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Customer Reviews

Precision Enhancer kHz

Overall Rating

41-60 of 97 Results

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E. Field

February 15, 2016

That Little Bit of Sparkle

Throw this on a bus and dial in just the right amount of sheen to lift that vocal (or anything else) up to sit on top. I know we've also go the Precision Enhancer Hz for our lower frequency friends, but I've employed this to very satisfying results with beefier synth tracks to help them maintain some presence and identity even on smaller speakers

A. Martino

February 3, 2016

Very useful and good soundig plug!

I've demoed it a bit.. I used it along with an equalizer to rebuild the high frequencies and give a professional touch to some low quality loops of acoustic drums .. and.. yeah!

T. Cosentino

January 11, 2016

love it ! It adds brilliance.

Absolutely adds the extra sheen that I needed. Great plug!

I. Komlinovic

September 25, 2015

great enhancer

It does some magic in hi mid and high range. It is easy to over do it too.

M. Di Lorenzo

August 8, 2015

It is like getting extra air

This plugin is excellent on OH's when the acoustic didn't help. Is is great on vocals also, it gives you that extra air that make the difference. It is very useful, I find a new way to use it in every mix. Just go easy on the modes, some of them could be radicals, but this could be used on those synths that doesn't seems to work. Great plugin, very useful. Thanks.

S. Tanner

July 25, 2015

Hello again Highs

The Precision Enhancer kHz Plug-In is a very good processor and problem solver for me.

I often edit spoken Words where I need to remove a lot of background noise and sometimes with drastic settings. After that often the voices sounds very dull.

It is not a problem for the Precision Enhancer kHz Plug-In to refresh these material again.


April 15, 2015

Love the precision line

The precision line doesn't get as much attention as the retro emulations (which are fantastic), but the precision line is so musical and useful as a compliment to other stuff.

C. Husband

January 28, 2015

Perfect companion plug

I was having great luck tweaking mixes with the Hz plug getting nice bottom adjustments, so why not try out kHz on the top of the mix and sure enough this is a great companion to the hz plug I'm very happy with the speedy quality results I'm getting! Thanks again UA

J. Hatula

January 12, 2015

This is great!

I was really surprised how well this brings things to life.
TBH I've only been using the default settting, usually going for 1–5% touch, but it's really great for drums, vocals, synths...anything that needs a little bit of extra crips to bring it up in the mix.
I'm super happy with the purchase and have already found myself using this in many applications.
The first thing i used it on was a vocal track that needed that little extra something to bring it up in the mix...and this was exactly what it needed.

Loving it.

E. Andersen

December 13, 2014

great top end

expander type top end boost - I am digging this on vocals!

W. Frohwein

December 5, 2014

Brighten those highs

Excellent plugging for adding that missing top end on poorly eq'ed tracks or for giving tracks that extra crispiness up top.

C. Laurent

November 24, 2014

Vraiment efficace !!!

Acheté en promo, il fait très bien son travail...Précis et efficace les réglages sont top...
A conseiller dans votre parc de plugins...
Permet de corriger les hautes fréquences...
Merci UAD

M. Ape

November 1, 2014

Achieves relive some poorly recorded instruments.

It is a very useful tool in the home studio, which does not always capture the best instruments with the best microphones. Sometimes after trying EQ changes, effects, compression, etc. and we failed to locate an appropriate place in the mix for that guitar or the chorus, the "Precision Enhancer kHz" does a good job. And the best thing is the possibility of controlling several parameters.
I do not use it forever, but I appreciate having it on hand. I try to use it sparingly, it is easy to ruin the balance of treble in the overall mix if we are very enthusiastic about the sound of a particular instrument.

B. Jefferson

July 21, 2014

Surprisingly Useful

This is one of those tools that until you find your own subjective use for it, you'll probably dismiss it. Despite it clearly doing what it says on the digital "tin", I wasn't really too taken with it the first time I demo'ed it. The second time however I was looking for something to bring life into a really dull batch of field recordings I'd received. This did the trick and was the most transparent out of the enhancers and sundry that I tried. I haven't looked back since. I need it. It won't change your life but having it on hand when you do need just might save it (deadline wise).

C. Rodriguez

July 16, 2014

UAD are the best Plugins on the World

I use this Plugin for Drums and its awesome!! Thank You UAD

L. Kasprzyk

July 11, 2014

enhancer khz

great in making speech inteligible at low volumes!

J. Park

July 3, 2014


Very Good!! Very Nice Plugin. Very Good!!!!!!!!!!!

J. Park

July 3, 2014


Very Good!! Very Nice Plugin. Very Good!!!!!!!!!!!

A. Kotelnikov

July 3, 2014

Precision Enhancer kHz

Precision Enhancer kHz Eeeee I love it! Treble is crystal! for vocals, for mixing, for mastering.

P. Gharapetian

June 29, 2014

don't forget your high end

a great plugin to help add the sizzle and life to your tracks. perfect for saving bad recordings that can't be remade.

41-60 of 97 Results