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Exclusively for UAD and LUNA Recording System

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Customer Reviews

Magnetic Tape Bundle

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J. Gonzalez

March 25, 2013

La mejor compra de equipo que compro en el 2013---

Lo primero que les puedo decir es MUCHAS GRACIAS Universal Audio Por crear estos plugins que suenan super chingones.
Mis mesclas suenan mucho mejor que con mis ante-pasadas,Todos mis colegas me dice (que chingaos estas haciendo en tus mesclas) solo les digo que Universal Audio es lo que uso y dicen que como puedo tener ese color analogo tan original.
Unos de mis grandes Amigo y productor me felicito por el color an la cinta Ampex-ATR102 dice que el no distinge que fue hecha en la computadora y que todas las carateristicas de la cinta estan presentes como la real...

Mil Gracias a todos los trabajadores de Universal Audio que trabajan tan duro para que todos los musicos,productores y ingenieros estemos tan contentos los queremos mucho..

R. Edwards

March 25, 2013

Adds so much punch

You never know how much this plug-in will add to a mixdown until you try it. I didn't think a tape simulator would do much but add noise, but boy, was I wrong. It just seems to take it from 'decent mix,' to WOW!

The two week trial is all you'll need to figure out that you're going to buy it, so don't start the demo until you can afford to shell out the bucks.

G. Starr

March 21, 2013

biggest reason to go UAD

Nothing glues busses or the master buss like this gem. It just makes everything sound so natural, familiar and in the same room.

M. Biffer

March 20, 2013


Not it only is it great for mastering it's great for a quick doubling effect on vocals and I use it a lot on guitars thickens them up

R. Hartley

March 18, 2013

A Must Have...

Both these plug-ins bring a roundness and depth to instruments and mixes that I'm unable to achieve with EQ and/or compression. The Ampex alone is worth the price of admission, together these are a must-have toolset for any digital engineer.

S. Watkins

March 15, 2013

It just sounds great

I have placed this plugin on the master buss of many different sessions now and every single one sounds better. As a buss processor, there is an added depth and width to the sound that is hard to describe. The plugin can also be pushed a little harder to get a really nice distortion to add to a guitar or a vocal track. I highly recommend this plugin to anyone who wants to add that extra something to their recordings.

J. Hawkins

March 14, 2013

Awesome Trembling Revelations -102


Playing anything you have recorded through this plugin and be prepared to have your hair stand on end as your ears enter the halls of godly sound. I owned an Ampex 24 track machine for a short while and honestly this plugin has got it down.

I was ready to regret spending the cash on this software.... that is until I heard it.... now I wish I had jumped on it sooner. There is NOTHING out there to compare this to, this is more than a plugin it is essential recording equipment !! I'd give it 11 stars if I could.

S. Hyland

March 4, 2013

What Box?

To my mind, there are two things that resolve the 'in the box / outside of the box' argument. The first one is production and mixing experience i.e. really knowing and understanding what you are doing, and the second is getting the Studer on every first insert (or every first insert of your most prominent elements if you are having to budget your DSP accordingly).

When the Studer's start working their magic, your mixes will have so much more sonic appeal, that you will soon put in the hours required to gain the experience, so it's the best starting point you'll ever define.

K. Margolis

March 2, 2013

The Real Deal!

It's like have my favorite Analog Tape Machine!

It adds the warmth, the magic, the Je ne sais quoi that will make any mix that much better. It's so real that you get the wow and flutter on your meters.

My, my, what will they think of next.

I use it on vocals, drums, bass, piano, strings and it transforms my tracks with warmth, depth and dimension.

One of the best Plug In's and a must have for any and all.

W. Krassowski

February 19, 2013

Nothing compares to this !

If i could had only 1 plugin from UAD range would be this one.

Forget about any other Tape, Saturator, nothing compares, this is the Best Plugin hands down UAD Crew !

If you need to push up your tracks to the limit ( radio ready stuff ) but still want to sound dynamic and analog this is the plugin for you.

