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Customer Reviews

Pure Plate Reverb

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A. Nesse

April 15, 2020

Best reverb

This is probably the best reverb I have ever heard in plugin format. This thing blew me away! It sounds so good I tend to overuse it.

r. larsen

April 15, 2020

Pure Plate reverb

Excellent plug in. I own the first plate that UA put out and have always liked it. I took a chance buying the PPReverb. It is better than the first Plate reverb. Wonderful on drums. I would recommend it highly.

A. Reverberi

April 14, 2020


Very nice Plate reverb great for adding depth on your material

V. Kotljarow

April 9, 2020

Great - Pure Plate Reverb !

Super Plate Reverb plugins! Easy to handle !
Sounds so natural, clear ... you can recognize your own voice timbre! Not only pop singers but also classical singers will definitely be amazed by the sound quality of these plugins.
Great !

Super Plate Reverb Plugins ! Einfach zu bedienen !
Klingt so natürlich, klar... man erkennt dabei eigene Stimm Timbre! Nicht nur Pop Sänger aber auch klassische Sänger werden bestimmt begeistern von dem klang Qualität von diesen Plugins.

Einfach Klasse !

A. Bertók

April 3, 2020

Very Nice Color

I use most on vocals and acoustic instruments.
Very nice color. Great sounding!
Best Plate Reverb

D. Timofeev

March 30, 2020

Great Rev!!!

Awesome sounding. Especially it sounds good with vocals.

C. Moore

March 28, 2020

Great Reverb for EVERYTHING!

Purchased this recently and it has changed my mixes. This thing is amazing on vocals, snares, hi hats , and pianos specifically for me.

M. Peters

March 22, 2020

Very Cool

Best Plate Reverb in my opinion

K. Kling

March 22, 2020

A simple and beautiful plate!

So easy to use. Either you want to put a long plate to a vocal or anything similar, or you want to add some short space to drums, it works. A good example that shows that hundreds of settings aren't needed to achieve a good sound.

b. youssef

March 17, 2020


très bonne reverbe


February 14, 2020



W. Trefry

February 8, 2020


Gorgeous lush reverb. This is my go-to for adding a brilliant space to my natural instruments. Complements guitars, pianos, and vocals especially well. You will not regret this purchase.

c. quan

February 5, 2020



K. Fillingim

February 2, 2020

Great Reverb Plug in!

This is a great sounding reverb. It also has many good presets and is easy to adjust.

M. Meurin

January 22, 2020

PPR Great!,

Easy to use. Great sounding!

s. yang

January 16, 2020

Very high level reverb!

I love the EMT-140 reverb very much.
When the first Pure Plate Reverb was released, it was not very interested.

However, after the demonstration, it was very transparent, free and easy to use, so I bought it even with my EMT-140.

I currently compare it with the EMT-140 and use it properly.
Plate reverb is very useful in many cases.

The more colorful the reverb, the easier it is to work.
If you want to make the sound you want faster, then very good plate reverb is a must.

Plug-ins made by UA have never been disappointed.

So I encourage you to demo a very high level & very convenient Pure Plate Reverb that can be used in any case.

O. Dramaretskiy

January 14, 2020


Sound like magic!!!

H. Staksberg

January 10, 2020

New go to reverb

By far the best reverb I’ve ever tried, and I’ve used at least 15-20 other reverbs.

Pure plate creates depth and ambience with style. Super easy to use, and just sounds dope and expensive on basically everything.

P. Molenaar

January 9, 2020

Pure it is!

One of the few killer verbs on the planet

Д. Кириллов

January 6, 2020

This is my favorite plate

It is the best reverb for vocal

181-200 of 383 Results