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Customer Reviews

Magnetic Tape Bundle

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F. Calle

January 12, 2013


This PlugIn its just fantastic on whatever you put on. I dont have the chance to use the hardware unit but this plugin has a lot of character, different colors. It can completely change the sound of your source or just enhance it!

F. Gabriel

January 11, 2013

a tape recorder in your computer

i m a reaggea producer and really needed this tool for roots reaggea(1970-1980).
I was using tape recorder 3M 2inch for several year but i went to computer based recording for more eazy editing and other obvious reasons...
I found the action on dynamics ,eq ,quite good ,realistik ,but that s not the reason why i chosed to earn this plug as i have some nice hardware compressors and eq than can do this job .
The wow and flutter simulation is just magical and repoduce exactlly the sound off my favorits reaggea mix especially :guitars ,clavs ,pianos, chaleston ,cymbals, sustain it just magical no others words can describe this.

P. Hamilton

January 7, 2013

Love it!

I have been recording on a 1" 16 track tape machine for years. I never really wanted to go digital, but once I saw THIS plug-in I knew it was time to make the jump. Being a total tape snob I really have to say that UA really blew my mind with the Studer plug-in. I can even make my track sound like a blown out, old hissy reel. I can't wait to get the Ampex next.

B. Keis

January 4, 2013

Another Winner

The Ampex ATR-102 Plug-in is another winner. It sounds amazing. Definitely a must-have.

H. Goldstein

January 3, 2013

Sweet Sweet Ampex

It`s actually hard for me to believe this plug-in exists...Having gone through the analog tape era and now the digital DAW era the fact that UA has gotten the vibe of analog tape in a plug-in is more than I could have wanted.

This plug adds a certain unexplained magic to either a master stereo buss or can be used to change the personality of individual instruments, vocals etc...The presets are extremely usable and simply changing the formulation of the tape and tape speed can yield great results. You do need to watch levels going in to the ampex..but not a problem.

Without any hesitation, it gets 5 stars from this user. Thank you UA !!!

PS, I`m finding that setting it up as the next to last in the signal chain works the best so far.

C. Cummings

January 3, 2013

Very Nice!

I have barely scratched the surface of this plug-in yet i am really impressed with what i am hearing so far. It just brings everything to life. As soon as you put it on a track you notice that everything seems to just "open up". I am happy with this purchase.

G. Johnson

January 3, 2013

Tape Simulation Perfection

Absolute legend of a Plugin!
I can use this in so many contexts, it has the ability to add that gentle crisp sheen to the top frequencies (in my case to match that 70s vinyl prog rock vibe), or to give some subtle drive to guitars / keys.
Across all tracks and the master buss you get a superb "glue" to the entire mix.

R. Squires

December 29, 2012

Studer Guys !

There are hidden wonderments built into this plug in that I can't imagine. It has kept people who have even BIGGER EARS than I do so satisfied that I wanted to write to tell the folks here about it. More later but YOU GUYS ARE INCREDIBLE. I'm impressed and I'll be hunting more tasty gadgetry from you before the new year is rolled in.
best! R. Squires

M. Vanacoro

December 29, 2012

An amazing plugin / "Set it and forget it!"

I love this plugin. I use it on individual tracks and on the whole mix. I'm sure, that with enough hours and hours of work you could re-create what it does with a bunch of really precise EQ plugs but it's just astounding how easy it is to slap this plug on and get warmth and 'fatness'. It's my new favorite.

C. Cardoso

December 27, 2012

If you want analog ITB this is where you get it

Just by adding this to your channel strip you will already feel the different, very subtle but effective glue, and excellent warmth added to your music. And best of all, it does all that it does in the most musical way. Love it and use it on every single mix now.

S. Laporte

December 27, 2012

A little sprinkle of magic

This Studer A800 plugin brings back memories. Used judiciously, it definitely has an audio comfort food vibe. A luxurious glue that helps bring back cohesiveness to the finished mix. What i didn't remember was the very interesting side-effects it does to imaging, It widens the stereo field, but very naturally and clarifies the musical parts. For what it does, and it does it really well, it's a great plugin. Highly recommended.

L. Chard-maple

December 24, 2012


These tape machines are incredible, as is every plugin this company develop! I only recently bought slate VTM but i already prefer the sound of this plugin! Just wish they were a little cheaper!

G. Carpenter

December 24, 2012

Great results!

Been loving the mojo that this plug has given my mix chain. Out my Apollo's 8 outs into my Dbox then through my Avedis MA5's for the make up gain then back into the Apollo to then hit a Massive Passive - Shadow Hills Mastering Comp and finally the Ampex. I feel my mixes now have a great deal more weight and legitimacy (especially in the low end) thanks to this plug. The glue and punch that this thing provides is also undeniable. Overall I'm wrapped with the whole mixing workflow since the Apollo Dbox combo and the 102 is just the icing on an already delicious and satisfying sound cake! Definitely pick this one up.

D. Russell

December 20, 2012

Great Plugin

This thing phattens up kick drums like no other. I had the distinct feeling that this would be a 'must have' plugin as soon as I tried it. I use it constantly now

M. Laws

December 20, 2012


I just drove a signal into this very hard and it poops diamonds out. Shockingly awesome. Coats bass driven music in a fine velvet sheen. :) - I might have to date this plug.

D. Bose

December 19, 2012

Studer Sound

I'm a novice using this but slowly I'm learning what this is all about. I have already used it on a huge mix and I really did start to hear "the glue" and the low end round-ness coming from this thing.

totally worth every penny

V. Gillert

December 17, 2012


such a lovely tool, worth every penny. Can't work without it anymore!

D. Moena

December 17, 2012



C. (buck)

December 14, 2012

It's everywhere

I will be buyin another card so I can use this puppy all the way through my mixes. I purchased the duo to try things out and maxed it out on my second mix! I had it on everything in the mix, the tonal changes are like chunkin the puter out the door. I am an ol guy and have been around these machines all my life,, I am a believer!!! I had a tape simulator that I got from another company, since I got a hold of this one I have not even opened the other one up. The controls on this Studer give you the power to saturate to just the right amount. No Bull!! open the lid and play with it is all I gotta say.

R. Rodriguez

December 13, 2012

Finish up your track with a touch of class

I read the reviews by the famous engineers that use this plug and they couldn't have been more right.

This is an excellent tool to finish off any style track you're working on.

I dare you to give it a trial run and not be amazed at how much easier it is for your sounds to come alive.

Highly Recommend, great combo with the Studer plug

1941-1960 of 2052 Results