Neve® 88RS Channel Strip Collection

Neve® 88RS Channel Strip Collection

Unison Enabled


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Neve 88RS Channel Strip Collection

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L. Pimentel

August 12, 2015

Outstanding Emulation - QUIT WHINING!

You people should be ashamed of yourselves by rating the product so low just because you don't wanna pay the upgrade fee. It is worth the $149. It adds new features. Why complain about it when they are adding UNISON to the Channel Strip? Same thing happened to the 1073 and the reviews weren't affected by the winners non sense. You can't be a serious professional if you refuse to understand how a company spends thousands to develop and perfect a product. Stupid, childish and amateur. Quit the "loyalty" BS. The product is worth the price and it sounds great. $149 worth of this whining??? Most of you have used plenty of coupons and vouchers that are given on a regular basis. I don't know a company that gives more vouchers than UA. GROW UP!

S. Belgrave

June 18, 2015

Update thoughts!!

I'd already reviewed this stating it was first rate and an excellent update. Literally night and day between the old and new.

After a bit of nagging to support, wondering why I was to be charged a hefty update fee to update, they sent me a bunch of coupons that helped make the update price little more than a posh bag of chips!! I have been beginning to lose faith in their customer support and to be honest, still remain a little wary. But it was a nice touch and much appreciated. Its reassuring to know that they are indeed listening. I hope they continue to remember and support their loyal customers, both Mac and PC, and we'll continue to support them!!!

C. Frazier

May 13, 2015

I'm really sad about this.

all these plug ins are great, but you can only use them 1or 2 times. feels like I wasted money buying this hardware.


May 8, 2015

Great plug in / bad business

Hi there Uad team,

Just wanted to drop my comment about the fact that i have baught this plug in a few years back and i think it is not normal that you are not offering an upgrade friendly price for people in my case. You consider i should buy it a second time in total ! this is just unfair.
I hope you will take this remark into account. Just have a look at others quality actors like Native Instrument and many many others in computer software business....

H. Petersson

May 12, 2015

A bit of balance

I am throwing in a five star rating here to balance things up a bit.
Some people think it's unfair of UA to charge halt the list price for an update. I think it's unfair to give this excellent plugin one star because of that.

If you bought the original version and thought it was worth the money then be happy with that purchase. The new version is a new plugin all together, rebuilt from ground up which I'm sure took a lot of effort. It's not a minor update. If you don't think it's worth the upgrade price (which is perfectly understandable) then you don't need to pay it. It's not as if your current version will stop functioning. Take one star off the review for high pricing, but to give it one star is just as unfair.

M. Goodwin

October 29, 2015

Sounds Great - CPU Hungry

I am a serious fan of the Legacy 88RS I do most of my mixing with it. I tried this one out and have to say that the preamp is a great addition but it puts to much strain on the card.

M. Niemczyk

May 17, 2015

its a revelation

I needed a channel strip with good preamp and was thinking about the API. But than UAD come up with this new version of Nave and i gave it a try. Ohm man, this plug is a revelation. I find myself loading old recodirngs we made in a basement of house during the studies. They was made quite ok, but never sounded that way. Its phenomena to have a possibility to mix on a 1Mio $ Desk. Well ist certainly not cheap, but compared to the original its relative. Its certanly needs a lot of DSP, but if there will be a way to provide that sound with less than all the other plugs would have to explain them self and their needs. However, after getting Lexicon 244, the Struder and the Fairchild in the first run. This one and the Vertigo VSM-3 are next!

a. morgan

May 14, 2015


I have the legacy version but when I go to buy the new one it charges me full price... any ideas?
Kindly, Anton.

A. Salganik

May 8, 2015

is good but original is better

this is definitely sounds warmer due to complicated distortion characteristics
but I think original sounds better

D. Bires

May 19, 2015

Pay Attention to Detail

I ran the demo and this is a work of art and I commend UA for their solid work as usual. Now I do pay attention to what customers ask for out of UA especially with their surveys they put out from time to time and I can tell you UA is listening. I noticed customers wanted pedal plugins and more unison pre's and strips and guess what UA gave it to us and some people are complaining about it after they buy it. Wait a minute cant you demo it first? Hello 14 day trial If you dont like it don't buy it. Stop crying about it if you cant afford it. Move on to to another product. Of coarse UA Plugins are expensive. They have to get the rights to put NEVE on that PLUGIN as well as have permission to do it in the first place. When most companies cant.

T. Liljegren

May 19, 2015

This upgrade is actually fair...

