Marshall® Plexi Super Lead 1959

Marshall® Plexi Super Lead 1959

Unison Enabled


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Marshall® Plexi Super Lead 1959

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D. Riggs

May 7, 2015

Ummm a mix of feelings

I have been trying the Marshall Plexi and I remain a little pleased and a little irritated,
The amp itself seems fine. My doubts are reserved for the mixer.
On the face of it there seems to be no problem until I noticed the mixer has no mid control. This is my most important mixer control. I could not mix a valve mic with a fet mic. I was also irritated that the Coles 4038 ribbon mic was only used on the ambient channel. The very mic I would like micing the cab. Worse still we can't move the mic further or closer to the speaker or move it from the cap to the cone. All in all a bit frustrating.
When are the developers going to understand that guitarist actually want to take control of the software for ourselves like we would a real amp.

A. Klyushnikov

August 26, 2015

Plastic Sound

Not even close to the real thing. Sorry.

R. Virili

May 12, 2015

Good but...

This product looks like a good emulation of the amplifier, it sounds good even if you can not reach the same quality as the original; and this is a problem of all simulators of electric guitar that playing "digital" despite the efforts of software developers . I love your products but as always I must say that, for a non-professional user, these software cost too much. If you could lower the overall price of all plugins, you would do the " business boom " making happy many passionate users.

H. Hansson

May 25, 2015

Strange top end...

I tried this a lot and I can't stop wonder what is wrong with the top end on this one? I found out that it lies in the cab/amp section of the plugin, since it's disappearing when using this amp with other cab sims. Too bad, was waiting for this one, but it was a real disappointment.

A. Pollien

September 19, 2018

One of the best guitar amp on UAD

Awsome tube amp simulation. Dynamic, without phase effect or 'fogging' typical of simulations. The benefit compared to the free version is real since we can change the thickness and the acoustic placement of the sound by working on both microphones. Only one regret: it is impossible to bypass the preamp and use an external hardware with power amp and cab.

J. Jordanov

August 27, 2018

The best emulation ever!

This is the best emigration I've ever heard. I use it all the time on different projects. Thanks UA! Will be back for more!

p. serge

July 31, 2018

Good !

Très bon ampli

R. Hara

July 25, 2018



c. birdal

June 12, 2018

Best amp sim ever!

One of the main reasons, I switched to UAD interface. The unison technology is amazing, you really can feel like that you plugin into a real amp. And the sound of the DEFAULT position on this amp is best thing I've ever heard.

G. Cardenas

May 23, 2018

Very dissapointing

It’s shocking reading all the positive reviews. Anyone who owns and plays a real Plexi (or any four input Marshall for that matter) will know that this plugin is downright awful and far off from the real thing. With that said, the UA/Softube 2203 is usable, but there are better options out there, and I own most Softube plugins, which are otherwise very good. I sincerely hope the positive reviewers can one day play through a real Plexi/Plexi style Marshall so they can know the difference.

J. Cory

May 15, 2018


Absolutely love this plug-in! Great classic Marshall tone that works well in most applications. The slight break up sound that can be obtained is my favorite, and makes it sit well in the mix. Truly dynamic!!!

J. Urrutia

April 19, 2018

Amazing plugin, so close from reality

I had once the opportunity of trying the real one, and I couldn't tell now much about the difference, amazing plugin, totally worth it

R. Robertson

March 30, 2018

Marshall Plexi Classic

Ok, so this version of the super lead 1959 only comes with the Sure 57 mic but this thing still really sounds great. Very happy with this plugin *****

M. Buracchi

March 27, 2018


guys really like the one that the real take it

R. Visbal

March 17, 2018

Can’t get any better than this!!!

It’s hard to find a good guitar amp, specially a Marshall Super Lead 100, and if you do find one it’s actually too expensive to purchase, but with this baby, I just can’t stop tracking guitars. Thanx to UA and Soft Tube for this gift made in heaven, or should I say Hell

V. Morganti

March 11, 2018


The neighbors have always been my problem, but finally I can play a Plexi all crancked up in my living room without worrying too much ...! Best Plexi amp sim so far.

K. Boldin

March 1, 2018

Sounds awesome.

The tonal qualities of the amp are perfect for any rock guitar player. It's great for my corporate work! You get everything from warm rhythm tones to crunchy/distorted tones.
Just add some reverb (EMT plate) and some extra compression (1176) and you have an awesome lead tone.

Thanks UAD

P. Dudzikowski

February 26, 2018

great, enough to work without excuses

Well, it sounds good, good enugh to work. One who touch this amp literaly, will always feel that plug-in it`s not real stuff. It`s close to real amp, and it's really good with being close to. I like it.

A. Shevchenko

January 28, 2018

Good for Very Vintage Things

Don't expect a modern sound, it's very vintage. Nevertheless, it's a good emulation.

J. Stoecker

January 12, 2018


All of the Marshall amps sims are fantastic. The Plexi is no exception. Very versatile in sounds.

21-40 of 156 Results