Neve® 88RS® Channel Strip Collection

Neve® 88RS® Channel Strip Collection

Unison Enabled

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Neve 88RS Channel Strip Collection

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E. Toews

January 9, 2017

Sound Good, But...

This Plugin sounds really excellent, after buying this one and the API I am asking me if I really need other EQ`s like pultec and co.

Minus one star for misleading manual, I f****d my brains for half of a hour until I realized that those Gate and Compressor diagrams are not quite right. For example the "range" is put in the wrong space. The explanations of Hysterisis is not clear enough...
It makes a little bit suspect, all the hype about the analog sound and how amazing it is, makes me thing those manuals are about selling and not the technical correctness.

p.s. - UA go with time and offer the possibility of external Sidechaining for you compressors and dry/wet Mixknob.

D. Huang

December 14, 2016

Awesome Ch Strip.

I've been demo this for fewtime. When this Black Friday comes. I decide to purchase this for permanently. Yes, I really love to use it on every track.

M. Nigro

October 14, 2016

Sounds like Neve

You can't go wrong with this 88RS plugin, but it's way to hungry for DSP than SSL emulation and this fact I took a star from my review (channel Strips are supposed to be used in lots os channels). Beside that, the sound is awesome.

UAD, please: update the graphics to better serve large screen. Almost all controllers on UAD plug-ins appears very small on my iMac 5K retina.

UAD User

September 21, 2016

best strip out there...This Plug-In is amazing!

best strip out there...This Plug-In is amazing!

It's the Neve sound, even just adding this to the mix bus works wonders.
the mix are more present.

J. Linkner

July 1, 2016

Amazing Sound and Flexibility

I already had the 88RS Legacy strip and demoed the new 88RS, put them both on the same track and went back and forth. The 88RS sound is so much closer to the analog board and I was amazed. Both the 88RS and the Legacy version sound great, but have different character, so I use them both.
My only issue with the new 88RS is the DSP use...maybe the most of any plugin I have. That's why it gets a 4. Soundwise, it's a 5.

j. dale

June 17, 2016

Excellent results

Stunning! The best channel strip I have used sounds amazing! The only drawback is the DSP usage !

J. Barker

April 5, 2016

My favorite Unison device.

Works great as a virtual preamp. The gate function is better than the already impressive API Vision. I can get a crisp and clear male or female vocal signal in a untreated room. This was worth the money for me.

A. Gruskoff

December 14, 2015

Neve 88RS Channel Strip Collection

Like most UAD customers, I have spent a lot of money on a lot of great UAD plugins. Knowing the VERY high prices UAD charges, I was not looking to take even more food off the table to pay for more plugins.

Yet, this Neve 88RS plugin does add a unique value the others don't. First, I am using this as an Input Insert in the Console channel. This way its in my recording chain. This works very well for me, specially for recording Bass as I have real Neve compression and EQ on the inbound path. I tried the freebie UAD 610-B, its on the right path but nothing like the audio finesse of the Neve 88RS.

In reading the manual, I see that the "Legacy" version is more suitable for playback Track Inserts as it uses less resources.

R. Odnoralov

December 11, 2015

Great Sounding Plugin

Perfect plugin for busses and especially on vocals. Only downside is heavy processing, bur otherwise love it.

R. Ede

November 1, 2015

Soooo good but.....

I see all of the people who are saying don't moan about the upgrade price seem to be relatively new UAD owners with Apollo's. I have been a full fat subscriber to the UAD religion for over 10 years from UAD1's and now Apollo and PCIE. Ive accumulated a LOT of plugs over time and this is the first one I feel should have had a better price point for existing legacy 88 owners. We bought that plug BEFORE the apollos and helped spread the gospel according to Universal Audio. Sure I have no problem paying for an upgrade that has upgraded features (which this does in buckets btw!) but a shout out to the disciples that have been with them along this incredible journey would have been nice by way of a discount. Other than that its fantastic!

C. Chastain

August 14, 2015

Great Plugin - but the upgrade costs...

This plug is excellent for dialing in saturated vocals. The harmonics never seem to get out of hand - and I've been shocked to see how hard I've pushed the EQ when doing mix revisions a few days later. It the real deal.

