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Oxide Tape Recorder

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G. Udvarhelyi

November 3, 2022

Sounds great!!

Easy to use and sounds great on basically everthing.

M. Galavan

October 12, 2022

Oxide Tape Recorder dbx 160

Worked Great right out of the gate. Easy to use. It made my Bass Guitar patch from Logic Pro sound thicker and warmer. Noticeable difference for sure. (Maybe they'll release a dbx 2 version some day.)

C. George

September 24, 2022

Adds a nice Analog Warm Tone

I have been amazed how oxide tape adds that extra analog warm tone to a mix. Just lightly added and it adds that extra 5% to help complete a mix that’s ready to get mastered.

A. Vonavi

September 3, 2022

Amazing tape!

Everything sounds more open in Hi's and more fat in low's. Amazing tool!!!

M. Park

September 1, 2022


Easy to use great sound

J. Lang

August 18, 2022

Big thick sound

Want to add thickness and “oomph” to your drums? Oxide tape! Boom!!! Done!!!!!

G. Grinko

July 27, 2022

Good plugin

Very nice plugin. I use for bass,and piano. The sound is amazing!!!

C. Preston

July 15, 2022

This is so good… no ‘reel’ ly good!

Blown away by this emulation. So much authentic tone and character. One of my favourites.

N. Stomeo

July 14, 2022


Very nice

y. kim

July 7, 2022

Good texture

Good texture

D. Matas

June 20, 2022

Another awesome plugin

I get the feeling I'm gonna start sounding like a broken record real quick because this plugin like all the others I've used so far is awesome!

K. Socasau

June 12, 2022

Excellent Tape Recorder

One of the best tape recorder on the market, simple and easy to use, stellar fat sounds !

И. Карасенко

June 10, 2022

Oxide Tape Recorder

I bought a very cool Oxide Tape Recorder not long ago, the tape sound is very colorful on all instruments.
In general, I am satisfied with the purchase)

B. Sancez

May 24, 2022

Excellent Budget UAD Choice

The other tape machine UA offers has more control but this is a SOLID tape for the price point its sounds great just wish you had more control like the other tape machines. Using this with Kramer tape on individual tracks with half mix or less and getting excellent results.

D. Jin

May 22, 2022

Vocal saturator

I love this for subtle yet effective vocal saturation. It gives a nice low end that is not overwhelming, which I love after doing some low cut for clean processing.

r. lewis

May 18, 2022

This one surprised me

Have to admit wasn't expecting much out of this when I got it with my apollo, but I've been pleasantly surprised, sounds juicy in the low end, adds nice body to the mids and gives a slight lift to the highs, dsp hit is good too, I'd give it four and a half stars if I could, but five for exceeding expectations.

E. Shacham

May 16, 2022

love the color...

I just love the color this machine brings....
remind me of when I was a kid , I used to play with my dads Tape....

D. Shaw

May 7, 2022

Super pleased

The oxide tape recorder is everything I hoped for and more! If you want to take your music to another level then get this plugin!! Apply to each track and witness the magic!!

J. Reed

February 17, 2022

Simply Magic

This plugin is amazing! Not only does it just make everything sound better, it gives you level controls so you have complete control of your headroom. The saturation is is awesome. The controls are simple and straightforward. I can't think of any way to improve this plugin. I don't mix without it.

S. Alfarano

February 16, 2022


great tool to add compression and dymanics with a lot of natural harmonics as well, absolutely reccomanded

1-20 of 729 Results

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