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Customer Reviews

Maag EQ4® EQ

Overall Rating

281-294 of 294 Results

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D. Sanchez

December 14, 2013

Gotta have it!

I hadn't heard about the Maag EQ until I heard about it from a fellow UA user / producer. The air band concept totally blew me away, and now it's as essential on showcase voices and instruments, as my 1176s and EMT140s!

J. Haynes

December 11, 2013


Have been trying to repair a 10 year old song for which only a stereo mix survives--this EQ was just the ticket. Great and subtle high end, but very tight on the bottom, too. Guess I'm out another couple hundred bucks...

V. Thomas

December 8, 2013


Amazing plugin sounds beautiful on literally everything :)

K. Newton

December 6, 2013

Vocal Majic

This plugin is now a rash all over my mixes - 6 Stars !

U. Borjesson

December 5, 2013

High up in the Air...

As a old-time user of the hardware version of this one, I can only say that this IS the Air filter now in a plugin!

Just add a sparkle at 10 or 20 (or try it higher but I am 52 years old:-)) and then turn up the gain until you hear it, now back off a fraction and then toggle bypass, and understand that this is the only brightener you need, forever.

Use it on all my masterings!

D. Radicati

December 2, 2013

hmmmm same as Plugins alliance Maag EQ4

I bought maag EQ4 plugin from plugin alliance some times ago... and then UA did this new emulation, so i tried the demo and compared to my Maag EQ4 from Plugin alliance.

And... THEY ARE THE SAME! They have the same presets... the same sound... in protools I created two tracks and copied the same snare sound with the same Maag EQ4 one from UA and one from Plugin alliance.... they did sound the same!!!!

To be sure of that i just inverted one track phase and then played the two tracks together, what i did expect was to hear a little difference, hear something.... but no sound, no sound at all, what a perfect phase inversion!!!! The two plugins are identical!

ps sorry for my english!

R. Otter

November 26, 2013

Little Monsta

This is an Amazing Plug-in.
I've been trying every EQ from UAD,but nothing was catchy enough apart from Millennia and API.
Now we got this...I own millennia and very happy with results but this little monsta can add something to your mix,something magical. I heard ,somebody said the same about harrison eq.
Works great on single instruments,groups. For mastering you will probably need a little more precise control - (all you need is Millennia NSEQ for those purposes)

H. Chahil

November 22, 2013

Very honest truth no marketing BS or over aggregating review

I don't write reviews cuz some of these are Bs.
My opinion and by other professional respected engineers who stopped by my recoding facility during a mix session stated "my god" this makes vocals sparkle without harshness even when cranked full.Sounds silky expensive on top end
It's not worth buying hardware because this plugin sounds almost identical to
500 series hardware that my buddy arthur owns. The best 10k sound any eq can do in the market, sometimes going to full air band 20k sounds even better depending on the vox. Maag plug is the best plug ever made for top end. Read my other review about the api vission I was very honest I don't bs but this plug is the best, kills neve 1073
plug more modern sound. Just demo it ears don't lie

G. Tisdale

November 21, 2013


This unit sounds like no other EQ I've heard before. The sound is very musical and detailed at the same time. The Air Band is truly amazing for opening up the top end without sounding harsh. The Maag EQ4 plugin will be in every session I mix from now on. A BIG Thanks to the team at Universal Audio & Brainworx.

B. Herle

November 19, 2013

Am I crazy?

I've been comparing the demo to every other UAD eq, and something about it has me picking it over every single other plug-in. It's not a soft eq, but it's also not hard in a bad way, it's got amazing punch and clarity. I can't quite get any other EQ to do what it does, and it has me considering using one of my 3 choices on it, despite it being $70 cheaper than other options like the API. Seriously, am I just crazy?

C. Laurent

November 19, 2013

Vraiment bon !!!

Excellent plugins, les presets sont très bien pensé, je l'ai essayé en mode démo les réglages de base sur les vocales sont bien, sur les guitares acoustiques une réels sensation de chaleur dans les complèterait bien mon cambridge à la longue...
J'aime ce plugin pour la simplicté d'utilisation.

P. Moshay

November 18, 2013


Im sitting here next to the hardware version that I've had for years and this plug gives me the same thing i always go for.
Opens the top without harshness. The Sub bands are like no other, and the 160Hz/650hz sweeten the pot.
Every engineer should own this, Harrison, Neve & Pultec and you're covered for vibe.

C. Simpson

November 18, 2013


I had been very interested in this eq since seeing it on a Pensado feature. It is an amazing eq in its own right. I'm glad i held off on getting the non UAD version and it was worth the wait! This eq is colourful and does not work in some situations. When you're looking for silky top end consider using this!

L. Hughes

November 18, 2013

Just love this EQ!

In the middle of a mastering project and an email popped up telling me about this plugin. Had to give it a go. Never used an EQ with one control per band that gets instant great sounds like this does. Superb!

281-294 of 294 Results