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Customer Reviews

Manley Complete Bundle

Overall Rating

201-220 of 1676 Results

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M. Schulz

October 5, 2023

Excellent Tube Preamp

I really love this preamp to add some drive to basses and 808s.

J. Fernandez

October 4, 2023

Under Pressure

If you enjoy the bread in Brussels, you’re gonna love this plug. Sip a beer, set this up, and you better take cover cause the results are definitely thunder.

R. Sortwell

October 3, 2023

All about vox


A. Little

September 30, 2023

love it

Very Useful Plugin its my goto for vocals when im on the go using my thunderbolt apollo solo .

E. Yeung

September 29, 2023

This is what Class A sounds like

I've only tried this plugin one time, but that was enough to convince me to buy it immediately (on Native; I only have a Volt). It has a really, really smooth sound. I would definitely recommend.

J. Singh

September 29, 2023

wow it adds analog warm to my vocals

manley VOXBOX is my first UA plugin when ua released native version and i'm demo the plugin and use on client vocal and compare doing A/B i'm really amazed wow it adds weight and warm the signal and now its part of my vocal chain

b. cheung

September 27, 2023

Love this thing

oh wow, i thought this thing was meant for vocals but for my synths it was great!

C. Panetta

September 27, 2023

Convenient, warm and clean

The compressor before the pre is a cool touch, is enjoy the de esser, very clean, the eq is great for tone shaping. This doesn't need more than 4 to 7 db of compression to level out a vocal well. It has a nice tone and it's own sound, when you learn how all the different components interact with eachother, you can make something incredible with this while tracking vocals.

C. Panetta

September 27, 2023

I have the VOX box as well

I love this to add some tone when I don't need the bells and whistles on this voxbox or want the Manley pre sound to combine it with other plugins to create my custom channel strip

k. yahya

September 27, 2023


Plugin incroyable

D. Beneke

September 26, 2023

Simple With Spectacular Results

As a Voice Actor/Producer, this plugin adds some kind of pixie dust to all my voice over recordings. Smooths everything out with a few simple steps and saves me a lot of time getting the right sound for me and my clients without EQ! Sounds beautiful!


September 22, 2023


İ I use it on the console while recording, it is quite successful.

R. Katuin

September 17, 2023

Nice Preamp

It's nice. Not much to say about it

O. Seiffert

September 14, 2023

Manley Massive Passive EQ

Great transparency for mastering!


September 1, 2023

UAD does it again!

The Manley Tube Preamp is a must have for anyone recording live instruments or vocals. It can also be used on the mixbus for tube warmth, character, punch, and clarity. Five stars for me!!


August 31, 2023


warm audio with one click


August 31, 2023


warm audio with one click


August 31, 2023


warm audio with one click

W. Tang

August 31, 2023

Nice quality

use it very well goodjob

J. Keen

August 30, 2023

Incredibly versatile and transparent channel strip!

Like the title of this review says, the Manley Voxbox is incredibly versatile, and quite transparent until you hit the input hard and slam the compressor to silly levels, then you can "hear" the effect. It can and does add some warmth around a signal source. But overall it's really great for leveling out a dynamic vocal or other source. The de-esser in this plug in is BOSS!

201-220 of 1676 Results