December 7, 2022

A classic you need to have

When I was an audio engineering student I had the chance to use the hardware. Out of the many software solution that try to emulate that, I think UAD's 224 is the best. That's a studio classic you can't afford to miss. Moreover, it's also available in Spark using native processing. What's not to love about the 224!

I. Inkilä

September 15, 2022


It's the sound Vangelis is known for, simply stunning! It's versatile, classy and sits in the mix just right. Love it on vocals, synths & piano! There's also a plethora of great presets to explore and get your creative juices flowing.

D. McCoy

July 14, 2022

It’s got that classy sound!

I should have purchased this year’s ago, but glad I’ve got it now. It has the classic sound you’d expect when you see the lexicon name. It’s a must have along side the 480l.
Also it’s great to have the native version in my DAW.

S. Waters

July 12, 2022

Ear Heaven

This has got to be the best reverb i ever heard, more like ever felt! There's a reason it has been on every console desk and hit records for decades!

R. Matias

July 12, 2022

Best emulation of the classic

I tested every other option out there and this was the smoothest one

M. Bernabel

July 11, 2022

The Best Reverb My Ears Have Ever Heard

The reason why I discovered Universal Audio! Makes me feel like I am in a time machine and recording in all the famous legendary studios. Adds so much life to every voice and instrument it is truly mind boggling.

A. Keuter

July 8, 2022

verry verry good

verry verry good

M. Malloy

July 6, 2022

The memories of what my ears know as the best reverb are doing a happy dance.

It sounds like the real thing. The depth and the lushes sound are all there. I’m having blast with it.

S. Nelson

July 6, 2022

Pristine Reverb

Since the early 80's I have had a love for this amazing reverb. The quality of Lexicon's reverbs are unmatched on any level—simply amazing reflections and beautiful resonates. Thank you UA for bring this product to your clients!

101-120 of 861 Results