Oxide Tape Recorder

Oxide Tape Recorder


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Oxide Tape Recorder

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k. z

May 25, 2017

Punchy and Fat

Nice plugin. Very reasonable and so effective.

C. Raspante

May 18, 2017

Analog heaven!

After 20 something years of digital recording, finally I can get the sound and feel of analog back. This on a snare alone is worth the price of admission. Love it!

L. Alin Gabriel

May 16, 2017

A good worker

Fast and punchy. Load it, set it fast and go on. It sounds musical, the lows are killer.

A. Solovyev

May 6, 2017

Отличный сатуратор

Отличный симулятор магнитной ленты-качественно и разнообразно окрашивает звучание различных инстурментов.

m. jackson

May 2, 2017

Best tape sim I've used

To me, this sounds most like my analog machine.....I like this even better than the Ampex ATR plugin.....One of my most used plugins....

A. Rucker

April 29, 2017


Great sound!!! One of my new go to plugins.

E. Vee

April 28, 2017

My FAV Tape Plug!

Because its easy to use, low DSP, and sounds good.


April 27, 2017


love it on bass guitars..smooth and big!!!!!...kikks ass)))


April 27, 2017


love it on bass guitars..smooth and big!!!!!...kikks ass)))

M. Cullen

April 25, 2017

I Like It !!

Simple to use, low on processing power so easy to multiple instances, sounds good.....what's not to like ??

C. Grabau

April 18, 2017

Sounds great on everything!

Easy to use and low DSP usage. It's like an instant "good" switch that improves the sound of anything you run through it. Quickly becoming one of my go to plugins.

R. Carmany

April 17, 2017

UAD Oxide Tape Recorder

I like it. Not nearly as versatile as the A800 or ATR-102, but it's not intended to be. It's something that is quick, simple, and imparts a very smooth tape-like sound. Very nice.

t. takamasa

April 16, 2017


I have many tape emulators and this is my favorite

G. Rodríguez

April 14, 2017

Tremendamente calido

Ya que Oxide este dentro de tu lista de plugins por canal le da una calidez a tu señal que lo agradecerás.

UAD User

April 14, 2017

I love Oxide Tape

I must say I love all the UA plug ins I've purchased. I haven't been disappointed with a single one. My most recent purchase was the Oxide Tape Recorder. I started off by using it on the inserts of a group of electric guitars. Right away I noticed the tracks were a bit warmer and a punchier. The difference can be subtle at times but when you use it on multiple tracks the accumulated result is obvious. I couldn't be happier with all my UA products. I'm looking to get the Ampex tape machine next!!!!

M. Spaventi

April 14, 2017

Cool plugin

Nice little plugin to use for that exaggerated tape sound! I bought it with a cool promotion and I try to use it all the time, sometimes it works magics sometimes it's too much, like many other colorful plugins it's another tool in my arsenal! Well done (again) UAD!

K. Asknes

April 13, 2017


I tried this on my drum buss and had to buy it. Works wonders on cymbals. Now I track with it on almost every track to take the digital sharpness away on the way in. Love it!

C. Perez Iserte

April 12, 2017


The gloss of the oxide ribbon is perfect.
It also gives a very nice sound at low frequencies

S. Vester

April 12, 2017

Easy to use, great sound!!

It just helped me out adding punch to a snare, wich I somehow didn't`t get from another tool..

UAD User

April 11, 2017


When taking into account the sound, number of instances can use due to the low cpu loading this has and the price, it is essential.

321-340 of 619 Results