Pure Plate Reverb

Pure Plate Reverb


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Pure Plate Reverb

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M. Rosenqvist

September 20, 2017

Easy to use and sounds great!

Love it, easy to use and sounds great.

d. danieli

September 16, 2017

Pure Plate Reverb

my favorite reverb, I use it on vocals, simple and effective to use

t. johnson

September 15, 2017

Sound and Simplicity!

Demoed it, loved it and purchased it immediately! The sound and the simplicity is what sold me.

R. Keith

September 4, 2017

This is the vintage plate reverb sound that I have been searching for 17 years for!!!

I own all of the UAD EMT Reverbs and the DreamVerb. I owned a Bricasti. Soundtoys. I've owned lots of reverb and delay pedals from Roland, Eventide, Sony and Boss. Despite the love that these products get, even the old UAD verbs, I never fell in love with any, except for the Echoboy, which has been getting heavy use, and the Earthquaker Dispatch Master, which is outstanding pedal for guitar. UAD's Pure Plate Reverb is, in short, AMAZING. This is the one that I have been waiting for. It sounds like real plate verb, or something very close to it. It nails that mid-60s Decca / Abbey Road / Pye verb and is versatile. This sucker already saved one of my songs and I imagine it will be used on most of my sessions from here on out. Great!

UAD User

September 1, 2017

Fat and juicy

Oh man, this plugin is exactly what I hoped it would be. Dead simple to use, but so flexible.

P. Dittrich

August 21, 2017

Großartiger Plate Reverb

Einfach zu bedienen. Wenn man danach noch einen EQ setzt kommt man zu fantastischen Ergebnissen. Super Preis/Leistungsverhältnis.

R. Katuin

August 15, 2017

Clean and easy to use.

I love this reverb. As soon as i bought it i started using it on my vocals and leads. It is my standard reverb now. Also think the price is more than fair.

J. Mazey

August 14, 2017

The simplest way to add plate reverb to anything in your mix.

I can honestly say I am 100 percent impressed with this little beauty-simple to use,sounds spot on-I enjoy mixing in space with it and it will always be my first plug in-in my AUX send-Thank you (Universal Audio) for another TOP QULITY PRODUCT.

F. Biagetti

August 14, 2017

Great reverb, easy to use !

I'm not really tech savy when it comes to reverb, so the simplified approach to settings is really great, you can't go wrong with this one !

Sound is great, if you don't have the EMT 140 it's a great plug to start

A. Korotkov

August 8, 2017

Simple & Perfect

Simplified and low cost version of EMT 140. Excellent sound, useful GUI. I love it.

D. Draganov

August 5, 2017

Great Pure Plate Reverb !!!

Just Great !!!

F. Aquila

August 5, 2017

Lush Reverb

My favorite for almost everything but it shine on vocal and Brass

H. Zwarts

August 1, 2017

fijne galm

Goed klinkende plate reverb. Niet duur en echt een aanvulling op de reverb collectie!

R. Ray Harris

July 29, 2017

Pure Plate equals great trail

I appreciated the natural sound of this verb in my bus. Pure Plate Reverb adds instant dimension that's uncluttered when used properly, I'd venture to say it probably works even if not, when overdone for effect. Thanks for taking that extra step that is a good companion to the EMT 140.

F. Gallucci

July 23, 2017

Great reverb

Fantastic warm reverb and so easy to use!

D. Miniero

July 3, 2017

plate reverb

beautiful sound... easy to use.... big thumbs up to UA.... ;0)

J. Roger

June 28, 2017


Great lush sounding reverb. Very simple and straight forward to use, which is how I prefer plugins to be, especially effects. I prefer it over the other UAD plates.

B. Schulz

June 28, 2017

Awesome Plate Reverb

Awesome Plate Reverb with an analog vibe. The Sound Quality for UAD Reverbs has reached a new Level. This one sounds magical.

S. Cannarella

June 21, 2017


This has to be one if my favorite reverbs. It sounds so good on anything. But I especially love using it on vocals .

UAD User

June 17, 2017

Beautiful !

Good sound and usability.

141-160 of 173 Results