Neve® 88RS® Channel Strip Collection

Neve® 88RS® Channel Strip Collection

Unison Enabled

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Customer Reviews

Neve 88RS Channel Strip Collection

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P. Cacciari

March 17, 2018

Neve 88 Rs

For me this plugin gives vitality and quietness to every tone that processes leaving the mix more fluid and at the same time vibrant and perceptible in its nuances, cleaning the sound and chamfering unwanted edges. This is due to the possibility to pass the signal or only in line or mic using the EQ or not. More professional than the legacy version. Great channel strip.

E. Buckley

March 17, 2018

Now my "Go To" for Vocals & Acoustic Guitar

I used an Avalon 737 for vocals, acoustic guitar, and as a bass DI for the last 17 years, then I started to use the Never 88r. Well, after one session, I sold one of the 737s and the other is in the corner waiting to go out to another buyer.

What UAD has achieved here is quite remarkable. What used to cost $3000 - $5000 easily is now attainable in a plug for a few hundred dollars for a fraction of the price. Analog warmth, sweet EQ, very tasty compression, loads of ton, etc... are all accessible in the box thanks to UA.

UAD User

March 15, 2018

Clean and Efficient

I’ve been using the API and loved it on drums because it adds a nice tone of weight and presence. I’ve used the new SSL as well and that’s scary good. But now I’m seeking cleaner mixes with less analog dust. The 88RS does everything right and keeps the integrity of sound.

S. Parker

February 27, 2018

Nice nice nice....

Everyone has their preference when it comes to channel strips, but I tell you , I love the Neve and use it sooo much for vocals, I got my money's worth in less than a month. Love the separate gain and threshold. Just demo it if you aren't a Neve geek like me and turn the knobs and see what you get. I'm betting you will not be disappointed.

M. Ruckels

February 24, 2018

So. Good.

That Neve warmth.

V. Sanchez

February 22, 2018

My new secret weapon

Holy Moly! This is now the first plugin I apply to a track when I'm mixing. Tracks like bass, acoustic guitar and certain vocals that used to be problems, particularly in the low mids are immediately smoothed out, not thinned out but smoothed out. Keeps the low end nice and solid and top end silky smooth. I call if a girdle for audio. Clients are noticing and loving the sounds I've been getting. I even gone back to mixes I was happy with and taken all the previous EQ processing off and just insert the 88Rs and heard an immediate improvement.

祥. 渡邊

February 13, 2018

the best


J. Cousins

February 6, 2018


Great sound, one of my favorite are the Jimmy Douglass Masterbus!!!! That full boost sound it gives its amazing....still learning to use but enjoying everything about it

M. Hailey

January 16, 2018

Extremely pleased with the 88RS

As someone who works in a studio with a Neve VR its incredibly refreshing to go into our production suite and use something in the digital domain that functions the same way. I am really impressed with the way it sounds and behaves. Next test will be a shootout against the console! 5 stars for sure!

A. Rucker

January 12, 2018


Top of the line

s. Ha

January 2, 2018



I used always my project with neve88rs

G. Hall

December 24, 2017

Neve 88rs

With so many incredible plugin creations in the UAD2 platform, it's difficult to pick just 1 emulation and label it as the pinnacle of the collection. But if that were to be a talking point, surely this remarkable, versatile plugin would be a contender for the very top slot. 5 stars

F. Marcus

December 3, 2017

Perfect, just perfect

Compliments the SSL E 4000 Channel Strip extremely well. This plugin is main stay in my project template. The Legacy version is extremely DSP efficient too. Such a pity that this plugin was poorly rated because a bunch of people were dissatisfied with the upgrade price.

K. Smith

December 2, 2017

My go-to for any source

I've only used the actual console once and I loved the sound immediately. It's the first modern Neve desk with sonics that surpass the classic favorites. I was doubtful that everything I liked about it could be captured with software but this is pretty much exactly right. The mic pre, the eq, even the compressor and gate, are fantastic. I'm a huge API fan and also have the Vision channel strip, but the 88RS is what I reach for first.

M. O'Flynn

November 30, 2017

Neve 88RS

This is a nice clean sounding and versatile channel strip

C. Rollans

November 26, 2017


Barely sounds like a plugin!

A. Ballantyne

November 25, 2017

Real Neve Sound!

This is as close as you can get without getting the real thing. Great product from UA!!!

m. khaleel

November 22, 2017

unison technology - not too bad at all

The UA website states: 'Developed by UA’s world-renowned team of DSP engineers, UAD plug-ins set the standard by which all other audio plug-ins are judged.'
This is the only plugin developer I am aware of that also posts revealing shootouts.
I think that's pretty good. What do you think?

m. andersson

November 21, 2017

Sounds Great!

Really useful and nice sounding plugin!

T. Foster

November 15, 2017

Awesome Plug-Ins

This is an amazing plug-in, brings color to vocals whenever you add it to the channels unison

81-100 of 419 Results