Marshall® Plexi Super Lead 1959

Marshall® Plexi Super Lead 1959

Unison Enabled


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Marshall® Plexi Super Lead 1959

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N. Åberg

October 18, 2017


Now I can play a cranked Marshall at home without annoying the family or the neighbours. Sounds killer!

D. Kato

October 4, 2017



G. Zeraschi

October 3, 2017

Just great!

Fantastic sound, fantastic response! Thank you softube!

J. Dillon

September 18, 2017

Love this Marshall tone!

I have a few Marshalls but not a Plexi, until now! I know I won't be buying a Plexi any time soon and with this plug-in I no longer need to. This plug-in may be my favorite guitar amy sim, and I have many! Just sounds lush and spongy no mud. Very versatile range of tone, super easy to use and fantastic results!

J. Dillon

September 18, 2017

This plug-in is easy to use and delivers! Very close to the real thing!

I have this amp, so when I tried the plug-in I immediately heard how close it was. The plug-in sounds really good! I spent an evening actually running a comparison. It's not 100% the same as my amp, more like 98%. But I don't think any two of these amps are 100% the same either. My amp is really loud and sounds great, but to achieve much of the tone is way too loud for home. This plug-in is easy to use and delivers!

G. Twydell

July 18, 2017

Very very accurate!

I, being one of those really stubborn guitarists, always hated amp sims. I haven't ever been a fan of Amplitude for example. I was curious to try out this plug in as i own a real 1959 head myself, used it on recordings and use it live a every show.

I was completely blown away by how accurate this thing is... not only with the sound, but the feel of it as well. Im very very very impressed. No, it doesn't beat playing the real thing if you want to jam along and make some noise because nothing beats having the amp in the room with you and physically feeling the sound and air hit you. This IS NOT a live toy in my opinion.
However in a studio environment when you'd be only hearing your amp through studio monitors regardless of if its "real" or not, this is bang on.

I use it on all my recordings now. I can get my sound without pissing everyone off in the area, and even work late if i need to. My real head is saved for live shows, and the occasional blast at home because sometimes you just need to.

Definitely worth getting.

M. Sylvin

July 13, 2017

Never really comfortable with amp emulations but mostly own fault

I've tried many but always a bit disappointed. There is something about the gain/overdrive that always sounds false. I hear great usage of the amps, but can not get it together myself. Probably just lack of talent on that department.

For the most part I use Manley Voxbox in unison then I add my pedalboard with Ibanez Tube screamer and/or Boss DS 1 + TC delay and either my Tele or Gretsch and I love the sound..

Later I add something from the following: Galaxy/Studio D/BX refinement/SPL Twin tube/LA3A... The Manley is like a perfect clean amp with warm sound and the pedals handle the rest... just a little bit of gain... I have not lost my faith in the emulations, but for the moment I can not make them work...

L. Gordon

July 2, 2017

The future is now the past

In a project studio or an apartment, this plug in solves every issue of recording guitar quietly and cheaply. This plug in sounds better than most marshalls. Very impressed.

雄. 鈴木

July 1, 2017



n. chappey

June 2, 2017

great but not perfect

First of all : this thing clearly blows off Amplitube 4. When I first tried it, I don't know why but I got it wrong and didn't like it. Maybe because of the presets... Then I tried it again taking off the room mic and adding Ableton convolution reverb : it sounded so much better ! This is clearly a lot more realistic than Amplitube 4.
But I must say that UAD Fender 55 tweed sounds even better (it's a different amp but I'm talking in terms of realism). And I find annoying the fact that there's no mid knob... I get it, Softube tried to make it look authentic but guys... we don't need that kind of purist's thing. A noise cancelling option would be nice too.

J. Krimstock

May 31, 2017


As a professional guitarist, I have always struggled to find any software that could match my collection of old amps and gear.. I finally found it! The Plexi Lead sounds incredible on both my old Teles and my Gibbys. Yes!

M. Matthews

April 23, 2017


If you're a fan of the AC/DC sound, this one's for you. Great plug in.

A. Nabavi

April 14, 2017

Perfect, Just the way it should be !!!

I Loved it the most from all of the Amp Emulations of UAD. most of the emulations didn't support the stereo sound and amp room, but Marshals DO, and this one is the Pioneer in Marshals BUNDLE I believe. Thank you UAD.

K. Gleason

March 19, 2017

Great amp

The mid range bite and compression is very solid on this amp. Definitely has the best characteristics of the Marshall without filling up apartment real estate.

茂. 山下

March 12, 2017

Great Sound!!

Thank you that I am satisfied very much
I do not seem to buy an actual machine for the time being

T. Ottesen

February 16, 2017


This amp sim really did it for me - that special attack you get from Marshalls is right there as soon as you hit the strings. I often just end up plugging in my J. Mascis Jazzmaster, and just do Dinosaur Jr. covers to amuse myself with this plugin. It really nails that sound.
I´m giving it a 4, because it´s a little harder to use than for instance the Fender sim. You have to really be careful with your input signal, and the plugin is just set a little too loud by default. The tone when you DO get it right though - is spot on.

J. Afonso

February 1, 2017

Sound of legends!!!

i use it all the time!!!

M. Cibien

January 23, 2017

R'n'R staple added!

Early ‘70s 1987 (50W head) owner here. Couple this plug-in with a Unison preamp and…get that raw, immortal tone! Another superb emulation, really capable of capturing the dynamics and indomitable power of this seminal design. Last but not least, the array of mics allows for a variety of great tones and experimentations. Crunch at its best, with some big clean sounds available by just rolling off the volume pots… ;-)

C. May

January 14, 2017


As soon as I plugged it in I felt inspired. It's very hard to find a setting that doesn't sound good; I absolutely cannot believe I'm playing software!

B. Autry

November 19, 2016

I own a real 68 plexi

Now I own 2. After demoing this amp for a few minutes o had to pull the trigger on it. The feel and sound are unbelievable .

61-80 of 146 Results