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Customer Reviews

Maag EQ4® EQ

Overall Rating

101-120 of 293 Results

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S. Grimm

March 31, 2018

Nice air and sub

I don't use the fixed frequency bands a lot, but defintely use the air band and sometimes the sub to add this wonderful sounding eq to my mixes. The air band is incredible and can make your sound much wider and more open. So I use it as a "one trick pony" somehow, but it really does a wonderful job on it.

B. Siegel

March 24, 2018

Top Tier EQ

I LOVE pulling up this plug-in! Not only because it will do the job, and do it relatively quickly, but it will almost always sound spectacular in a very musical way. Any "limitations" this EQ has are the good kind, not allowing you to fall down that endless option rabbit hole that will fatigue your ears in no time. From subtle to severe, this EQ rocks!

H. Cui

January 25, 2018

It is good

It is good

R. Marant

January 22, 2018

Muy buena herramienta!!!

Es un ecualizador excepcional para ajustes de sonido en las frecuencias graves y agudas. Consiguiendo de manera rápida "peso y aire", en todo tipo de sonidos. Es muy musical.

C. Christe

January 17, 2018

Love is in the Air (Band)

Genialer und musikalischer EQ, vor allem für Vocals und A-Gitarren die obenrum schön atmen sollen. Das Air Band ist einfach ein Killer und gibt das gewisse Tüpfelchen auf dem i. Der MAAG EQ4 eignet sich auch perfekt um Subgruppen etwas aufzuräumen, gerade bei Drums perfekt.

J. Mage

January 15, 2018

Bomb ass magic

Weight without mud? Air without harshness? Ok, I'll take it. Works!

P. Jonsson

January 15, 2018


That beautiful special air - hard to obtain otherwise


January 15, 2018

Obligatoire !

Salut c'est KIKIQIMIX...
Superbe EQ ! Du coup, je l'ai mis sur mon Bus Master dans ma Template ! les fréquences sont bien choisies et naturellement, l'aigue est doux et le 40K est Magique!


January 13, 2018

Unique Eq

This eq is absolutely unique, thanks to the sub and air band controls. These two things are magical on the mix bus and useful on bass, drums, and vocals.
2.5 kHz is powerful and can move forward snares, guitars and, of course, mixes.
650 Hz is great for adding punchiness and fatness.
40 Hz and 160 Hz can easily clean up low end and add clarity and deepness.
Indispensable the trim control.
Immediately useful, one of the best things I've purchased from UAD.

A. Avelin

December 11, 2017

Best buy in a long time!

This is freaking amazing. That Air band... oh boy! I will probably never do a pop production without this plugin, ever!

E. Pensa

November 7, 2017

Something different

I needed something different that would make lead guitars reeaaaaly stick out in a mix with really meaty rhythms, and do it quickly. This is the plugin, I'm not really sure what it is, but this plugin just gives whatever your trying to EQ a totally different flavor. Another good job done UAD, totally worth the $200+, especially if you have one of those sweeet coupons they like to give out :)

d. Lee

September 17, 2017

so nice add air

i love it this sound

C. Turbiville

September 1, 2017

Killer on Voice Over

I use the real hardware version in the home studio, but when I travel I use the UAD plugin version to match my settings perfectly. It been a part of my "sound" for years on thousands of TV spots, so having the plugin on the road on vacation is killer. Those pillow fort hotel room voice over sessions come out near perfect matches to my home studio setup.


August 18, 2017


I LOVE this EQ... very easy to use, and sounds fantastic. The air band is a really nice touch as well. Don't think... just get it!

W. Slaughter

August 6, 2017

Very Musical !

Soon as I demo"ed this I knew! It takes your low end and enhances it in a very pleasing way !! Awesome purchase!

E. Haniyah

July 15, 2017


Great eq i cant believe how it gives brightness and clarity to the vocals without adding any harshness or annoying high frequencies

M. Hadfield

July 4, 2017

Air Force 1

This little plugin carries something very powerful onboard - AIR

I was playing a new production to a mix engineer friend when he commented that the lead could do with a little 'air' and mentioned the UAD mag EQ4.

At first I tried the demo & quickly realised that I had to have it.

Fantastic on Lead Vocals amongst others.

D. Work

June 29, 2017

Human touch

I was blown away at how full, analog like and useful this EQ is. I had no idea how different a EQ good sound as compared to other digital EQS. Super easy to use, and shape your tones in a very human, ergonomic way.

D. Work

June 29, 2017

Human touch

I was blown away at how full, analog like and useful this EQ is. I had no idea how different a EQ good sound as compared to other digital EQS. Super easy to use, and shape your tones in a very human, ergonomic way.

K. Hankins

June 21, 2017

AIR mode is a killer.

This is a very transparent EQ to use. The AIR mode is amazing. It adds that top air above 20k that is just missing sometimes. When overdriving the equalizer settings the EQ distorts nicely. Beautiful harmonics can be heard.

101-120 of 293 Results