Oxide Tape Recorder

Oxide Tape Recorder


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Oxide Tape Recorder

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g. oh

April 5, 2018

Very Good

Very Good Sound :)

D. Pratt

April 2, 2018

Best tape emulator out there

I have used plenty of tape emulators available for free and paid for.

They all claim to add the "analog magic warmth" but when running tone / noise testing on them they certanily don't add anything special.

I was recommended to try Oxide Tape Recorder and all I can say is WOW!!!

best tape emulator out there. Just having this on you channels / buss channels really adds colour in ways you would have to creatively eq to achive. Once driven on the input you get even more flavours..

For the price and what it does it well worth it..

Simple to use and just what you want at the start of any chain.

Thank you UAD for creating this plug .. life saver

UAD User

March 31, 2018

The Secret Of The Masters

It imparts sonic textures not known to man before its release. . . unless you have a tape machine.

h. cragin

March 30, 2018

Nice flavor

Its "tape" but really 3 things, a little saturation ,compression, eq. and the best part is, It sounds very cool, What more do you need ? lol

J. Woolcot

March 30, 2018

Simple but flexible.

Despite its simple and straightforward appearance, there’s a good choice of colour from this tape sim. The top end is especially silky and your audio will simply sound more expensive for having applied this.

M. Carter

March 29, 2018

Great Tape Emulator

I Was Skeptical About Adding This To My Plug-in List, But After Using This For Barely A Full Week, I Find Myself Using This Often. It Sounds Great. It’s Perfect For Turning Dull Bass And Vocals Into Something Exciting. If You Find Yourself Debating On Getting This, I Would Definitely Buy It. It’s Well Worth It In My Opinion.

F. Abel

March 27, 2018

Amazing Tape with beautiful tone!

Maybe the best Tape plugin out there! Beatiful tone, distortion. It is more simple to use than the Ampex or Studer, but it sounds really BIIIIIG! Thanks UAD

F. Abel

March 27, 2018

Amazing Tape with beautiful tone!

Maybe the best Tape plugin out there! Beatiful tone, distortion. It is more simple to use than the Ampex or Studer, but it sounds really BIIIIIG! Thanks UAD

M. Maroulakos

March 26, 2018

Worth trying

This plug certainly does the trick

M. Schultz

March 26, 2018


I was second guessing the purchase almost immediately. I love Softube’s Tape and was wondering why I thought I might need another. Fortunately, the more I use Oxide, the more I’m coming to appreciate its strengths. It’s a little more forgiving with gain staging and excels at adding weight while Tape works exceptionally well at the top end. Not redundant at all. I applied both to a vocal bus this past weekend, and they complement each other quite nicely.

J. Sillanpää

March 24, 2018

Subtle & simple

Oxide is a simple way to add tape saturation to tracks. There isn't a wholelotta options, but the sounds you get are well worth the price of admission.

P. Radivojevic

March 23, 2018

Simple but powerful tape magic for vocals

I love the sound and simplicity of Oxide Tape Recorder plugin. It sits on my vocals bus as last plugin in chain and all the magic happens.
Beautiful saturation, warmth, and opens vocals wonderfully. There is also some lovely width I can't describe, but the minute I bypass Oxide it sounds flat.
I don't know what magic UA put behind it and I don't care :) Oxide Tape Recorder is a must have for me.

B. Stallings

March 19, 2018

I’m In Love!

I’ve been looking for a good quality tape emulation plug-in for a good 2 years or so! So, after I purchased my new UA Apollo Twin, and read some reviews on the Oxide Tape, I decided to purchase it with my promo code(s). I got Oxide at no cost (thanks, UA!), but after using it in my mixes on vocals, piano, strings, etc. I Absolutely Love what it brings to my tracks!! It does exactly what it’s supposed to do, and you really can hear the difference it makes; it’s authentic, polished (or grimy if you really want to push it up!), and so Amazingly easy to use and dial in your saturation amount. It’s really inspirational to work with, and you truly get the feeling that you’re working with an Amazing, Historic analog 2 inch tape hardware reel. Knowing what I know now, I’d have paid considerably more than the current price. If you’re curious, or even dubious, give it a try - you will not regret it for a second! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

F. Coloma Quiles

March 19, 2018

Nice but not definitiv...

Nice sounding plug with low dsp usage. I would use it in not demanding situations where not many parameters should be tweaked. I find it often too harsh sounding in comparison to my beloved ATR-102. I miss a WET/DRY knob for parallel processing (like many other UAD plugs). GUI is not scalable as well. For the price range there are many better options out there. If you are a demanding guy go for the ATR-102 and never look back.

K. Spratt

March 16, 2018

Rich & Fat! Easy to understand and operate!

The Oxide adds another priceless tool to my selection of UA Tape plugins which I now use in just about every mix session. This one really shines on Kicks and Bass elements and brings a powerful and rich fatness to the sound. Amazing!

j. pyle

March 16, 2018

easy as can be.

Great tape tone in seconds. easy peasy.

L. Kasprzyk

March 15, 2018

oxid tape

not exactly "recorder" but works as expected. and dsp-wise too!

J. Pettersson

March 15, 2018


Like it on drums. Adds a nice warmth. Especially to kicks. Both in an out!

T. Ellis

March 15, 2018

Wonderful Color

I really like the compression and tonal smoothing of Oxide. I've tried other tape emulation plugins and this is first that had a tone, not just an effect. Easy on the DSP too! I've already demo'd the Studer and Ampex emulations and they are next on my wish list.

A. Arce Torres

March 15, 2018


Très bonne simulation de tape machine, très chaleureux et très versatile, merci UAD.

81-100 of 439 Results