UAD User

August 12, 2015

Pretty cool for a plug-in!

Dunno why everyone is complaining about the price....these folks gotta make money in order to keep the cool gear coming our way! Great channel strip, very versatile and fantastic to use before hitting your DAW.

S. Foley

July 27, 2015

Great sounding. There are ALWAYS discount coupons

There are a bunch of 1 star reviews because ppl think $149 is too expensive for an update. My UA account has $75 in "thanks" and promo codes, and when they expire there are usually others that come later. The "real" update price is $75 if you exercise even an ounce of patience. Perhaps I'm old, perhaps the "software is free" generation are quick to whine and complain, but even at $149, that is insanely inexpensive to attain a professional quality tool. Maybe there are a lot of hobbyist who are thinking about the money differently than I am, but this is basically a new plugin. I have made more than 200 records since changing to the UAD system and the transition to ITB was succesful because of UA. Only real issue is CPU being high.

s. kgr

June 30, 2015

Great sounds

I think the sound is very good. I'm inserting myself into a channel one after another, now, I'd like to use it, the movement is quite heavy. So it's narrowed down to several channels and it's used. The base is made thick, and I make a guitar conspicuous, and it's very convenient. I also like a gate. A neve sound is a obtained valuable item easily.

S. Belgrave

June 18, 2015

Update thoughts!!

I'd already reviewed this stating it was first rate and an excellent update. Literally night and day between the old and new.

After a bit of nagging to support, wondering why I was to be charged a hefty update fee to update, they sent me a bunch of coupons that helped make the update price little more than a posh bag of chips!! I have been beginning to lose faith in their customer support and to be honest, still remain a little wary. But it was a nice touch and much appreciated. Its reassuring to know that they are indeed listening. I hope they continue to remember and support their loyal customers, both Mac and PC, and we'll continue to support them!!!

C. Simpson

June 14, 2015

And Now For Something Completely Different...

Dear Mr. UAD,

I am writing to congratulate you on your most recent channel strip release. I had previously written a one star review of the Neve 88RS channel strip re-release and have decided it was in haste. I've had all weekend to record some song ideas and much to my surprise… this plug in is an ANIMAL! It made my Rickenbacker sound like it was leaping out of the monitors at me. I've never heard or played with anything so damn inspiring. For real.

I'm sorry for my previous shitty review. Please keep up the good work and don't listen to my whining (and anybody else's).

P.S. I'm still taking off one star for charging $149/$299 for an update to a plug in I already own, no matter how awesome it is.

T. Stefiuk

May 18, 2015

Great plugin, almost as good as the real deal.

This is an excellent offering from UA. The filters in the new plugin are more like the real thing.I love how tech keeps getting better every year.The sound the plugin imparts is a bit more dimensional than the old plugin, the bottom is heaps better and the dynamics section is solid.
To all the fine people whinging about the price of the upgrade I say welcome to Capitalism.UA is here to make money & not give stuff away.The plug uses more DSP so you will need to buy the Octo.UA has planned this as an upgrade/ profit path for a few years now. Remember when the new plugs came out a few years ago at the same time as the Octo.They sounded better but DSP went up.I like what UA does but I'm sure they do not need DSP cards to do what they do today.

a. morgan

May 14, 2015


I have the legacy version but when I go to buy the new one it charges me full price... any ideas?
Kindly, Anton.

H. Petersson

May 12, 2015

Excellent plugin but high DSP usage

This is an excellent plugin. One of UAs best work to date. The input stage is clean, accurate and warm. Great sounding filters and EQ. Perfectly usable compressor and gate. All in all it sounds fantastic, and there is very little that can match it in terms of quality.

The only thing that takes away one star is the DSP consumption which is a bit too high to make this really usable as a mixing plugin unless you have at least two octos. It is twice the API Vision strip.
It would not have been a problem is DSP was cheaper, but this is beyond the budget of many users.
If there was a way to bypass the input stage to save some DSP it would make it a little bit more usable.

A. Salganik

May 8, 2015

is good but original is better

this is definitely sounds warmer due to complicated distortion characteristics
but I think original sounds better

21-40 of 43 Results