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Manley Tube Preamp

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V. Gasyuk

January 29, 2022

Very warm

Preamp really conveys tube magic, with it even mediocrity voice acquires character.

M. Clay

January 29, 2022

Excellent Preamp

I have not even tried it on unison yet. I have been using it as a preamp for all my hardware and software synths on a track. It is working so well on everything, from heavy deep house kick and basses to tops, keys and percussions. It seems to have a collective glueing effect when used on ever track and actually sounds like a very expensive and produced sound when used as subtle start to each separate track when combined as a mix placed first in the chain on the respective channels. I look forward to trying it as unison soon.

The Manley and Neve collections of plugins are by far my favourite. They are their own identity now and we are all very lucky to be living in this generation where we get to use all this amazing tech. I never expected to be able to do all this in my lifetime, not in my wildest dreams, yet here we are thanks to United Audio and all the other great creators of hardware andf software related gear in this digital age.

Yes, this Manley prmamp is fattening the whole track up no end. It seems to fluff it out and fatten it up while still maintaing sonic integreity and clarity in the top end. Well impressed and pleased.

S. Rico Hernandez

January 28, 2022

Un pre tremendo

Me encanta y es Una herramienta muy útil para toda la mezcla

S. Jones

January 27, 2022

Why pay for a mini version of Voxbox?

I own the entire Manley collection until this pre-amp came out. Why would an owner of Voxbox plugin want this? I can think of several other great plugins to spend 50 bucks on.

E. Jegu

January 27, 2022

Very good

Nice for DSP ressources and very good for guitar also.

H. Nguyen

January 26, 2022



s. fridburg

January 23, 2022

very good

In my opinion, it can be used very well on vocals, like all devices it has its own original color, it's nice to have it in your arsenal.

J. Brown

January 20, 2022

Easy to drive a good sound

Thanks for the discount and making digital sound more musical. Saturation sounds great.

P. Radivojevic

January 18, 2022

Manley sound straight to your Apollo

Same warm, silky sound as it's big brother but less DSP use. I have not regret having both. UAD nailed it on this one!

P. Radivojevic

January 18, 2022

Less DSP for authentic Manley Sound

I have Manley Voxbox already, but this has same great Manley vibe to it. Great for tracking in real time, only less DSP usage if you don't need EQ and Compression modules. Sounds great on vocals - well worth having it!

M. Hechler

January 16, 2022

not just for vox

I purchased this plugin exclusively for my guitar pedals. I have tried several different ways to use my guitars effect pedals going into my UAD Arrow, but nothing sounded right. The Manley Tube Preamp has brought out what the effect pedals are supposed to sound like.( sounds live through a amp) The rich tube sound without all the frills, was the answer I had been looking for. The guitar effect pedals now have both volume and a fullness they were lacking . Seems simple, yet very effective :)

E. Young

January 15, 2022

Sounds great with my SM7B

I’m a ManleyVoxBox owner as well, what I like about the Manley preamp is the minimalist feel and simplicity. I use it to obtain a lot of clean gain that’s needed for my SM7B. I usually use it as a channel input and not unison.

D. Lee

January 14, 2022


Best unison option available right now for me. I use it on voice over, and it pairs really well with the Distressor and a pultec.

M. Filowitz

January 14, 2022

Manley tube preamp

I’m using an older OS that’s not supported by UA so I can’t upgrade the UA software or use the plugin.

P. Nortey

January 14, 2022

Nice to have

This plugins is very nice to work with

E. Irarrázabal

January 10, 2022

Bajo consumo de DSP

Con mayor coloración que Maley Reference Mic Preap. Bajo consumo de DSP

E. Irarrázabal

January 10, 2022

Permite colorear de forma más limpia

Menos armónicos y respuesta de freq más lineal comparado con el Neve preamp

A. Guth-Rosenstock

January 9, 2022

Manley Preamp Is great!

A smooth, creamy tube preamp with high headroom.
We put the Manley preamp before our Api Vision Channel strip when we a wanted a smoother, creamy tube effect going into the punchy API for further processing for a more sophisticated, ballad-style, vocal chain.
It also is very useful to add clean to mildly saturated sound as an additional amplifying gain stage following a different preamp in the Unison slot in the vocal chain for powering a Sm-7b without a cloud lifter. It has a large VU helpful to set levels going into the next plug even set to a clean boost. Very useful for example for raising levels to go into a Studer tape plug-in to or higher levels to go into a Fairchild at the sweet spots.

m. slavtcheff

January 9, 2022

Favorite Preamp

I own the neve preamp, the Avalon and a bunch of others. I’ve taken the time twice to A/B all of them and this one stands out to my ears. I am specifically working with pop for what it’s worth. It provides lots of gain for quiet vocals and is clear as a bell. It is now my go-to.

王. 新

January 9, 2022



61-80 of 142 Results