Precision Enhancer kHz

Precision Enhancer kHz

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Precision Enhancer kHz

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G. Piazza

January 15, 2013

Okay - depends on your needs

I bought the kHz since the price was so good. I don't see using it too much though. It is probably good for tape restoration and maybe drum overheads, but it adds a high frequency expansion that in the digital environment seems too much. In fact, I am often doing the opposite - high freqeuncy compression of drum overhead mics (or de-essing),
The quality of the plugin is good; it's just that I don't have much need for it.
I find occasions where, if I need to present the highs better, I usually use the SPL Vitalizer (highly recommended - that combined with the K-Stereo is a good way to save MP3s).
Good product - depends on needs.

A. Visser

January 9, 2013

add some extra

the percision enhancer is a verry usefull tool to add just that bit of presence in your vocals or instrument.

A. Fragkos

December 20, 2012

Precision Enhancer kHz

From the best plugins without doubt!You should all have this one

M. Becker

September 28, 2012

Great for Dialogue

Certainly finding it's way to the front of the line in my tool box for helping me to get dialogue to cut through, and to help fix muddy field recordings (and stereo mixes). Worth it!

D. Dixon

July 17, 2012

I haven't use the Precision Enhancer kHz Plug-In extensively except on vocals but the improvement it has made it the clarity and crispness is amazing. Combine with the Pultec® Pro EQ Plug-In my vocal mixes are shining more than ever.

D. Hogan

July 13, 2012

Fantastic plugin that is super easy to use and adds tangible results fast!

V. Golub

July 8, 2012

One of important things in the audio recording is a quality record of the hearing sensitivity range - middle and high-frequencies . If on the stage of record these frequencies were written badly you risk to get turbid,muddy,dull mix .The plugins Precision kHz and Hz will help you to recover failing frequencies and will make your mix brighter and clearer.Simply pick up for every instrument the mode and choose a range.You will be pleasantly surprised by quality of treatment and flexibility of tuning.Best enhancers in soft!

D. Hall

July 3, 2012

I took a song that I had recorded with some basic equipment and it gave it such clarity. da da da daaa daaaa Im loving it.

S. Yakimovich

July 1, 2012

good plug-in. very versatile. most use it on individual tracks. sometimes use it for the whole mix

J. Gil

June 30, 2012

I find most low freq enhancers to do the job just fine. They all do different things but they all seem to work and can be kind of invisible, if needed.
Mid/Hi freq enhancers is different story though. I've tried a bunch of them, both analog and digital and find myself just not using them.
When I first heard this little plugin here I was shocked. Lightly used it's a killer on Gtr Bus (any bus for that matter). Killer on certain vocals as well. The cool thing is that every mode will do something different and will have a very different character. The modes with expansion can really create a sense of shine without the fatiguing feel that I associate with enhancers.

Don't over do it unless for effect.

Hope it's helpful. Cheers,

Jordi Gil


November 17, 2011

Both enhancers Khz ,/ Kz are great tools , they bring some of the hard to attain dimensions we look for in a mix.

C. Hilding

June 30, 2011

Very useful to add air to vocals or dull tracks. What it does is analyze the harmonics of the source material, and then generates and mixes in higher frequencies using one of five generation methods. It's a superb tool to have to add air to tracks in a way that no EQ can (EQs just boost what isn't there, whereas this tool ADDS frequencies). Just be careful so that you don't overdo it. Less is more with this plugin, and it opens up sounds in a fantastic way when used right.

M. Thomas

June 30, 2011

I use this most on acoustic guitars and to bring out the sizzle in cymbals. You don't need much of it to make a big difference.

R. Fierst

June 20, 2011

It looks like a normal enhancer, but it's much more. It gives power to a el-guitar, drums and keys. Adds sparkles to the mix and acoustic instruments like no other I've worked with. I use it in every recording.

A. Bogetic

June 18, 2011

Try as I might, I've not been able to justify this purchase to myself. I compose for film (shorts and documentaries) and instrumental jazz and also produce vocal pop/rRnB.

I guess I thought this might have been a tool similar to an Aural Exciter, that might give a little bit of shine or sparkle on an otherwise dull sounding track (say, a vintage synth patch recorded dry, and buried in the mix) without having to resort to EQ and disrupt the sonic balance already in place.

I'm a composer, not an engineer, so perhaps a deeper list of presets might have helped showcased better this plug-in's abilities, which I bought on impulse, partly due to its low price, and partly because of the reputation of UA; I never thought I'd get a dud for my money here, but there it is.

B. Wolbert

June 17, 2011

Really nice to add a bit of crispness in the mids/highs. I use it HEAVILY on HHs to give em a bit of that extra metallic feel [ x0x box HHs never really seemed over metallic-y to me]. Sometimes ill toss it on a master just to add a little overall high end clarity and sharpness. When i get a UAD, id plan to get the low end [Hz] booster and hopefully have the same results of niceness and useage

S. Lougheed

June 17, 2011

I should have known better than to purchase this product. It does exactly what it says it does, but what it does, I do not need. Perhaps it will be useful on the day I get tracks to mix that are really dull or problematic, but until that happens, this plug will not really be pulled out. It is not subtle enough to use on well-recorded material. I never liked hardware "aural enhancers", I should have known better than to purchase a software "aural enhancer".

G. Petho

June 17, 2011

Beautiful sound, excellent plugin!

Nice to use it every type of music, it helps a lot to bring out the maximum from the instruments.

D. Pratt

June 17, 2011

This baby sounds great On shakers. Just makes them sound right.

C. Soulos

May 29, 2011

Use judiciously.
Or you'll pay for it with your top end.
You just gotta find the frequency, add it and knock it back, walk away and come back.
Or listen to the results tomorrow. I use this by adjusting it to where I'm happy and then turn it down and it's just right.
Recently resurrected a grainy LP piano recording, no tops on the vinyl version.
I don't know where this plugin found the harmonics but it was like i went back 5 generations of tape, if you know what i mean.

61-80 of 85 Results