Loads of angry people here, and from the very start I agreed. Just thought that this is just a bloody rip off, but...
The only thing all of you seaguls out there should do is: Insert the old one and this new one on for example (like I did) on an a snare channel.
Do an A/B listening and consider the difference.
Is the upgrade worth $149?

In my opinion: YES! DEFINATELY! The upgrade is at least 3 times better than the previous!

If u don't think it's worth $149 dollars - don't buy! But I bet u will thou the result is like a Volkswagen v/s a Lambourgini.

I Think the price is fair thou I'm gonna use it a lot! So why shouldn't I pay for it?

Thanx UA!

c. larson

July 13, 2015

Some remember a time

What a bunch of winers $150 for this kind of upgrade ... and people wine about it ????
It wasn't long ago that a crappy outboard comp cost us several hundred dollars, an ADAT nearly $2k for 8 tracks I know not all of you had to pay 10k for a 16 track MTR (and wish they still had it:) but thats how it was
thank god we can get this level qualiity for so little money
Universal Audio is the real deal and should not even be mentioned amongst the "Me Too" products
I'm an Apollo w/ loads plugs guy, and I work hard for my money, i say every penny i've spent on UA returns twice the value or more ... year after year, trak upon trak
I think they are gracious with coupons and sales, thank you guys
i say step up, grow a pair or move on

T. Stefiuk

May 18, 2015

Great plugin, almost as good as the real deal.

This is an excellent offering from UA. The filters in the new plugin are more like the real thing.I love how tech keeps getting better every year.The sound the plugin imparts is a bit more dimensional than the old plugin, the bottom is heaps better and the dynamics section is solid.
To all the fine people whinging about the price of the upgrade I say welcome to Capitalism.UA is here to make money & not give stuff away.The plug uses more DSP so you will need to buy the Octo.UA has planned this as an upgrade/ profit path for a few years now. Remember when the new plugs came out a few years ago at the same time as the Octo.They sounded better but DSP went up.I like what UA does but I'm sure they do not need DSP cards to do what they do today.

M. Benedetto

May 17, 2015

One of the best so far!

This plug-in is by far one of the best so far, I own most of the plugins and the UA platform is the best in the business hands down. The EQ on the 88RS are smooth and musical. The folks at UA nailed this one.

For those giving it a one and two start ratings, just because you buy something once does not mean you are entitled to free upgrades for life. You Mac or PC's are not free upgrades. UA needs to be profitable to continue to build the amazing hardware and the plugins. When you upgrade your software or when you purchase plugins do you completely remix all of your customer songs for free? Why not? Exactly why UA cannot give you the plugs for free!

S. Laurendeau

May 17, 2015

Natural selection

This new plug-ins has Unison technology inside, the legacy version doesn't. For that alone, it worth it to me. To all of you guys who complain, go buy some Waves, they have a nice looking interface and they sell them for cheap (and still sound the same as 10 years ago). If you dont want to spend $149 for this plug-ins upgrade, there is other companies selling plug-ins, so go buy those. Of course,UA are getting more expensive because they are getting better. It's still a deal if you ever bought hardware and A/B with UAD plugs.

T. Misic

November 27, 2015

DSP usage is stoping me to buy this plugin

I was thinking to by this plugin but because of dsp usage I will never by it.

O. Westlie

May 25, 2015

Serious guys. Stop complaining about the price.

UA is state of the art products. That's why we use it. What do you expect? Get it for free? Spend money and be happy. And make good music :-)

UAD User

June 11, 2016

Uses too much DSP

i am a home studio mixer and own an apollo Twin. The big disappointment with this strip is that one instance of it uses about 21% of my total DSP resource !! So after using it on one mix I'm never going to use it again. It just sucks too much resource.

It was also listed at two prices - I bought it for $229 on sale then it was also listed for $129 i believe and I had already purchase the more expensive "version". This happened within about 5 minutes of completing my purchase.

Big disappointment this round of dealing with UA. I would not recommend this plug in unless you are a serious studio with a lot of outbound DSP capability.


D. James

August 19, 2019

Awww yea!!

Amazing sounding channel strip! Sounds spectacular!!!!


July 13, 2019

Excellent Plug-In!

This Plug in is an Excellent Tool to Bring Any Instrument to Your Desired Tonality And Position in the Mix, It Brings your Analog Sound to Your Tracks in Production or Going in to Pro Tools Making your MOJOon The Spot.

41-60 of 397 Results