The Amperex gives some sort of final glue/definition and makes your mix sound just more cohesive all in all, its like Black Magic, put there, move some knobs and youre fine with another 2-3dB gain without distort.

Also makes your tracks be pushed much higher on volume without distorting, this one and a mastering compressor toguether are the ultimate Mastering Chain in your Arsenal !


A. Ryabchenkov

February 19, 2013

Luvin it!

Great Plugin. I like the warm sound. It glues the tracks together

A. Gamez

February 18, 2013

Enhance The "In The Box" Sound Experience

The Ampex ATR-102 is a must have plug in for every engineer that wants to add warmth, depth and a 3dimensional feel to a mix. I use it for mastering and for printing stems and it always adds so much character and color to anything I throw at it. It can be used very lightly or add extreme character, according to the user's desire and input for the song, but what comes out will always be so much better that what went in.

Being a huge fan of tape machines & analog equipment, having the Ampex at my disposal without the need of calibration or demagnetization every time I use it can easily save time & a bunch of money and for only 350, this plugin is a real bad ass. 2 days into the demo and I had to purchase it, IT REALLY IS THAT GOOD!

M. Gervasi

February 16, 2013

The Final Step

Everything you've read in the reviews is true. This is as important to have in the master buss as the Studer is on the tracks. Together they give you the closest thing to tape you'll find. While this one is a lot more resource intensive it's crucial in order to get that sound you're looking for. It's not top rated through hype it's actually that good.

P. Talbot

February 15, 2013

Great on mix buss

That one is now sitting on my mix bus and it gives it a nice glue and analog color.
I love it!

P. Talbot

February 15, 2013


Great one for giving some analog warmth to any tracks.
I find it especially useful on VST instruments.

Only annoying this is that on most presets, the noise is on, and I think that this is pushing the analog emulation a little too far IMHO. For those who want to add noise, fine, but this should be off by default.

H. Varvoglis

February 14, 2013

Is the sound you were hopping to have, but with computer, you never succeed

If you missed the sound of tape, as I did, Is the only way to approach it again.
Amazing fat low end, you can feel the "air" of the base drum, nice gentle hi-end, everything has a reach volume, and the reverbs works better and sound more fat, as they have more frequencies to work with, harmonics ets.
Everything in the mix getting to their position, is like everything getting alive.
In a few words, Is the sound you were hopping to have, but with computer, you never succeed. Is a must have plugin!
That's the pros, the cons is just one for me,
Is little bit heavy plugin, it uses about 3% of a quadcore UAD @ 48khz ,
Imagine 20 channels x 3% = 60% of process power and you haven't begin your mix yet..

C. Zeileissen

February 13, 2013

your best plug in so far!

thanx for your studer a800 emulation!
i´m really happy with the results.
since i´m using the real thing as well,
it´s easy for me to compare the two of them.
i must say the plug in is worth every dime...

thanx a lot!

T. Van

February 12, 2013

a tape recorder?

I did'nt know a tape recorder could do such things to a sound.
I though,in thos early days,t it just recorded the 24 track stereo mix in good dynamic quality.

M. Bolton

February 8, 2013

Saturation at Its Finest

I was skeptical of anything to do with tape.
I demoed it, comparing it to the Ampex emulation. The Ampex was blown out of the water.
With this, you can adjust how much analog hiss you add to the signal... it's nice to do be able to do that.
It's almost like EQ by adjusting the high freq on it.
Try it out; you'll fall in love with its distortion properties and warm sound. Once you add it to your signal path, you simply cannot take it off. Happens to me, every time.

E. Gorski

February 8, 2013

mastering must

this unit provides a sheen on the mix that makes that classic 70's sound. Everything just falls into place and sounds amazing. I love this plug and find myself using it often. There are certain mixes that scream for this. It is a valuable tool for a mastering chain. You may not use this all the time but you wiluse this alot

1921-1940 of 2071 Results